Written by peterw

29 Nov 2006

My full-time job is in IT but I also work part-time visiting clients for home massage. The majority of my clients are female, some have a neck, back and shoulder massage while sitting, and the others have a head-to-toe while lying on their front or kneeling, the kneeling is better for thigh massage to reduce cellulite. My clients wear a bikini or a sensible bra and pants. I don’t find working with them arousing as age and a heart attack five years ago have left me with an inability to get a stiff cock and very little feeling when it is stroked.

A client once asked if her husband could watch while I was working which I didn’t mind but I could foresee me losing a client and her saving £30 with her husband doing the massage in future. On the day I started with the client lying down and began massaging the shoulders and worked my way down to her feet. I use either talc or an oil depending on the sensation the customer prefers and this lady liked me to use talc. While I was working her husband was sitting in a chair watching what I was doing. She then knelt and I started to work my way back along her body spending quit a bit of time on the thighs to concentrate on the cellulite. Towards the end I was kneeling in front of my client’s head and massaging her back when I noticed movement and saw her husband slowly wanking. He indicated that he wanted to fuck his wife, came over and knelt behind her, and then ripped her knickers open. A waste of a good pair of M&S pants but I’m not paying for them. He then slid 4 or 5 inches of rock hard cock into his wife. At that point I felt extreme jealousy, not about the fact he was fucking an attractive 54 year old woman but that he had something I had not had for over 4 years and would never have again, a cock as stiff as a board.

He then proceeded to slowly fuck his wife and I thought I had better stop what I was doing and leave as soon as possible. At that point I felt my fly zip being pulled down and a hand rummaging in my pants which eventually found a couple of inches of very soft cock. My client then started to suck my cock and run the skin of my bollocks gently between her thumb and forefinger. I had little feeling in my cock as she sucked when suddenly I felt a tremendous rush and sent a load of cum somewhere, and 10 seconds later the feeling had gone completely. I then left my client with her husband fucking her from behind.

I didn’t expect to see her again but two weeks later she made her regular appointment. At the next session what happened previously was never mentioned and unfortunately has never been repeated.