Written by Julie

3 Dec 2004

A few years ago , I was very friendly with a bloke that worked with me. His name was Alan and on numerous occasions at work he had flirted with me , and at the usual works xmas bash he had given me the odd snog and grope. This I put down to harmless fun. My husband who is a superb lover but not a social person was quite happy for me to go out at night on a couple of occassions with Alan , to the night club or a local show and has no inclination of what happened on this particular night.My husband loves me wearing stockings/suspenders and heels and on the occassions that I do go out , I treat him by wearing them , he likes to think men get turned on and then when I come home I get thoroughly fucked.

On this evening my husband dropped me at the club with Alan and arranged to pick me up at his place , which was unusual but my husband was happy with it. As the night wore on , much drink was consumed and Alan had sensed that I was wearing my sexy undies , his hand managed to stroke my thigh on numerous occasions but I just let it pass , I just got more tiddly and adventurous as the night went on.

Alan unusually suggested that We go back early to his place for a night cap prior to my husband collecting me.

Well the drink still flowed at Alan's , and before I knew what was happening his hand was up my skirt and rubbing my damp fanny.As he moved toward me and our lips touched he parted my panties and eagerly slid them down my legs. He kissed me kneck and fingered my crotch , my juices flowing , I know this was wrong but drink had taken over together with lust. He pushed my mini skirt up and knelt between my legs and began to lap , this was the first man that had given me oral except for my husband , my eyes were rolling and it was bliss. He had no problem getting me sopping wet and it wasn't long before he unzipped his fly , out popped his cock , much larger and thicker than I was used to. It wasn't long before I was licking and sucking for all I was worth , I could feel his salty pre cum but carried on. He held my legs wide and high and entered my cunt , I sighed and smiled , I shouldn't be doing this ..but I was , so what the heck. He slowly thrust into me and held my legs high , he hadn't had a woman in ages and it wasn't long before he showed the signs of cumming. He had to shoot his load outside of my fanny to prevent any accidents , he withdrew and jetted hot cum onto my belly. It wasn't long before he turned me onto all fours and I faced the back of the settee , a fast doggy style impaling followed and I was in heaven. No cum to worry about at this stage , he had shot his load earlier and time was drawing near for me to be collected. As he withdrew from my gaping and dripping fanny , he slid a finger up my bum , this was new for me and I gave out a gasp , he fingered me for a couple of minutes and it was then that I felt his cock helmet at the entrance to my backside. I hadn't done this before , I felt Alan spit onto my arse hole and then the feeling of that meat in my arse was wonderful. Alan slowly picked up his pace and I was in my element , face down in the cushions with this guy banging away , his balls slapping on my arse. He managed a grunt and managed a small jet of spunk onto my bum and arched back.

I lay flat on my stomach just shaking slightly and the orgasm rippling through me , I felt a warm glow and tingling sensation all over. It wasn't long before my husband knocked at the door , none the wiser and still unaware to this day , although I think he had an idea. The sex that night was wonderful with my husband and he was introduced to screwing me up the backside , a favourite of mine since that night. He always asks if I like being fucked up the arse when he does it to me , yes I do and I thank Alan for gently showing me what I had been missing.