Written by Suzy Q

2 Sep 2005

He was sat at the bar in the pub as she entered.

She was wearing a short skirt and long flowing top, she had thigh

high boots in black leather. She was obviously cold from the night as

you could just make out the shape of her nipples through her top.

As she approached the bar she ran her fingers through her

long hair and ordered herself a vodka and fresh orange juice.

She looked around the pub and spotted him sat there at the

bar, he could not keep his eyes off her. Her lips glistened with gloss

and her eyes just said come and get me big boy.

As she turned to go to the ladies room she bent down to adjust her boots

showing that she was wearing suspenders and crotchless knickers,

he decided to follow her into the ladies and see just what she had to

offer. Once in the toilet she locked the door behind them she did not

want to know his name she did not give hers she just wanted him to

touch her. Her skin felt soft and warm, as his hand wandered further

up her leg he felt her hot wet pussy widen and beckon him to touch

it. The pussy juices were flowing down her crack and making her

arse glisten and just begging to be fingered. As he fingered her arse

she inserted her own fingers into her cunt she laid back and

positioned herself so she could take his cock into her mouth.

As she sucked really hard on his cock she fingered herself hard

and he finger fucked her arse. She could take it hard so he turned

her over and slowly began to fuck her arse she begged him for more,

deeper, harder, faster.as he could no longer hold he on pulled his throbbing

cock out of her arse turned her round and shot his hot come all over

her heaving breasts she rubbed it all over her body. He then went down

and pressed his face deep into her fanny licking and sucking her

clit until she erupted like a volcano in his mouth clamping her

legs tightly round his neck. Once finished she stood up and gave him a

good long kiss pulled her skirt back down and left the toilet to

return to the bar for her next victim.