Written by sharon and andrew

10 May 2004

I Had Often fantisised about my wife sharon being fucked by some well hung guy while i secretly watched from a cupboard well one night while we were having one of our sessions i told her of my fantasy and i imediatly felt her dampen. I then asked her if this turned her on to which she replied 'what do you think' Which was the answer i had hoped for. Over the next day or so i kept droping the occasional hint about my fantasy till out of the blue she said you find the man i'll make your fantasy a reality.

Well about five year previous i used to go to football with 2 brothers the elder of which used to aways remark on how his brother stuart had been given more than his fare share of cock. Stuart had often visited our house to have his car repaired and this story of his big member had aways stuck in my mind. well how could i work this. Well i thought the last time he had his car repaired he left his repair manual so if i gave him to call to pick it up then maybe something might happen so i put my plan into action i rang him on friday morning to say about the manual he said that's funny i was just about to call you about changing my timing belt and to find out when it could be done, I said how about tonight, great he said sooner the better

so i fixed it for 6.30pm i told sharon of this and she said she would be ready.

about 6.25pm stuarts car pulled onto he drive we talked for a few minutes about the car and told him that sharon had the kettle on so if he wanted he could go in and have a brew i waited about five minutes and crept around the back of the house through the back door into the conservatory which backs onto the lounge sharon was sat in the corner of the room facing me stuart was sat on the couch they just appeared to be talking so i just stayed there and waited i did'ent have long to wait as sharon stood up and walked over to were stuart was sat lift her dress to reveal her cunt to stuart i was so horny that i nearly shot off there and then stuart grabed her by the arm and pull her over onto the couch he then stood and began to remove his pant sharons eyes never left his crouch as he removed his shorts then there it was what his brother had talked about stuarts cock it must have been about Ten inches but thick with it sharon took no time at all in taking it in her mouth only managing half of his lenght but she was lapping it up stuart then grab her again pulling her onto her belly face down and arse up began to lick her from behind running his tonge up and down her wet cunt i could tell by the way she moved the he was hitting the right spot but the n it was time for the part i had waited for sharon taking a masive cock he stood up straight with his cock in his hand and began to wank it sharon got up off the couch and began to walk over to the patio doors were i was hiding thinking she was about to blow mey cover but no she just knelt down facing me with her arse in the air staurt walk over and knelt behind her plunging his big cock deep in her cunt fucking her like crazy sharon just looked facing me and licking her lips what a turn on but that was'nt all she then muutterd something to stuart and he withdrew sharon spun round took his cock in her mouth and swallowed the lot Then they both started to get dressed so i made my way back to the garage, after about five minutes stuart came out i said we've got a problem stuart it's the wrong belt will you be able to bring it back tomorrow night to which he repled yes if you don't mind. whould i mind never and i'm sure sharon would'nt