Written by Jack

3 Feb 2006

June and I had gone out for a drive. It was a Thursday and I had taken the day off, so we thought we would go over to Lancashire and make a day of it. The weather was nice, it was late May and my wife had dressed accordingly in a very demure Laura Ashley dress, off white with pink flowers, which buttoned up the front. Underneath she wore matching bra, pants and suspender belt, which we had bought the previous weekend. They were cream and red, and looked really sexy. She finished her outfit off with cream coloured stockings and red high heels with a thin ankle strap.

We were heading for a place called Crown Point near Burnley. On the way to Burnley there are (or were) some public toilets at the side of the road and I pulled in there to check if there was any action. There was another car parked up which was empty. June sat in our car while I went into the Gents. It was only a small toilet, with a urinal against the wall and a washbasin, and one single cubicle. As I got in there the cubicle was occupied so I stood at the urinal and got my cock out as I read the graffiti that was on the wall. As I stood there wanking my now erect cock I looked to my right and I could see the guy in the cubicle watching me. He was bent down and looking through a hole in the door (what the Americans call a 'glory hole'). I turned towards him and carried on wanking. He took this as a signal and stood up, placing his cock through the hole in the door.

As I walked towards the door I heard someone else walking up the path outside, so I zipped myself up and walked out of the toilet, past an oldish bloke going in. I sat back in the car, and June smiled sexily at me as she put her hand onto my still erect prick.

"Now what have you been doing in there, you dirty little bugger? Were there any good stories?" she asked me, continuing to rub my erection.

"There was someone in the cubicle" I said, "so I could only see one or two on the wall by the stalls."

"Tell me then, what did they say?" she asked me as her left hand dropped down to her lap and pressed down between her legs. As she did this, the old bloke came out of the toilet and got in the car in front of us, and then drove off.

"Oh just the usual darling. You know - 'would you like me to fuck your wife while you watch' and 'undie wearer seeks wank pal', that sort of thing." June loved the stories and loved to hear me talk about them. She had opened a couple of buttons on her dress and her left hand was now inside her knickers.

"Look there's someone else coming out now. It must be empty. Why don’t you go in again and have a look," she said. The chap in question was parked behind us and as he walked past our car he slowed slightly and looked in at us.

"Go, on quick, before someone else turns up." I got out of the car and went back into the toilets. The cubicle was empty and I went in and locked the door. The walls and door were covered in messages. The council had been round recently and painted a lot of them out but there were plenty of new ones written over the grey paint. There was one particularly good story, scribbled in pencil, from a bloke who said he had come in the toilets with his wife. There were also lots of references to meeting places. Crown Point was mentioned and the toilets near Towneley Hall. On the back wall behind the cistern, someone had knocked a hole through the wall and you could see through to the ladies toilet next door. Naturally I had a look, but the line of sight just showed halfway up the door which was open and beyond it the outside wall. I wondered if it was actually possible to see when someone was in there.

I left the toilets and went back to the car. The guy in the suit was still parked up behind us.

I could see that June was in a state of excitement and as I closed, and locked, the car door she leant across to me.

"That chap has walked past the car twice", she whispered. "The last time he stopped by the window and I could see he had a hard on. How about you darling? Were there some good stories?" June placed her right hand on my stiff cock.

"Look he's coming back."

The chap behind got out of his car again and as he walked past us we could clearly see that he was carrying a magazine. He went back into the toilet.

"Did you see that mag? I bet he's going for a wank." June's hand went back into her pants and she started to finger herself. I could tell she was getting herself into the mood in a big way. I thought I'd encourage her.

"I bet he's sat on the toilet right now. Wanking his stiff cock as he reads the stories and looks at the porn mag."

"Oh yes, yes." June was into it now, frigging herself, oblivious to the cars and wagons driving past.

"Why don't you go into the ladies and have a look? There's a hole in the wall you can see through."

"Really? "she replied. "But will it be safe?"

"Don't worry. You'll be ok if you can lock the door. I don't suppose there will be many women stopping here for a pee, do you? And you've got a key to the car, just in case I need to go to the toilet. I won't be far away."

"What, you are going to the gents? You little perv," she said, laughing.

June waited for a break in the traffic and got out of the car. She walked back and up the path, her high heels clicking loudly on the pavement. She turned to look back at me and then ducked into the toilets.

As soon as she disappeared I got out of the car and walked quietly into the gents. The cubicle was locked and I went to stand by the door. I bent down to the hole in the door but the loo was round to the left and I could just see the back of the guy, stood facing the wall where the hole was. I could clearly hear June's heels clicking on the tiled floor next door. I had my cock out and was wanking, just praying that no-one else disturbed us. I looked through the hole again and could just see the guy who was now standing on the toilet seat. I could see that his trousers were down by his ankles. I suddenly became aware that he was talking, and his voice got louder. I could also hear the unmistakeable sound of him masturbating.

"Nice tits love. Yes that's it, Squeeze your nipples. Yes. Fuck me." Then a pause and the sound of him wanking faster.

"Yes, go on, pull down your pants. Finger yourself for me. I bet you want me to come round there and give you a good fucking, don't you. Go on. Tell me you want fucking. While your husband watches."

I could hear June shouting out from the other side of the wall.

"Oh yes fuck me with your big cock," she called out and then there was a loud cry from her. I could imagine her fingers buried in her cunt as her juices ran down her stockinged legs.

There was a loud grunt from inside the cubicle and I presumed the guy had also come. I zipped myself up and walked quickly out to the car. I had only just got into the car when June came out from the toilets. I opened the car for her and she sat down, her face flushed. She was breathing heavily. In her hand she had a folded magazine.

"A present for you darling," she whispered, as she opened the pages at the centre spread, showing a couple of well-endowed blokes in a threesome with a young blonde girl. The pages were covered in thick, white spunk, which ran down onto June's dress.

(To be continued)