Written by Helen

7 Jan 2006

We'd agreed at Christmas that ous sex life had taken quite a knock on 2005. I'd started a new job and Jerry was working away from home most of the week. At weekends there was never enough time to do the domestics let alone romp around in bed. So we agreed that this year we would take every opportunity to get back on track.

I expected that meant between Jerry and me but what happened last week shows that anything can happen. We were getting new windows throughout the house and the workmen were arriving at 0900 on Wednesday morning. I'd taken the day off to make sure everything was okay on the first morning but was caught out when the door bell rang at 0800. They'd arrived early and I was still in bed. I quickly put on a dressing gown (not that it covered much) and rushed to the front door. There to greet me were three good looking guys the gaffer aroud 35 and his two workers John, a cheeky young 20 year old and Axel a well build coloured guy, also early 20's.

I showed them in and took them around the house so they could see what was to be done. I was flashing a bit of leg and and just a hint of tit so the saucy comments the guys made were expected and really welcome. I then lsft them in the kitchen to make their own tea while I went up stairs for a shower.

When I came out of the bathroom I could hear them making some really suggestive comments and the gaffer, Bill, was telling them that I was the bosses perks - oh yes! As I got dried in the bedroom I'd left the door slightly ajar so I could hear what they were saying, but didn't realise that Bill had sneaked up stairs and was watching my reflection in the mirror. When I saw him looking, he just laughed, walked into the room and started playing with my tits. He shouted downstairs that I was as horney in the flesh as he expected and was soon joined by the other two. When they came into the room Bill pushed me onto the bed stripped off and told them to watch while he gave me a good fucking. He was okay but I really wanted the younger studs and told them to strip off as they were next.

John was a good 8" but Axel was at least 10" and as thick as hell. After about 5 mins Bill shot his load and I tols John that he was next as I needed loosening up before Axel got inside me. John was tender, not rough as Bill, and took great pleasure in teasing me before ramming his full length into me and. While he was having me Axel was sucking my tits and Bill was pushing his flacid dick into my mouth.

What a way to start the New Year, I was in heaven and as soon as John came I new that it was about to get even better. I laid Axel onto his back and I dictated what was happening. I wanted it all but only when I was ready. It was a mixture of pain and sheer pleasure and it took about 10 mins before I could take him all in. After that it was 20 mins of pure magic and I forgot that the other two were in the room. I needed a rest and flopped across Axel's chest. Bill took this opportunity to get behind be and and slip his now hard again dick into my arse - I though was going to explode as both he and Axel fucked me simultaneously. I'd never done that before - hell I'd never had three guys at once before.

I was well and truely fucked after all that attention and called into work sick - said I may be unwell for the rest of the need to stay in bed! Well I did stay in bed and was well entertained over the next three days. They've said that thier boss wants to visit next week to inspect their handywork first hand and to ensure that I was well looked after. I think I'll wait until Jerry is home for after all we agreed to get OUR sex life back on track