Written by dusk

22 Oct 2006

It’s dark and cold when you arrive. You walk tentatively up to the front door of the house, butterflies filling your stomach. You check the number on the piece of paper against the number on the door. You raise your fist to knock, but stop when you see a faint slither of light filtering out. You realise the door is just slightly ajar.

Nervously you give the door a push and it eases open to reveal a dimly lit hallway with dark wooden floorboards that reflect what seems to be flickering candle light. You step inside ‘Hello……’ you can hear the tension in your own voice.

There is no reply just silence. Plucking up courage you step over the threshold you footfalls echoing in the eerie silence. Inside two large candles on wrought iron stands either side of the hall illuminate the hall, air movement though the open door making them flicker wildly. You are about to call out again when from the dark an authoritative voice demands. ‘Close the door……….’

Looking into the shadows you can just make out the silhouette of someone in the doorway at the far end of the hallway. You feel a new kind of excitement surge of through your ready aroused body the voice is male but the outline

‘Yes…………of course,’ you say complying with his command.

The door closes with fate sealing click. You turn and face the figure in the shadow once more.

‘Come closer……….’

You walk slowly forward, passed a door to your left until, ‘Far enough……..’

You stop in the midpoint the two candles on either side of you, illuminated almost fully by the candle light.

‘Now one by one remove your clothes for me you fucking slut…………’ the words are spat with real venom and got straight to the core of your darkest desire.

You start with your jacket removing it and d dropping it on the floor to your left. Next you unbutton and remove your shirt discarding it in the same way. You hands fall to your belt…..’not yet slut I want to see you play with your nipples…rub them tease them………’

With your heart pounding faster you do as he says. You start by rubbing them with the nipples of your finger feeling them stiffen and harden beneath you touch. Then between thumb and for finger you pinch them, pulling and stretching on them.

From the darkness you are sure you hear an approving moan of approval. This leads you to pull and stretch them harder. You led out an unexpectedly loud groan of pleasure. You pleasurable reaction meets with a hiss of approval.

‘Enough…………….return to your clothes.’

Reluctantly your leave you swollen extend nipples for his gaze. You remove your shoes and discard then to one side. Next you unbuckle your belt and unzip your trouser, you tight underwear failing to hide the raging erection. You allow your trousers to fall and step out of them. The finally you remove you tight briefs until you stand there naked your magnificent erection there for him to see.

‘Play with it slut………….play with your cock…..’ the words are like heaven to you.

You reach down and begin to fondle you cock and balls for your voyeuristic master in the dark.

‘Do not cum slut………or you will pay harshly for it’

‘Yes Master.’ You pant, wondering what the penalty would be, wondering if it would worth coming now to discover what he had in stall for you.

You jump as you suddenly hear the sharp resonant crack, crack of heels on the wooden floor from behind you.

Instinctively you begin to turn your head ‘don’t look around bitch…………and keep pumping you cock’. You realise the distraction had caused you to stop masturbating. With renewed vigor you stoke you cock while with your free hand returns to your still proud nipples.

You sense someone close behind. You smell her perfume, mixed with another aroma you cannot quite place. ‘You know he’s going to fuck your ass don’t you bitch?’ whispers a well spoken female voice.

You nod frantically

‘You know I’m going to fuck you too bitch. You winch in shock as you feel a cold finger trace line up between you bum cheeks.

‘Yes Mistress………..’ you reply quickly as you feel the finger slip slowly between your cheeks and expertly find the entrance to your anus. The tip of the finger brushes your puckering bum hole, teasing it for a few moments before retreating. You realise you had stopped breathing and led out a long gasp.

Then with two crashing fall of her heels as a beautiful dominatrix dressed in black appears in front of you. You pump you cock harder than ever, as you feast you’re eyes upon the cruel yet stunningly beautiful creature before you.

She is tall, taller than you trust skywards by eight inch high platform stiletto heels that sit perfectly on her latex stocking clad legs. Above the stocking tops and below the ultra tight heavily boned latex corset is a harness form which thrusts a huge black dildo. To your eyes are automatically drawn to this monster

gnarled cock which arches up toward you.

