Written by Joyce

7 Mar 2006

This happened a couple of years ago I decided to have a relaxing day off meet a girlfriend for lunch. When everyone had left I had a shower put a top and jeans on for a coffee over the paper. The front door bell rang (we don't use the front door and there's a note on it) so I went to out the back door and round as I started down the steps this black guy about 30 comes though the gate sorry didn't see the note till I'd rung the bell. He had a package from a mail order co. I'd not used before as he followed me back to the porch he was chatting and a bit flirty.

He handed me the package saying "is this on our new fitting service" whats that he said I wait while you try it on and if it's not right I take it back they didn't mention that, but I was starting to feel a bit horny and I new what should be in there so I said OK then. I took the package and stepped though the door to the dinning table with him stood behind me as I opened it to reveal the bra and pants set and a short black skirt. Then leaving him I walked through to the lounge and standing side on to him facing the mirror took my top of and put the bra on then with my back to him I removed my jeans and pants then bent to pick up the new pants to try being sure he could see my pussy,they fit ok so I took them of then I put the skirt on a quick check on the fit in a mirror tes that fits ok so I took the skirt of and then said I suppose you want me to sign for them now and walked back to him naked to sign his note.

As I signed his note I couldn't help noticing his bulge so I said sorry but you thong I.am a right old tart puting you of your lunch looking at my naked body No he says in fact I sooner be touching it well whats stopping you to which a hand grabs a tit while the other goes straight between my legs and 3 fingers are in my wet cunt before I've finished signing my name. Before I can put the pen down my arse is pushed on the edge of the table and he fumbles to release his 8ins of black manhood and in 1 thrust it is deep inside me I could feel an orgasum building and as I started to scream in extasy I felt him tense and almost in unisim with my cuming his spurm filled my pussy.

As he tided himself up I said you must get no work done with this service he said he trid that line on and off for a couple of years and this was the first time he.d had a response.