Written by Ann

18 Nov 2004

I'm not normally given to writing about my experiences, but as this one was special I thought I would share it. I've changed the names to respect everyone's privacy.

I am a bisexual woman and my boyfriend and I have had a number of FMF threesomes over a period of about 4 years. It's not something we do all the time. More an occasional indulgence. Finding partners is always difficult and we get lots of replies to our ads from timewasters and from men. Some men pretend to be women which is odd, while others make it clear that they are men. So why are they replying to ads asking for women? Who knows? Nevertheless, we have persevered and among the dross is the occasional gem. A genuine woman bi, bi-curious, or straight. However, they are few and far between and although we like to keep relationships, and friendships, ongoing, they often end through no fault of anybody. One's husband found out when she gave him her new mobile to fit the SIM card into it and he found our number. Another got caught out after her PC crashed and her husband reloaded it without the passwords. Whoops! A couple have simply moved away, one when her soldier husband was posted. Sorry if this is getting boring but the point I'm trying to make is although we have had a few women friends we generally don't have more than one at any one time.

Recently though we found ourselves with two very uninhibited partners. After a torrid afternoon session with one of them he asked if she would be interested in meeting another woman. I had already discussed it with Roy and we wondered how she, Gill, would react. We needn't have worried. She thought it a great idea. Next step was to ask the other one, Lesley. We had last seen Lesley about a month before, so we sent an email suggesting a FFFM foursome. Would she be annoyed that we had met someone else? Not at all. She said she once had n all girl threesome and enjoyed it a lot, so she was up for it. It was then just a matter of arranging a day when we were all available. They both have partners so daytimes suited us all.

As the day a approached Roy and I were excited at the prospect of this new experience. Then we had another idea. We had spoken a number of times of treating ourselves to a bisexual escort (actually I offered it to him as a birthday present which I would enjoy too). Could we possibly make this a four women romp? A bit of research revealed a suitable candidate. A woman calling herself Tracey, aged about 30, with a very large bust. Since I have a particular liking for big tits (so does Roy for that matter) we asked if she was up for it and how much it would cost. She wasn't cheap, but could have asked a lot more so we said we would let her know. Roy spoke to Gill and Lesley and they agreed, but to be safe they would not risk their health by going down on her. This seemed sensible, so we set a ground rule that, as we were paying Tracey, she would have an active role, while we were all passive. We duly placed a booking with her.

When the day came Roy got to my house in the morning, but we resisted the urge to jump into bed. He needed all his stamina for later. Lesley arrived next, about one o'clock. We were just having coffee when Gill turned up. Since Gill and Lesley hadn't met before we all sat chatting for a while. They seemed to be getting on OK, so Roy suggested we all adjourn to the bedroom. From previous experience we know that, since we all know why we are there, it is better not to beat about the bush. No point in all walking on eggshells! Upstairs we all went with Roy bringing up the rear. Tracey was booked for an hour beginning at 2.30. The plan was that we would begin and she would join in for an hour. We had discussed this on the phone and she was OK with it. We left her fee near the front door before the others arrived, so there should be minimum disruption.

In the bedroom Lesley and I began to kiss and fondle each other. I saw Roy turn Gill towards him and they did likewise. We were all standing close together, so soon hands were wandering and kisses and gropes were going in all directions. I unzipped Roy as he was unbuttoning Lesley's top. I can't recall what Gill was doing, but I think she was fondling my tits from behind. Soon Tracey and Lesley were in their bras and pants. I was down to just my bra, as I don't wear pants. Roy finished undressing down to his pants as well. As he was doing this us girls moved to the bed and lay their kissing and stroking. Soon we stripped off each others’ bras. At this point I should mention that, although Roy is average build, he has a weakness for larger ladies and I have a larger figure. Hence, we have always chosen partners who are plump. The sight of those lovely breasts was amazing, as we kneaded to soft flesh and sucked each other's hard nipples. At this stage Roy was just standing in his pants, watching us. I think he was stoking his cock through the material, as Gill caught sight of him and reached out to feel the hard shaft. He promptly obliged by pulling his pants down and stepping closer. She took his shaft and began to stroke and suck it. Lesley and I watched as she licked and teased the glistening knob. Obviously Gill had lost interest in us momentarily, so Lesley and I went back to pleasuring each other. I was lying on my back as her hungry lips moved from my nipples to my mouth and back to my nipples. Then her kisses moved slowly down my body. I gasped as her fingers touched gently between my legs. Obligingly I parted them and she began to massage my clit as she kissed around my thighs. Soon her tongue was exploring my lovehole and flicking over my clit sending waves of pleasure through me. I hadn't paid much attention to Gill and Roy, but I no noticed that she had stopped sucking and was now standing by the bed as he sucked her large nipples. Through my ecstasy I tugged at her pants, eager to see and touch her pussy. She removed them and I put my hand between hr legs to find Roy's hand already there. She sat on the edge of the bed and held her legs wide as we both played with her. Soon she was arching her back across me as she moaned with pleasure. Lesley was still fingering me as Roy, kneeling by the bed, and began licking and sucking Gill. I knew she would have a good time, as he is very good at oral (for a man that is). Just then the phone rang. Tracey was here. A bit early, but who cared.