Mistress laughs as she sees both fear and excitement in your face. You look at her beautiful, yet heavily made up face, framed below a long back severe looking wig that fills you with awe. Finally gaining some composer you realise that in both her hands sheathed in black elbow length gloves she holds something. In the left a spiked dog collar and in the right a black riding crop.

You swallow hard pondering your fate. You know you only have to utter the safe word and everything will end.

She runs the tip of the riding of the riding crop over your already excited nipples, making you flinch in pleasure. She laughs enjoying teasing you.

Then suddenly her laughter turns to a scowl, ‘wear this bitch…..’ the dog collar and lead are thrust into your chest. ‘……..Wear it….’ she snaps bring the crop down on her leg to generate a swish then sharp crack.

Hurriedly you take it form her and attach the collar around your neck, the cold chain swinging across your chest increasing to the pleasure of you aroused nipples. The collar is tight which somehow adding to your feeling of subservience. You see your Mistress is holding out her hand. Obediently you place the handle of the lead in her gloved hand.

‘Down boy…………….’ She mocks tugging n the collar. Submissively you drop to you knees finding the experience exhilarating. It is like a different world one you feel comfortable in. Your view of the world becomes different, somehow more pleasurable. Head turned down you are confronted by her legs and those ultra high heels that convey power to you. You feel the crop under your chin, telling you to look upward. The huge strap-on dido hovers above you.

‘Open you mouth slut and find out …….how…. your …..ass…. is…. going ….to ….feel later.

You open you mouth and accept the huge cock. You groan spreads you lips wide.

‘Take it slut………’ she demands pushing it in deeper in long slow strokes. She tugs on the lead to get your attention. Your eyes look up.

‘He’s watching………..perform him show him what a cock sucker you are………..’

You take has much cock as you dare sliding your lips up and own its thick body.

‘Enough…………’ You stop sucking at the sound of your Masters voice. The rubber cock plops from your mouth glistening wet with your salvia.

‘Parade him before me……’

Mistress backs off a step and tugs on the lead her wet strap-on swaying as she moves. You find yourself crawling on fours around the floor aware of his eyes upon you. After a circle or two she brings you closer to him or is it her. For in front of you a pair of shiny patent thigh boots rises up from the floor on high platforms and staggering heels.

Mistress stands to one side. You feel her shoe slip beneath you against your belly brushing, tormenting your hard cock. Expertly she applies pressure masturbating you with her foot. Excited you push back against the cold leather of the shoe. She brings down the riding crop hard on your ass. You buck and writhe coming wildly all over her shoe. She pulls her foot away you have cum heavily most of it over her shoe

‘Look what you’ve done you fucking dirty slut……………….you’ve made a mess of Mistress’s shoe.’ He says

You look down a her shoe and see your cum glistening all over her high patent leather shoe.

Slowly your Master lowers himself on his haunches to almost your level, his legs open his crotch. He his good looking with greying hair, his torso his naked, you want to touch it feel it but know you can’t.

‘Clean it with your tongue slut…………. Clean ever inch of fucking her shoes.’ He hisses just inches from your face.

You begin to lap greedily at the shiny patent leather, dripping with you’re own spunk. The very degrading nature of the act exciting you beyond belief. With your tongue wrapped around a slender tapering eight inch heel you eyes flit up to see the master’s hand stroking his cock.

‘Do you want to lick this…….?’ He asks mockingly already knowing the answer.

‘Yes Master.’ You mumble barely audibly your tongue sliding up the arch of the shoe. You feel sharp tug on the chain and realise the master now has control of the lead. ‘……….Lick it then bitch…..’ the taut lead pulls your face. You grovel forward until close enough to breathe in the strong odor of new leather. You tongue darts out and taste material and the rock hard cock beneath. Slowly you glide you tongue up the entire length of his penis defining its outline from balls to tip. The sensation is amazing. You find yourself wishing no matter how nice the leather is you wish it was gone so you could take it into your mouth and suck and caress it. Lost in pleasure you hear Mistress footsteps behind you, fading away. You licking and lapping at the leather bound cock seem to go on forever until the Master rises back up.

