Written by Michelle

27 Jul 2005

I read this website advidly and get quite horny over the tales,some true,some fantasy.About ten years ago when I was eighteen I went on a walking holiday in the Derbyshire Dales staying at a Youth Hostel to keep the costs down.Typical British summer weather luckily kept the number of walkers to a minimum so quite often I had a room to myself.On or around the second day I returned to find two other rucksacks in the room meaning I had company,their owners nowhere to be seen.I removed my outer clothing and went to take a shower to warm up a bit.As I entered the female showerooms I could hear laughter coming from the far end maybe one or two voices,it was hard to tell with all the steam.I undressed and walked into the shower area where I found two scandinavian looking girls washing themselves and teasingly playing games with each other under the water.We acknowledged each others greetings but immediately the two finished up and left.

When I got back to the room I found both the blondes now dressed and making plans for the evening.The taller one Katya asked if there were any pubs nearby,when I said there was one about two miles down the lane,the other Anna invited me to join them if I could show them the way.

That evening we got a little squiffy and arm in arm we made our way back to the YH.Back in our room Katya produced a small bottle of vodka and suggested we have one more nightcap before turning in.Then Anna turned and asked if I minded sharing the room with her and Katya as they were if I hadn`t already guessed lesbian friends.I said I couldn`t very well ask for them or me to be moved at this time of night.Katya said thankyou and hoped I didn`t mind if she and Anna shared a bed together.

Nothing more was said and we went around getting ready for bed.In the darkness I lay awake listening to my newly found friends as they were obviously making love to each other.In what little light there was I could see one of them beneath the covers between the others thighs,the moans and sighs interupting the quiet of the room.As their lovemaking got more intense the covers fell to the floor leaving me with a grandstand view of them and their activities.I moved to lay on my side to watch them,more out of curiosity than lust, although watching them was turning me on.My hand had made its way into my panties and was rubbing my slit seeking relief.

Anna who at this time was laying ontop of Katya looked across and said something in their native tongue to Katya,then both she and Katya beckoned me to join them.It seemed the right thing to do so I threw off my nightie top and wriggled out of my panties which were soaking by now and tiptoed across to their bed.Katya and Anna moved to make room for me in between them,the bed wasn`t a large one but we somehow all managed to fit on it.Anna told me to relax and let her and Katya take care of things.While Anna massaged my breasts,Katya moved down between my legs and began planting tiny kisses as she moved upwards towards my slit.Then for the first time in my life I felt the tongue of another woman probe deep into my sopping cunt.I`ve had my cunt sucked by men before but Katya seem to know all the right spots and places to lick,suck,and kiss,I felt is if I was floating.Meanwhile Anna was sucking and teasing on my nipples drawing them fully erect and hard.Then when I thought it would never end I felt an excitement building deep in my stomach and without warning I came,it was like nothing I had experienced before,it was intense and lasted a longtime.Katya was first to speak and said that now that we were all satisfied we should all get some sleep.

In the morning over breakfast I shyly thanked them for last night and asked them what their plans were for the day.Anna said they intended to go for a short walk and return early when the hostel was deserted like yesterday and make love in the showers.Katya asked what my plans were almost hinting I was free to join them if at a lose end.So we all set off together across the Dales,other walkers we met on the way back must have wondered what was wrong with us as we hurried almost ran back to the hostel that afternoon.

Checking that the hostel was nearly deserted we made our way to the showers.Under the warm waters Anna knelt between my thighs and with her tongue brought me to orgasm while Katya stood behind me sudsing my breasts and tweeking my nipples.Katya then suggested we return to our room where she could teach me to make love to her and Anna.Under Katya`s instructions I went down on Anna and surpisingly enjoyed the new experience managing to bring Anna off.When I said it was Katya`s turn she said she would rather I used my hand and fingers to stimulate her.While Anna sucked on her breasts I frigged my hand into Katya,at one point she took my hand and forced it into her,it seemed to disappear from sight,fisting I think they call it.When I extracted it,it was the signal to set her off.Katya came,her juices flowed,Anna dived between her thighs to lap them up.I felt a little out of it but Anna signaled for me to take her place.I had tasted my own juices when I had masturbated at home alone but Katya`s were so sweet.

Sadly the next morning after a quiet night,we had another roomate who prevented us from repeating the night befores little jolly,Anna and Katya had to leave.Although we did exchange numbers we never saw each other again.Shortly afterwards I met my future husband and felt there was no need to persue sex with other women although I still think back and masturbate when my husband is away on business.

Thankyou Katya and Anna where ever you maybe for the truly wonderful two days and nights.