Written by Carl

29 Jul 2003

I had bee seeing Sue for quite a while, the sexwas great, no rampant, and the variety was ... well very varied. We'd been out for a night out, I was driving so we were heading back early for a little bedroom fun. We were discussing what we wre going to do to each other,when Sue took out my throbbing cock and started to play with it. This was whilst driving along a dual carriageway.

We decided that we should stay out, and make love somewhere in the car, so while i was enjoying the forelay, Elaine was removing her knickers, a great sight for lorrydrivers!

We struggled to find a place to park that was quiet and away from the traffic going home from a Friday night out. We found a car park, a B and Q car park to be exact, she could not wait to get on top of me and fuck my brains out. And she did, three times that evening, using my steering wheel to push against hard onto my cock. WOW, great memories and true, but not a very interesting story for some people apart from the security man who had been watching on the CCTV.

I am now single again, and looking for a nigt like this, would you oblige??, if so E mail me ... i'm sure you like Sue wll not be disappointed.