A jerk on the chain and tells you, you are to follow. You are lead roughly down the hall, thought a door and into a small sparsely furnished room. There is a small dressing table with a mirror and two chairs, one directly in front of the dressing table, the other in the corner of the room. Your eyes immediately dart from the dressing table to the chair in the corner where a number of garments that are neatly folded on its seat.

‘You have one hour.’ The door closes with a bang behind you.

Like an excited little girl you don’t know what to do next. On the dressing table sits a model head with a big glamorous Joan Collins type wig ready to wear. Next to it is a make up case which seems fill of everything from false eyelashes and nails to foundation and lipstick. Next you move over to the chair where sits a pair of large and very high stiletto heeled ankle boots. The heels are at least six inches high. Breathlessly you move to the clothes tan/natural coloured old fashioned seemed stockings, a pair of black lacy panties, a black leather bra less corset, black leather knee length pencil skirt, white silk blouse, black leather gloves, chic big designer sunglasses and a pvc raincoat. It is all you can do to not masturbate over them

Within just minutes to go you step from the room and take your first tentative steps as a tv slut. Teetering in your high heels and pencil skirt you can only take small staccato steps down the hallway. It makes you feel so feminine, so vulnerable, and so sexy. The sharp rap of your heels on the floor sends shivers of excitement down your spine. Your tottering steps make your body sway and the weights clamped so mercilessly to your now stretched and swollen nipples is almost enough to make you come. You catch your reflection in the full length mirror in the hallway and approve of the tart that you see looking back at you from the long talon like red nails to the fluttering mascara laden eyelashes and the caked on excessive make up. For the first time in your life you feel complete. You flick up your collar of your white silk blouse feeling truly feminine and totter to the door of the lounge.

You Master and Mistress are sat in opposite chairs either side of an open fire. On a coffee table between them sits a bottle of opened red wine.

Instinctively you know what is required in little girly steps you mince over to the table and pour two glasses of wine.

As you pour the wine the Mistress stands, she saunters over to you.

‘would you like to join us slut……..’ you are not sure how to take it, but reply in an effeminate voice, ‘ Yes please Mistress……………….’

You watch has she picks up the spare glass and holds it between her legs. She throws her head back closes her eyes and moans. A hissing sound makes you look down to the wine glass you see it fill with golden nectar from Mistress pussy

You watch Mistress fill the wine glass full with her golden pee. She places the tip of a latex gloved finger into the full glass as she beckons you over to her. You totter over in your towering heels stopping only inches away. She removes the finger from the glass while calmly telling you to ‘Open you mouth bitch………..’

You do as you are told. She raises the piss covered digit and runs it around your greasy red lips. You feel a rush of sexual adrenalin rip through your body you legs physically quiver and you stagger in your high heels. You can taste the pee smeared on your lips.

‘You like it don’t you whore…….you like my piss….’ She mocks. She repeats the process dipping her finger into the full glass once more. This time when she raises her finger above you mouth. You open wide as she dispenses a droplet into your mouth.

‘Good girl’

You savor the strong tasting fluid moaning loudly. Next she dips two fingers in, they come drenched she pushes them into your mouth.

She laughs cruelly at you as you suckle on them like a baby on a teat.

Lost in you pleasure you had not realized that you’re Master had moved up behind you. He his close, his whispered voice calm yet stern tells you, ‘In our presence you will drink nothing but piss form know on slut……….’

There was moment silence and you know they wish you to speak, ‘Yes Master, Mistress………I will willing do as you wish…….’ They both smile wickedly at each other and you now that you will be turned into some kind of piss whore.

Then to your surprise Mistress raises the glass to her lips and takes a large gulp. Taller than you she leans forward. Instinctively you know to open your mouth. You’re lips are almost touching when she realises the pee in a jet, firing deep into your mouth. You go weak at the knees again, not only from the mouthful of urine but from the Masters hand that has snaked around and his caressing the top of the black leather skirt over your belly. He applies a little pressure onto your swollen bladder and the reason behind being told to drink several litres of water while getting ready become instantly clear to you. You are bursting to pee.

