Written by Martin

9 Jan 2005

Emma had been suffering from depression for most of last year. She confided in me one day last summer wh I asked her what was wrong. "You promise you won't say anything"? she asked. "Of course not, you can trust me" I said. "I have been seeing a doctor for depression", she said, "does that sound stupid"? "No it doesn't, it can happen to anyone, but do you know why"?

"Andrew (hubby) couldn't give a toss about me lately, all he cares about is his fishing in ireland, and his guiness". "Thats a shame, if you were mine, you'd be right up there, on that pedestal" I said although I wished I hadn't it sounded so corny.I proceeded to tell her about the time of the millenium, when I was 5 minutes from overdosing on arthritis painkillers, and paracetemol, everything had gone wrong, it was my son who came back from the party and stopped me, telling that i was loved and needed, and that life couldn't go on without me. I did seek help, and of course,eventually came through. I explained to emma that, it will get better, she had two wonderful kiddies, who loved the mommy,what would they do without her? I told her to talk to me whenever she wanted 24/7 no problem. This happened quite often, and it was a joy to see that lovley face light up with laughter when I pulled up with my daft jokes.

Now this friday, things had come to a head.

I pulled the van onto the bottom of her drive, locked it up and, gathering her deliveries,approached her front door. Again Andrews peougot car was missing from the drive, my heart was beating so fast, I thought it would burst from my chest! I had showered an hour earlier, put on the old kouros after shave, and then knocked on the door. A vision of beauty opened it, there she was, wearing a short night shirt, with little pictures of lady birds emblazened all over it."Hello you" she said, "what have you got for me"? I wanted to talk, but my throat was so dry.I just smiled, and whispered, "may i come in?"Shes tepped aside and i entered, and she shut the door behind me."Mmmmmm, you smell nice,"she said and moved towards me and kissed my cheek. I moved my face to face hers, and our lips brushed."Please, kiss me" I needed no second thoughts, and my lips touched hers.My hands founs her waist, and I gently pulled her to me.Her arms went round my neck, and our mouths opened to explore each others tongues./she tasted soo good,I must say,that not having sex for over 12 months was in the back of my mind, and also becoming a dead giveaway downstairs.My hands wondred down past her waist, and cupped the cheeks of her bottom. I could feel the shape of her small panties and my fingers followed the outline of her pantyline.She moved closer to me and a soft moan came from her throat. She pulled away and whispered, "Come with me"... We climbed the stairs, emma in front of me, her night shirt had ridden slightly, and i noticed her panties were pink, that made my cock stir even more.She showed me into the bedroom, and I closed the door behind me. She was on me in a flash, pulling at my shirt, I undid thebelt on my jeans, and started unbuttoning the night shirt. I lifted my arms and she pulled my shirt over my head, "Oh", she said, "you're so hairy" I smiled and almost apologised.She spread her hands and massaged my chest, "mmmm, nice" she whuispered and kissed at my nipples, well, I can tell you that s never happened before. I kissed the top of her head, and lifted her face.I kissed her mouth, and opened her shirt.Perfect breasts appeared before me, nipples hard, "May I"? I asked, "oh please do"My mouth encircled one , the licked around it and she sighed softly.I moved her gently, and gently laid her on the bed. She lay there watching me as I removed my trousers."More" she said, i want to see you" I felt a bit scared at her request, but what the hell.My cock was so hard it was almost painful.I lay beside her and kissed her breasts, moving from one to the other nipples, so hard were they.My hand moved slowly over her tummy,I found the top of her tanga panties,and stroked the waistband, moving slowly over her hips to the the top of her legs.I began moving my body down hers, kissing at her tummy and navel."Oh God" she sighed.I kissed her through her panties, down and down, I could see they were damp, but i left them in place, moving over her thighs,kissing each one in turn.Down her legs, and to her feet, and toes.I looked at her and she was cupping her breasts and nipples and had her eyes closed.I took each toe in my mouth, and gently sucked them. then, working my way back up her legs I reached the crotch of her knickers.I pulled the crotch gently aside, "Oh Emma, so beautifuL", she was so wet, and it was for me! I gently dabbed at her wetness, an d she shuddered, "Oh please, lick me, lick me good and hard" My tongued snaked its way inside her, licking up to her clit, my god, it hard, I flicked my tongue at it, and her hips shook, then ever so gently I took it in my mouth and sucked slowly on it."Yesss do that...Oh yes" her hips started to buck, and meet the rythm i had begun with my tongue.Just as she was about to cum, I stopped, and lifting myself up, I gently began removing her panties.She opened her legs for me."Martin I hope you dont mind me saying this,but will you fuck me please"? I nearly came there and then.My cock stood proud and i pulled the foreskin back to reveal it for her, "You want this my love"? "Fuck me now"! she demanded, I let my cock slide up and down her slit, making contact with her clit, and then slid all the way inside her. Her legs clamped anround me and I gently rocked to and fro deep inside her.I had waited so long for this moment.I kissed her face, and our lips met. Tongues meeting entwining.I kissed her neck, moving my cock all the way out, then sliding it back in to her again.She started to meet me,my hand s were everywhere, sliding down to her bum, feeling her other hole, she bucked a little, and moaned out load, and as I rode faster she got louder, it was wonderful.I stopped for a moment, and moved down to edge of the bed, pulling her towards me.I lfted her legs so that they were almost on my shoulders, and plunged my cock into her soaking pussy agin."Oh god yess fuck me hard, go on I need it bad.I clenched my buttocks and fucked like a stallion.Riding her hearing this beauty cry out beneath me."I'm cummmming oh god im cummming " she cried.That pushed me over the top and I too, was feeling my hot cum strirring in my balls,"Cum with me mylove " I cried, and suddenly gusher after gusher of hot cum was filling her pussy. She bucked beneath me her breasts shaking almost violently.And then it was over.I lay on my back, and she moved across and kissed me."Thankyou" she said,"Thankyou so much" This wasn't thee nd of our little session, but it will have to be another time for the rest of it.

Especially for Belinda.

Mart xx