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Fria has been with us for three weeks. She is half Swedish half Danish and looks the part, she is 18 and helping to keep house and look after the baby when she arrives,  we have still not picked a name.

Last night Fria went out, by the time she got home we had gone to bed. 

"I think Fria has bought a man back." Anna whispered to me.

"Good for her." I replied. 

Anna reached for my cock, it was hard.

"Are you thinking about doing her?"

"Only thinking, she is our employeeโ€ฆ.regrettably."

"I knew we should have hired someone ugly." Anna commented, throwing the sheet back and mounting me.

"You interviewed her."

"Yes I did, didn't I?" Anna started to move.

In the morning Anna went down to breakfast while I showered and dressed. 

When I got to the kitchen door she was talking to Fria. "Did you come home with a man last night?

"I'm sorry I did not want to wake you and ask."

"It's OK, we told you to treat it like home."

"Oโ€ฆ" Fria hesitated.

"Don't worry,  was he good?"

"I guess so."

"If he was you would know. Are you asking him back?"

"No, he was on holiday."

"Do you enjoy one nights."

"I was.." Fria dried up.

"Lonely? Be careful, if you need condoms, we have some. If you need to be picked up, just call. Tony will bring you home."

"Thank you, but I have condoms, my mother gave them to me when she told me about men."

"I can introduce you to a friend of mine?" Anna suggested, omitting to say he had probably fucked her a few times. I did wonder who she had in mind. I knew it would be someone who could give Fria a good time. Anna does not hand bad lovers on,she thrashes them and rewards good lovers.

That is when I decided to make my entrance. 

"I will have coffee and get something at work." I kissed Anna on the cheek. "Don't let her work too hard , Fria."

I did have a hard thinking about picking Fria up, only to fuck her on the back seat.

Written by Tony

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