He presses harder and it is difficult not to wet yourself.

‘She has a nice tight bladder…………’ he says wickedly. You squirm under the firm pressure he his applying. ‘Spill a drop you fucking piss drink whore and you will pay for it…….’

He backs off, has mistress hands you the three quarter full glass. ‘Now drink it down you bitch………’

They move away Mistress to the fire place, Master to the sofa. They watch as you slowly empty the glass savoring every last drop of pee.

With growing confidence you speak, ‘Thank you Mistress……you have the most beautiful pee in the world.

‘Don’t try and creep around be you sniveling little tart………….get me cigarette now!’ she snaps nastily.

You look around not knowing where her cigarettes are.

‘Hurry bitch all you will feel more than lash of my tongue…………’

You see a slender red pack and a gold lighter on the mantle piece just inches from her finger tips. You teeter over your full leather clad ass wobblingly sexily as you do. You reach out for them, but when your finger tips are virtually on them she knocks them onto the floor with a haughty laugh.

‘Where’s my fucking cigarette bitch……….’ she reaches for the riding crop and slaps it hard on her thigh as a warning to you..

You drop to you knee’s to collect them she kicks when they again almost in your reach. You grovel across the floor the room filled with there mocking laughter. You hear the swish of the riding crop and feel it sting as with aloud thwack it strikes you’re leather clad ass.

‘She has a lovely big ass…………just right for spanking.’ Mistress drools.

‘Give the lazy slut another one………..’ the whimper you let was one more of pleasure than of pain, but it seems to please them.

You collect the red pack of cigarettes and lighter before you receive another blow, although you thought briefly about dawdling so would get another whipping on your ass. With difficulty you get you feet, again you are mesmerized by how good it feels to be perched so precariously high in spike heels. You find Mistress waiting impatiently a long cigarette holder in her hand. The label on the pack says ‘More’ you open the pack and remove along ultra dark erotic looking cigarette. You place one in the holder, and then wait until Mistress brings it up to her lips. You light her cigarette noting how elegant and sophisticated it makes her. You know if you had one pursed between your fat red lipstick covered lips you look even more sluttish, you know they would both like that.

She inhales deeply before blowing a stream of smoke at you.

‘Hand…………’ she demands

You are confused.

‘Hand you fucking piss slut…………..’

It registers what she wants. You hold out your hand turn it upward and cup it. She nonchalantly flicks her ash into it. You realise that you now you are to be used as an ashtray as well!

She takes another long drag on her cigarette. You catch her taking a look over your shoulder. Your stomach fills with butterflies because you sense know something is about to happen.

‘Close your eyes slut………….and open that dirty mouth’

You do as your Master commands. Mistress has an excited yet cruel look on her face. Something is happening you can’t quite work out what. All it once you feel something enter your mouth. It is short and fat and tastes like Mistress strap on dildo. At the same time you feeling straps being tightened around you head. Confused yet excited you long to know what is going on. The straps are pulled tight, your mouth his full, you lips crushed and bruised. You feel yourself spun around.

Your Master speaks,’ in front of you is a full length mirror. Open your eyes and see what a total slut you now are.’

You open your eyes; your shocked gasp is unheard because of the penis gag in your mouth. But that is not all rising up from your mouth is massive thick eight inch black life like rubber cock. You almost faint with excitement.

‘Now go to your Mistress and pleasure her………….’

There before legs akimbo she stands fucking herself with the handle of the riding crop while smoking.

You turn around drop to your knees then all fours and crawl towards her the black monster cock arching up in front of your eyes. You move every so slowly forwards until you are just inches form her face penis hovering at the mouth of her pussy.

