Written by No nicks

20 Oct 2006

My wife and were getting ready to go out to a large dinner that the institute I am a member of was having. It was a dinner suit do and a long dress for my wife Sue. As we were putting our clothes on Sue said that she was going to wear her tightest, most revealing dress, with no bar or knickers. She said that she wanted to see how many heads she would turn and how many men would feel her up on the dance floor. She dared me to go without any knickers on and I agreed, providing that if any of the male guests wanted to put their hand up her dress, she would agree, so long as no one could see.

When we arrived at the hotel, there must have been at least 600 people there, it was a mega event. We all took our seats and we were at a table of 12, all of the other ten were in there early thirties or thereabout. Sue decided between the first and second course that she wanted to feel my cock through my trousers, she managed to give a raging hard on. Then came the cruncher. The MC announced that, as a way of people getting to know each other all males should move one place round clockwise. You can imagine my embarrassment when I had to stand up, no knickers to constrain my hard on which was sticking out a 90 degrees. You could imagine what was being thought. Between the 2nd and 3rd course the ladies decided to go to the toilet. On their return we had all moved round one place. I now had one young lady each side of me that I had never met before. The one on the left pretended to lean over to the one on the right and grabbed tight hold of my cock. Up it went without warning. All I could think was thank goodness we had already moved. Chatting away to her friend across me, she proceeded to unzip my trouser and pull out my cock. She started to wank me quite slowly, then I felt another hand grabbing my balls and squeezing, it was the lady on my right. They were still chatting away to each other oblivious to what their hands were doing to me. I could feel myself coming and whispered in the lady on my right's ear that I was about to blow my load. I have not be circumside and what come next was mindblowing. As I started to come she pulled my foreskin up, so capturing the hot cum and asked her friend if she had dropped her handbag. With that the lady on my left ducked under the table and sucked all the cum that had been captured, zipped me back up and resurfaced all within 3 or 4 seconds.

We were now getting to the end of the meal and the dancing was starting. My wife came round and asked if I would like to dance and we were quickly up on the dance floor. I recounted my experience with the 2 ladies, Sue smilled and said I@m glad you enjoyed it. Sue's skirt had a the front that went almost up to her shaven fanny, she took my hand and put my fingers onto her cunt, it was soaking. I asked it was so wet and she said she was just keeping her promise. Which guy did I asked, never having even noticed. She said everyone of them. I was amazed. We found out during the rest of the evening that all the guys worked for the same company out of town and were staying over in the hotel. The boss man had a huge suite and we were all invited back there. Drink was flowing like water and everyone including Sue were getting quite drunk. One of the girls said it was very hot why didn't the girls just take their dress off. It was amazing, not one of them was wearing anything underneath, not even tights or stockings. It was then announced that we would get into 3 groups of 4 and not with partners. Out came 3 games of twister. The positions were amazing that these naked women were getting into. After the first game the men decided that they too were very warm and removed their clothes. That is when the fun started. I was in a group of 4 that had 3 women. 2 were playing the game the third was playing with me as I spun the wheel. Fix it so that you can get them into some really sexy positions, she said quickly between blowing me. I did just as I was asked and it ended up with one girl arching her back with the other virtually on top of her in the 69 position. Tongues was lashing backwards and forwards and they finally collapsed on the ground. The rest of the night saw me screwing 3 of the girls and my wife went one better, by being screwed by 6 of the guys.

It was a great night and we have already booked for next year.