Roy pulled on his trousers and went downstairs. A short wait while she parked and she was here. We all waited expectantly. We had only seen her photo. What would she be like? I think Gill must have removed her pants about now. I didn't see her do it, but I noticed she was naked when Tracey walked in. Tracey looked great. A well rounded figure with large round breasts. A few quick introductions and she stripped completely. We all watched with lust in our minds. Soon the four of us were a kissing, heaving, licking, sucking, mass on the bed. I began to wonder if it would collapse. While this was happening Roy remained downstairs. He knew that us girls would like a bit of time together. Soon I was going down on Lesley and Tracey was down on Gill. Lesley and Gill were trying to turn to each other to kiss and hug, while keeping their legs spread, so Tracey and me could put our tongues to good use.

We were still in this position when Roy rejoined us and I saw him lean across Lesley and Gill. I know he is very partial to a double blowjob, and the two women got the message. I was trying to lick and watch as he offered his hard cock to them. He stroked his shaft first in one mouth and then the other. The Lesley sucked as Gill licked his shaft and his balls. I'm not sure how focussed they were they were both totally blown away by the attention Tracey and I were giving to their swollen clits. Roy may have sensed this as he moved down the bed and slid his hand between me and Lesley and started massaging her clit. I moved away and he took over with his tongue, at the same time he fingered Tracey. Lesley squealed with pleasure. I put my hand between his legs and played with his balls, but when I took hold of his cock he stopped me. I knew then he was close to coming and wanted time for it to subside. So I went back to Gill's tits.

Soon Lesley was lying on her back with me straddling her head in a 69. Gill and Tracey were beside us. Roy was behind me. I lowered myself onto Lesley’s mouth. Then I felt Roy’s cock as he entered my pussy. I purred with pleasure as Lesley used her fingers while Roy fucked me. When he withdrew I knew he was fucking Lesley’s mouth and my pussy alternately! Soon I felt him convulse as his hot cum exploded inside of me.

Roy was now out of the game and we girls enjoyed each other’s bodies. Three of us pampering Gill. Tracey licking her pussy while Lesley and I kissed her and played with her breasts. Her proud nipples told us she was enjoying being the centre of attention.

Soon it was time for Tracey to leave, so Roy showed her out. When he returned he joined Gill, Lesley and me on the bed. For a while we lay chatting and gently touching and then Lesley started to play with Roy’s cock which was showing signs of renewed life. Gill and I joined her and soon we had it hard and erect. Gill watched as Lesley sucked while I wanked him. It wasn’t long before he was close to a climax, so after he donned a condom, Lesley climbed onto him. Gill and I watched as her tits bounced with the motion. Roy gasped as he reached his orgasm.

After that we all lay content and relaxed. A liitle mutual fondling took place, but we were all spent and soon it was time to wash and dress. We all agreed it had been a great afternoon. What would we do differently if we did it again? The only thing is that we wouldn’t hire an escort. Not that there was anything wrong with Tracey. She was attractive, friendly, bisexual and very uninhibited. However, the rest of us were friends, doing it for fun and not for profit, and for that reason she was not really a part of our group.

Well, that is it. We are keen to repeat the experience, so we are now trawling the south-east for new plump partners. Who knows, maybe we can go for 5 women next time. I’m getting hungry already!