She looks down flicking ash on you. ‘ do you know why I want you to fuck me this way…………..because you got such a pathetic dirty little cock and I don’t want it my pussy you fucking shit……..’ she spits on you and laughs. ‘Come on and fuck me bitch’

You push your face forward and upwards watching the huge cock stretch her pussy lips open wide. In a nodding fashion you begin to slip the cock into her inch by inch all this happening right before your eyes. You begin to rock to and fro fucking her deep and slow your lips now brushing her pussy lips as she takes its full length. Excitedly you feel greedy hands on your ass feeling caressing it through the leather. You groan with pleasure into your gag. The rocking motion is making you nipples weights swing and rotate your sensitive nipples ache with both pleasure and pain. You would loved to see them in the swollen elongated state and pull n the weights until you came

‘Is that the best you can do bitch…………’ she says in a derisory tone.

You work hard increasing the tempo slamming the mouth cock into her. She begins to fuck back.

‘harder…….harder.’ she demands the crop whacking into you ass. It feels as if the master is pushing up your ass to be hit

You feel the zip at the back of the skirt being slowly undone. The skirt is being eased down from you full behind. Mistress is writhing and bucking wildly on your face.

Come on bitch fuck me for all you are worth you filthy fucking whore…come on fuck……fuck me………harder………..harder…………’ the crop came down with regular frequency. Until finally in a torrent of foul and abusive insults she came hard and violently on your face.

In the excitement you had not realised that you skirt was almost down to your knees and your big round ass was now trust in the air, save for black panties stocking and suspenders.

‘Give me the crop.’ Master said.

I want it again she pulled off the cock. Spun around placed her hands on the mantle piece and trust out her ass.

‘On your knees pig…………’ she ordered.

You rise up onto your knees.

‘Spread my cheeks…….’

You reach out and part her bum cheeks. Right in front of you is her bum hole winking at you.

‘Now bugger me………’

‘You heard her………’ snapped the Master giving you a nasty slap across our bare cheeks with the riding crop.

You squirm wildly as the master spanks you hard. The tip of the dildo now slipping into mistress’s tight bum hole. You begin to trust in and out frantically as you feel you panties being removed an eased own your thighs to join your skirt. You feel his hands on you ass, fingers probing between your round arse cheeks. Excited you fuck mistress harder and faster. You can see her hand masturbating her clit. She is close. His fingers find you twitching bum hole. One traces its way around the rim. It feels wet and smooth and cool.

‘You like this bitch don’t you…….’

It suddenly darts in making you buck and writhe wildly and conscience is you shove the dildo full into Mistress’s bum hole sending her to a noisy violent convulsion of an orgasm.

Another finger joins the first taking what it wants of your arse.


‘I know you want more slut…….. I know you want my cock’

Suddenly from nowhere you feel the Masters spare hand freeing the buckles and strap that hold the face dildo in place. Free form Mistress arse in falls unceremoniously to the floor.

‘Now lick her ass clean, bitch….taste her filthy arse you slut’ Master snarls.

Mistress look down over her shoulder, ’stick you tongue up my ass and taste me you fucking shit kisser’

Submissively you do as you are told. You tongue probes and licks her freshly fucked pulsing ass hole, the degrading nature of it giving you immense pleasure. Free from the penis gap you are moan and groaning as you lick, flick and suck.

One by one the Master fingers slip out of your wanton ass. There is a momentarily pause before you feel your as cheeks stretched wide and something new nudging your asshole. You stop licking and let out a loud groan has his cock penetrates you. Mistress spins around, ‘Yes fuck the slut………..fuck her hard.’ She is very excited, almost as excited as you

At the same time Masters Cock slips in deep, ‘Fuck the slut..’ she cries.

You feel a slap on your arse has Master drive his cock home you feel his balls slap against your ass.

‘fuck the bitch hard……..’ Mistress says urging her husband on. In a ever increasing tempo he fucks you his hands on your shoulders forcing you back on to him so you get all of his cock. The initial burning you felt when he first entered you is now an intense pleasure. You feel like you could cum without even touching yourself. With each long powerful stoke he throws another insult at you, ‘slut ……whore ………..pig….cock sucker………’ the degrading nature of each word spat out in his mocking tone increasing your out of control sexual frenzy.

