Written by Mike and Pam

20 Oct 2003

I would like to share with you the story which Pam once told me of her first gang bang experience. It occurred when she was a teenager of seventeen during a family holiday on the Greek Island of Kos. It was one of the last holidays she ever spent with her parents and after having recently broken up with her long term boyfriend, the offer of this free three week trip away was just too good to turn down. She felt that it would give her the chance to recharge and get her self back together again.

The first week of the holiday was fairly uneventful with Pam enjoying just chilling out by the pool. Although she was chatted up by a few English lads who were also on holiday, nothing really happened apart from the odd kiss and a bit of groping as they walked her back to the hotel in the evening. During the second week of their holiday things started to improve. She met a local boy, he was a young, good looking waiter named Nicholas who she really fancied. They would sit and chat for hours on the hotel terrace or go for long walks along the beach, while her parents soaked up the sun.

As the time passed Niki started to become a little more forward with her, his tender kisses became more passionate and were accompanied by quite a lot of touching and groping. Pam enjoyed this, especially when he was a bit forceful with her and she made no attempt to stop him, eventually letting things go further which lead to them having sex on a deserted part of the beach. After this he couldn’t seem to get enough of it and he would try and get her to do it at every opportunity, even sometimes in public places. He seemed to get turned on by the chance of them being caught. Once he stripped her and fucked her over the hotel balcony whilst her parents slept inside. Sometimes during one of these sessions he would put his cock close to her mouth, but Pam had never tried oral sex before and was bit reluctant due to unpleasant stories she had heard from some of her girl friends who claimed to have done it.

One day Niki told Pam that his older brothers had asked to be introduced to her and he asked if she would like to come over and see their farm which was located just a few kilometres outside the resort. Pam was intrigued by the thought of meeting more of his family, especially if they all turned out to be as hunky as he was, so she agreed and made arrangements to meet him outside one of the local bars the next morning at 10:00.

Pam got ready early and as it was such a hot day, she chose to wear a small white string bikini. She stood in front of the mirror for some time arranging the small white triangles to cover as much of her breasts as possible. As her nipples were still very visible through the thin white fabric, she also decided to put on a loose white shirt, which she tied at the front to keep her ample breasts in place.

Pam was there waiting outside the bar at the agreed time, when a large motorbike pulled up beside her. The rider looked a little older than Niki and as he was stripped to the waist she could see that he had a nice muscular body and was very good looking.

Getting off the bike he introduced himself as Yannis, one of Niki’s older brothers. He said that Nicholas had asked him to pick op Pam on the bike and take her over to the farm.

Pam had never ridden on a motorbike before, but after a short chat and a little gentle persuasion, she nervously climbed onto the back and they set off, speeding along the winding dusty roads and tracks which he obviously knew very well. Pam gripped tightly on to him, her arms clinging securely around the waist. As they sped along the bumpy tracks her breasts were bouncing and straining at the knot she had tied in the shirt, which very soon gave way leaving the loose shirt flapping open in the breeze.

She did not mind this feeling of freedom as it gave her quite a thrill, but then she began to feel more and more of the cooler air on her breasts and looking down she watched as more flesh gradually emerged over to top of her tiny bikini, with every bump in the road, but she could do nothing to cover herself without releasing her grip on the rider and very soon her breasts were completely exposed. She felt her nipples begin to harden as they rubbed against the bare skin of the riders back and as her arousal grew ripples of pleasure started to flow through her body like electricity as the machine vibrated between her legs and the saddle bumped against her clit.

Soon the farm house came into view, it was a pretty old building nestling in an olive grove with a group of young men sitting outside drinking wine and eating bread at a large wooden table. They all stopped and looked up as the bike passed through the open gate.

As it came to a stop the men approached and surrounded the bike talking excitedly in Greek, they were clearly all staring at Pam’s breasts which were still exposed and hanging over her displaced bikini top. Realising this she immediately blushed and with a shy smile attempted to pull the shirt together to try and hide them.

“Let me help you”, said one of the guys offering his arm to Pam as she attempted to get off the bike. Her legs were still trembling with excitement. “Looks like you enjoyed the ride”, said another guy, glancing down at the wet patch on her bikini bottoms which had made the thin white material almost transparent.

Even before she had a chance to reply or cover herself, his fingers were lightly stroking her pussy through the damp material. This was more than Pam could stand in her current state of arousal, and she just melted into his arms kissing him hungrily on the lips. She realised the signals that this must be giving to the others, but was now so turned on that she no longer cared and just wanted to be fucked right there and then.

