Written by sarah, faithful wife

26 Sep 2004

im 28, my husband is 30,weve been married for 8 years and ive always been faithfull,well,until now that is.weve just come back from a holiday in greece.every morning we would walk past a barbers on the way to the beach.it was a local tradditional place that did the cut throat shaves.my husband always commented as we walked past that he would love to try one.after a night out and we were feeling hung over,neither of us fancied lying in the sun so we went into the barbers.as part of the service,you get a massage,which my husband said he didnt want,as the thought of another man massaging him wasnt on.the owner then asked if i wanted it as we would be paying for it anyway.i was a little unsure but my husband said it might help my hangover so i agreed.

i was led into a back room and handed a towel.lucky enough i had my bikinni on under my skirt so i felt better.i lay on the table on my front with my bikinni still on under the towel when the owner came back in.he spoke broken english so we chatted as he began to massage me.it started off innocently enough at first,him rubbing my back and shoulders,then i felt his hands gently brush against the side of my breasts.he removed the towel,trying to say there was no need if i had a bikinni on.i was now fully aware that he was getting a little braver as his hands kept touching the side of my breasts at every oppertunity. without saying anything, he untide the back of my bikinni,letting it fall to the side.as his hands paid more attention to my breasts,i relaxed and without realising let out a gentle moan of pleasure.this was the sign im sure he had been waiting for as he then moved his hands lower to my bum.again without saing he untide the strings to mt bikinni and let them fall.i opended my legs slightly to enable him to remove the bottoms fully.he poured lots of oil over his hands as he massaged my bum.i was now so wet and turned on,id given up on trying to keep my moans secret. i was aware that i was naked being touched by a stranger as my husband was next door unaware. the hands now moved between my legs and when he felt how wet i was he said something in greek.his expert fingers probed me. i lifted up my bum off the table,arching my back to give him easier access. first one finger,then another.i gently rocked back on his fingers,this was the most erotic thing of my life.he then with drew his fingers,spoke to me again in greek before gently running his fingers over my bum.he must have felt me tense up,as anal is something my husband has never tried with me.he held my cheeks appart then ran his tounge all over me.i almost came on the spot.ive never felt so good in my life,his hot wet tounge probing my bum hole.then he moved his finger onto the entrance.i was so turned on i didnt care how much noise i made now.his finger struggled to get into me at first,and i must admit i didnt like the feeling,but he seemed to know just what to do as i then began to relax and it felt good. i began to fuck his finger again,once he knew i was ok,i felt a second finger.i was loving this so much.after about 30 seconds,to my disapointment,he removed his fingers.i lookked round and smiled as i saw him taking out his lovely cock and pouring oil over it. i got off the table and bent over,ready to be fucked up the arse for the first time, by a stranger as my husband sat next door. he took my hands and got me to hold my cheeks appart as his cock nudged against my virgin hole. i held my breath as i new what was coming.the pain was imense at first and i bit heavilt ino my towel to quiten it down,but like his fingers,the pain became pleasure almost straight away.he finally was as deep as possible in me when we both fucked furriously.the sond of his voice in a strange language helped turn me on even more.witin seconds i came so hard,i then felt him shoot jet after jet of his cum inside me.