His hand move down and tugs on your saying nipple weights making squirm with ecstasy. Then it happens you feel his strokes shorten and quicken as he stabs his cock home deep. He grunts loudly as he shots his cum up your fat arse. He pumps away from minute or so before his stroke slows and finally dies. He pulls out of you leaving you in state of delirium, you wish there were another ten guys to follow him up and fuck you senseless.

With spunk dripping from you violated ass you are told to stand. unsure in your heels you get up. You run your tongue around your lipstick smeared lips to catch and swallow the last drop of piss.

‘You must be horny………..slut’ his hands presses slightly on your bladder, ‘…….and full…..’ he laughs at you.

‘Yes…………Master, Mistress……..’

‘Well, you cock sucking ass licking, piss drinking slut…………….we are going to let you cum……….and piss all you want all over two very special guests.’

You are both infused and excited at the same time.

‘You see that fucking thing you call a cock is not good enough for us…………..and your piss, well you are the only one that deserves that.’

You both so close to cuming and wetting yourself it is beyond belief.

‘Now you will fuck these two and fill every hole with your worthless cum they have do you understand………..’

‘Yes Master….’

‘We are going to watch and help and encourage……’ with that he slaps the riding crop against his leg

‘If you turn they are waiting and ready for you………….’

This almost blows your mind . Who are these people? Slowly you turn round. You let out a gasp. There sitting on the leather sofa are two blow up dolls one male one female.

Mistress steps close behind, ‘What you don’t think you were actually going to fuck someone did you pig’

‘What are you waiting for bitch they both need fucking?’ Says you’re Master throwing the female doll onto the floor. You totter over before falling too your knees, shocked at much you enjoyed the total humiliation and shame of it all. This ultimate act of your corruption the most date. You fall on the lying female doll kissing and touching her as if she was a real woman. All around you are the offensive voices of Master and Mistress telling you what to do…………’

‘get your fucking cock inside her and fuck her…………’

Hurriedly you stick in your cock and begin to pump frantically away , your big ass rise and falling. A sharp swish with the riding crop tells you pick up the tempo. First you see one foot come crashing down to your left and the other on the right. Mistress is now standing over and astride you. You are not sure what it is at first, when a strange repetitive drip, drip sensations falls on your back. Then you become conscious of the drips running over your body. The fluid is warm and trickles down you back and down between your bum cheeks. The drips increase, becoming a steady stream that splashes noisily off your back. Mistress lets out a contented sigh as she empties her full bladder over her fucking bi slut. The stream becomes a torrent, your orgasm is trigger and you fuck the doll like crazy as you are showered by Mistress’s gushing pee.

You have no time for rest drenched in Mistress golden pee you are told to turn around and position your self with your cock over the dolls mouth and face over her cum filled pussy, now oozing with your spend spunk.

‘Get hard again cunt.’ snaps Master who is now standing in front of your face, ‘………….and get me hard.’ He offers you his dirty cock fresh from your ass. ‘Its your mess bitch cleaning it up..’ greedily you take it you mouth licking and sucking it clean. You feel his cock hardening in you mouth. You suck harder feeling your erection returning. You watch Master shaft fucking your wanton mouth now smeared in your red lipstick which drives to suck harder and deeper.

‘Stick a finger up my ass bitch……..’ he demands.

You insert a finger as far up his anus as you can. His tight muscles clenching it in place. You feel his muscle tightened around your finger and you know he his about to cum in you mouth. With a grunt he cums firing his wad into the back of your mouth.

‘Swallow it bitch…………..’ he tells you. It is too late you already have.

‘Now clean up you own mess………and fuck her mouth.

You guide your cock into the dolls mouth and start to fuck again as you lower you face onto the pussy filled with your own cum. For over five minutes you fuck and suck at the same time taunted and goaded on by you two bosses. The occasional flash of a camera tells you this is no the last you know of your own depravity.

Master sensing that you are about to come tells you to look up. You close you eyes just before his powerful jet of piss hits you in the face. You open your mouth and try to catch and drink as much as you can. All the time you are fucking and cumming in the dolls mouth.