She fumbled for his cock as two of the others lowered her onto the nearby wooden table, sweeping the empty bottles and glasses onto the floor. She could feel their hands all over exploring her body and the tiny bikini being pulled away, leaving her naked body exposed before them in the hot sun. She saw a younger man approach in the suns glare. It was Niki, and he had his cock in his hand, whilst the others continued to play with her breasts and finger her, He wanked himself briskly, right in front of her face stroking the head across her cheek and lips. Something he had attempted before with her, but she had refused to accept.

However things were different now, with the arousal of the motorbike ride, raised by their probing fingers which were now rubbing her clit towards a climax, she opened her mouth wide for him and after what seemed like only a few minutes time she felt the splash of his hot cum on her face and watched him as he gripped the shaft, squeezing the last few pumps of juice onto her tongue.

She savored the thick gooey liquid, surprised by its natural nutty flavor. It wasn't bitter or acidy as some of her friends had told her it would be. She gulped his juices down, then sucked at the shaft for more. The youngster's dick never went soft, and he stayed bone hard for another blowjob. Pam was now being pumped full of cum from both ends simultaneously. Her throat was soon bombarded with more salty juice, as was her now slack pussy. She accepted the two loads, and waited, laying still while two others moved into position to take their place. Tired of watching they were now ready to participate. One of the other brothers had already climbed up onto the table, sank down onto his knees between her wide open legs, aiming his dick to her pussy. Slowly he pushed in, sinking his sizable shaft into her with one long slow sliding shove. Pam gasped as she was again filled to capacity, but this time the dick was much thicker, and she felt her pussy stretch wider. Niki was again pumping her face wildly, signaling another fast approaching climax. Spurred on by comments made earlier by his on-looking brothers who had enjoyed seeing her face sprayed with the boy's cum, Niki pulled his dick free from her sucking mouth, and wanked himself off all over her face again. She opened her mouth impossibly wide, disappointed that she was missing out on some of his sweet cum. Niki placed the still spewing head between her lips, letting her have the last of his cum, which she swallowed and gulped the salty liquid like it was sweet honey. "You had enough yet brother." an older guy said shoving the still cumming boy aside onto the floor, his dick still seeping the last drops of his climax. This was the boy’s oldest brother Dimitri, a muscular man in his twenties. He looked amazing as he removed his shirt and the sun caught his tanned, glistening torso.

He wasted no time in joining in, quickly taking out his hard dick and rubbing it up and down her ass, then he tried to enter her. Pam had never succumbed to anal sex, but in her excitement, seemed to gladly let this new man enter her tight hole. As his brothers had fucked her doggy-style they had fingered and stretched her ass while they fucked her, so she was already kind of relaxed back there when the man entered her. Finally filled with three hard throbbing dicks, Pam went wild. She bucked and fucked the two dicks in her front and back orifices, and sucked like a whore on the shaft in her mouth.

Her tits were pulled twisted pinched and sucked as the three men held onto her bucking body and rode her like a fair ground ride. She felt the guy in her ass gripping at her hips. He was pumping faster and faster, listening to the muffled moans coming from her dick filled mouth as he was ramming himself inside her clutching hole, getting closer and closer to orgasm. His grip grew tighter as his dick pumped harder. She moaned around the ramming mouthful of dick she had lodged in her throat. The guy at her head was fucking her face just as fast and furious as the one in her ass. Her asshole was being rubbed raw, as was her throat. Submitting to them completely, she held her mouth open and let him fuck it as he saw fit. He matched his brother's hips shove for shove as he fed her straining asshole as much dick as he could. "Fuck the bitch”. He told his brother as he went into a frenzy, power fucking her hole. The other guy picked up the pace as well, using her mouth in the same manner. She felt the dick in her ass grow bigger. "I'm close..." the brother said, unable to resist the contours of her hole any longer. "Shoot it, fill the bitch up with your cum ", he ordered. His brother's grip on her waist was excruciating, his nails digging deep into her skin, she thought that she would pass out with intensity of her excitement as they fucked her into a stupor. Then he finally exploded pumping jets of hot cum deep into her ass. As he pulled out of her she felt the last droplets of cum fall onto her skin as they oozed from his swollen dick. Then almost instantaneously she felt the guy in her mouth start to cum. He held her head tightly with both hands, forcing it towards him as the jets of hot liquid hit the back of her throat. Pam almost gagged as she gulped it down, firmly squeezing his balls as she sucked him dry. Everyone then sank to the ground exhausted leaving Pam’s cum stained body still stretched out across the table.

When she was finally returned to the hotel again that evening, it was as a changed person. Pam had discovered that this early experience had opened the door to newfound heightened pleasures, the like of which she had never experienced before. Like a drug she craved this intensity of pleasure again and again returning to the farm a further three times before the end of the holiday. As word spread, each time there were more men from the village waiting to take part. Since we have been together we have tried many things but few have taken her close to the extreme heights of pleasure that this kind of experience created for her.