Written by cedric

16 Mar 2006

I and a friend, Clive, went to visit a friend, Julian, at Bristol University for a boozy weekend. On arrival we went to meet his girlfriend, Jennifer and some of her friends, Tabitha and Amy who were living in another hall.

After finally leaving there student accommodation, having had a few drinks, we went on to a local pub. Everyone by this point was already starting to feel the effects of the vodka we had been drinking. The alcohol had obviously made girls fairly game for a bit of fun. Myself and Clive got with Amy and Tabitha respectively .Any how we carried on drinking till closing, at which point Amy returned to her room as she was far too drunk, to Clive’s disappointment.

So the five us returned to Julian’s, where we had a few more drinks, Julian and Jennifer were getting fairly intermit on the bed as were I and Tabitha on the sofa. I was feeling fairly guilty that Clive was being left out, but by this point everyone was feeling far too taken by the moment to care. Tabitha abruptly got up at this point and asked Jennifer for a word with her in private. I was feeling desperately disappointed but was more than happy when they returned, suggesting that the five of us had our miniature orgy, as we had been joking about earlier in the pub.

I was delighted as was Clive, however Julian was less then convinced by the idea of me and Clive, servicing his girlfriend. His reservations were soon put to rest as Tabitha rubbed his ever growing bulge in his trousers. As Tabitha got to work on Julian, Jennifer approached me and Clive.

She unzipped and then pulled down our trousers to reveal our rapidly swelling cocks. I was quietly pleased about the fact that mine was slightly longer and thicker than Clive’s. However she took Clive’s into her waiting mouth first, then moved on to mine flicking her tongue over my bellend, then licking down the shaft to my neatly shaven plums which she swallowed one at a time. As she was doing this I watched Julian taking off what remained of Tabitha’s cloves. Julian set to work on Tabitha’s cunt which was as bold as the day she was born. I could see him flicking his tongue over her moist clit.

Having seen Julian enjoying Tabitha’s moist cunt, I pulled Jennifer to her feet and pulled off her bottom halve as Clive dealt with the top halve. As I pulled her thong to one side I caught a whiff of that unique and surprisingly erotic pussy smell. I briefly par took in some cunnilingus paying particular attention to her clit. However I was more concerned with getting on with the real action. So I sat myself on the sofa and Jennifer positioned herself above me so that my shaft slipt deep inside her. As she stated bobbing up and down on my cock she started sucking Clive’s cock whilst his tongue was trying to get a grip of her bouncing tits. As I felt myself nearing to cuming, I decided to swap positions with Clive, except this time he bent her over and started fucking her from behind. I moved myself so that she could suck my cock.

Whilst all this was going I could see Julian being ridden by Tabitha on the bed. I had a perfect view of his cock sliding in out of her cunt. Starting to bore of the blow job I decided to join in with Julian and Tabitha, as I approached Tabitha slipt off Julian’s cock

Onto all fours. Needing no more of an invitation, I directed my cock in to her warm, wet cunt, it felt so tight around my cock. As I was fucking her I spread her arse cheeks, with this her cute little but hole opened a little as if it was winking at me. As what had already gone on was fairly extreme, I thought suggesting anal wouldn’t be to out of sink with the current mood. Delighted to hear a positive response I looked for some kind of lubricant, Jennifer’s face moisturizer was the best we could do. However one of the conditions of her agreeing to anal was that I tongued her arse hole. Reluctantly I began firstly licking the outside then actually entering her shit box with my tongue. After one final application of spit I began the with lube .I started with some on her arse hole then lubbed up a few fingers which I eased in to her tight rectum. After a few minutes of this, I pressed my now lubricated cock up against her ring, then applying some pressure I entered the dark zone, it felt even tighter then her pussy. Whilst I was doing this Julian had been joined by Jennifer and Clive on the bed. As Julian fucked Jennifer, I carried on pounding Tabitha’s arse, who now had a mouthful Clive’s cock.

It wasn’t long till, out resistances started to wear thin, Julian was the first the blow. I looked to my side to see Julian pull his cock from Jennifer now reddened minge and fire thick jets of cum onto her stomach, some reaching her tits, being a dirty slut she rubbed most of it in although she did spoon some up with her fingers putting some in her mouth offering the rest to Tabitha who happily licked it off her fingers.

Tabitha requested that Clive and I both cummed on her tits. So I pulled my cock out of her arse which gapped a little. She then went from all fours to laying on her back with clive and by her side. Here she sucked both us both one by one until the jizz show began, I irrupted first, trying to direct it on her tits as requested, and some missed hitting her in the face and neck, although the majority dripped into her cleavage. Clive was next firing his load in to tits and to a less extent her mouth. His jizz was now mingling with mine on her face tits and neck. The next part I think was the highlights of the whole experience, watching Jennifer lick our mess from Tabitha and then kissing her with a full load of baby batter. This continued until completely clean, only leaving a salty residue.

After this we were ready for round two which turned into round three, four and five. Waking up feeling a little bit sheepish after the experience Clive and I got in the car and drove home. However this isn’t to say that it won’t happen again as Clive and I are already planning our next trip to Bristol.