Written by badassbristol

8 Jun 2006

"Now bitch eat my cunt" the words rang in my ears, but I still how could I refuse after getting head to die for. Sinking to the floor as fast as my legs would drop I went to remove Sammy`s skirt but she beat me to it, if this was the speed she wanted then who was I to argue. I tore off her thong but she was so wet it was as if her lips had tried to eat the flimsy material, she yelped & I said sorry but she just threw me a look telling me to get on. As I sank my face into the soft flesh I lcked her from ass to clit & she purred suck my clit now, as a gent I did as I was told, sucking & nibbling till she shook uncontrollably I thought I would drown as cum pored into my mouth "don`t stop" Sammy cried, locking my head in her thighs with a grip like a vice, more licking brought a new orgasm, so whilst I was down there I stuck 2 fingers into her soaking cunt, for a girl so small they went in too easily so more were needed, a 3rd, 4th my hand was not flat & going in & out like a piston "FIST ME" was a muffled sound I heard through her thighs. So Scrunching my hand as tight as possible I pushed gently. Sammy cupped the back of her legs pulling them as far apart as she could ( I don`t think a gymnast would have got much wider. A millimetre at a time went in until "PLOP" my hand was into the wrist, I could feel her cervix & she went crazy, All I could feel was her juices building up, unable to get past my wrist. Hand fucking her turned miss prim into a full jibbering wreck & after what seemed like 5 continuos orgams she could take no more. Slowly I pulled out &gave her my hand to lick clean We laid there on the floor for 1/2 an hour kissing touching & gentle playing. All this came to a stop when the phone rang, tha answer phone kicked in & the voice on the other end said "Hi Sammy its Dee (Mother-in-Law) I`ll be there in half an hour & get started on the Garden. "Shit" we said in unison you`ll have to go Sammy said & I replied not before fucking you in the ass as your too dirty too leave to be continued