Written by Pam

19 Jan 2005

I have been married for 20 years but always fantasized about having other guys and I mean guys more than one, but never done anything about it. The last summer a friend of mine came to stay and we went out on the town for a few drinks. I thought I knew this friend well but after a few drinks we found that we were chatting about our fantasies and hers were similar to mine but she had had a threesome. We ended up in a night club and a guy started chatting to me, he said he was with 8 other guys on a stag night. He started teasing me telling me how good he was in bed etc, so i flirted back and siad hey you have met your match, I am up for anything! Anything he replied of course i said. I dont think he believed me, he asked if I was shaved i said slip your hands down my skirt top and feel which he did in the middle of the club. My friend had been watching she tapped me on the shoulder and said she was really turned on and could we offer to go back to the guys hotel. I asked and he was in agreement and said he would invite some of the other guys to which I said bring them all. We left the club and staggered to the hotel, but on getting there i realised I had left my coat at the club so he offered to walk me back. I asked my mate if she would be ok and she said yes. When we returned and opened the room door she was on the bed with four guys around her wow!!!!!!!!!!! but she looked a little frightended so I wispered are you ok, she said can you help me out here. No problem I was so turned on at what I was seeing. I slip off my clothes to reveal my basque and suspenders all attention turned to me and i laid on the other bed, within seconds I had cocks all around me and i was sucking for all i was worth one after the other. The guys were licking and fucking me, i was being fingered by 2 at a time stretching me, they were touching my arse and asking me if i would do anal. By this time i would have done anything i was screaming all of you fuck me take me like a whore i want to be a whore. I looked over to my friend who was asleep with one guy by this time, so i happily took all the guys by myself over and over, they just kept on going. I loved it i was sobering up but i didnt care i was going to make the most of this opportunity and kept going till 8am the next morning. I fell asleep for about half an hour to wake being touched again but by this time i was sore so said no. I woke my friend and we left. Would I do it again HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!