Written by Gerry

24 Mar 2005

A couple of Saturdays ago my friend Steve and I had a day at Chepstow races. It being over 150 miles from where we lived, we decided to book into an hotel for the evening and travel home Sunday morning.

At the end of racing, I was a few quid in front and Steve had done even better. We booked into our hotel and went out to enjoy the delights that Chepstow had to offer.

We were sitting in a pub enjoying our third pint when a woman of about 35-40 came in and gave us a small wave. To be honest I thought she must have been signalling someone else but she came over and put her drink down on our table.

It was then I realised that she was the receptionist from the hotel we'd just booked into. You can tell from the fact that it took this long to realise that she was nothing out of the ordinary.

Anyway we got talking and we bought her a couple of large vodkas. After an hour or so we were all a bit tipsy and she asked us where we were going to eat. Food hadn't really crossed our minds but I suspect that after a skinful we would have adjourned for a curry.

She suggested that we might like to grab a takeaway and go back to her place for some more drink. After some discussion and another round of drinks we decided to forego the takeaway and just go for the drink.

She lived in a small flat not far from the town centre and told us she'd just bought the place with her divorce settlement. It was cosy enough and soon Steve and I were sitting in her lounge with a large glass of wine each.

After 10 minutes or so she went out to the kitchen to rustle up some sandwiches and Steve and I just sat there watching the TV. She came back shortly afterwards (minus sandwiches) and plonked herself down in between Steve and I on the sofa.

Without more ado she put her hand straight on my cock. I was totally unprepared for this and was quite frankly a little embarassed. But men being men it didn't take more than a few rubs to turn embarassment into lust.

Now if I say so myself I'm quite proud of my weapon. I've never actually measured it but when I've showered with guys after golf, I know I measure up quite nicely. It was obvious that Janet ( the lady in question) thought so too because she was making a low groaning sound and her hand ministrations were becoming more urgent.

Never having been in this position before (that is with more than one person) I looked at Steve a little nervously. He just smiled slightly and looked away. We're both married although our wives don't know each other and this was beginning to get a bit heavy.

Anyway as the old story goes, a standing prick has no morals. Within a minute Janet had freed my throbbing cock from the confines of my jockeys and it sprang out eagerly. She definitely liked what she saw and spent a few seconds admiring it. Steve was also unable to resist a sly peek and although we'd never seen each other in this position I felt really proud of my nice thick cock.

Janet began wanking me slowly and motioned for Steve to remove her top. He hesitated for a moment and then must have thought , what the hell, and did as she wanted.

I think we were both surprised to see revealed a most magnificent pair of tits encased in heavy duty bra. Steve needed no second invitation to remove the offending article and let loose a couple of water melon size breasts.

She continued to wank me while Steve was slobbering over her tits. She re-adjusted herself so she could start gobbling me and allow Steve access to her cunt.

Steve and I don't often talk sex, more football and racing but I know he loves licking pussy. He'd told me once his wife didn't much care for it but that he loved licking and sucking on a wet minge.

Within seconds he'd taken off her knickers and got his head buried in her abundant muff. Janet was groaning and sucking me furiously, so much so that I'm afraid I shot my hot love cream prematurely down her throat.

This made her gag for a moment and proceedings were halted while she swallowed down the hot spunk. I took my bell end out of her mouth and began to fondle her huge mammaries.

By now she had climaxed over Steve's tongue and was obviuosly eager for more cock. I'm not a young man anymore and I certainly wasn't about to get hard again for a while. However she didn't have far to look for another prick and her hands went straight to Steve's zip.

She struggled for a moment or two and then released his cock. I don't know whether her gasp was greater than mine but both of us were certainly shocked. What she was just about able to get her hand round must have been at least twelve inches long.

I've been around a bit but I have never seen a cock like it. The monster made mine look like a pencil. It was fascinating, awesome, I'd have given anything to own one like it.

Janet by this time was stroking it in wonder and then began wanking it in a frenzy. Steve just lay back with his eyes closed in ecstasy. She then attampted to suck him but she could barely get the monstrous helmet past her lips.

Now I don't give a fuck if you are mister hetrosexual of the world. If you'd seen this tool I'm sure you'd feel the same way as I did.

I've never had any gay experience but I just wanted to have this cock. I wanted to be the one to make it spurt its hot cream.

Janet continued to try and perform oral and without being able to help myself I grasped Steve's massive rod and began to wank him off.

He opened his eyes when he realised what was happening but did nothing to stop me. Janet was also enjoying the spectacle and ceased her oral ministrations to watch me toss my friend off.

I wanked fast and then slow. I tickled the base and the knob end and then I couldn't resist. I took the head in my mouth and sucked whilst still wanking him.

After what seemed like ages Steve gave a huge moan. I let him out of my mouth but wanked him in a frenzy. The result was spectacular. A jet of thick, hot spunk erupted from his balls climbed his huge stem and shot about a foot in the air. He continued pumping for ages. I've never seen anything like it. The amount of cum was fantastic.

After we'd calmed down and poured some more drink. Steve explained that other than pleasuring himself, he hadn't had sex for ages. His wife said that sex was painful. She didn't do oral and wanking him took too long and made her arm ache.

This wasn't a problem for our new friend Janet as I was able to testify. Later that evening I witnessed the look of absolute bliss on her face as Steve entered her willing, wet,hairy cunt with his massive love truncheon.

I make no apologies for the fact that I sat fisting myself and feeling very envious.

On the way back to the hotel I bought up the subject of my behaviour with Steve but he was fine. He'd enjoyed my wanking and sucking and told me that although he much preferred women, in the absence of a feminine touch he was more than happy to let me bring him off.

And when we got back to the hotel that's just what I did.