Written by Steve

15 Nov 2004

I have previosly told of other 3somes. Can I point out that Anne is my mistress, not my wife.

This time, Graham was invited by me into the room to see Anne spread-eagled and blindfolded. I asked him a few questions, marriage, partners std's etc as we had previously agreed and then I said - do with her as you will. So he stripped and got straight down to it, sucking her breast and then down to her pussy where he licked and sucked for a long time. Then he came up to get sucked - and what a cock - really big with a huge head. I steered it into Anne's mouth and she sucked then she licked the underside while I sucked. We both went back to playing with her pussy and then we untied her and she started on Graham's cock again, the first time she had seen it. She then sucked me and Graham moved round to her rear and played with her and took pictures. Then I sucked Graham and he then sucked me.

We then wanted him to fuck her so he put a condom on and had got soft a bit so I helped him and he lubricated Anne and tried to fuck her on her back with me assisting to get it in - but the size and the slight softness made it impossible to stay in so Anne got on all 4's and he came behind her, lubricated her and his cock and started to fuck her. I moved round so she could suck me - a first for us so she was being fucked and sucking - spit roasted!

After quite a while he stopped and Anne told us to lie on the bed side by side and she alternatively sucked and wanked us, he still had his condom on. Then she rimmed me for a while while Graham played with her pussy.

Then she sucked him back to hardness and he fucked her again from the rear while she sucked me. She then told him to stop while she moved her legs closer together and when he put it in her her face changed and her sucking changed - she basically got all my cock in her mouth and held it there - he had gone into her arse and was fucking her up the arse. This was a first for him as he has always found his cock too broad for anal sex. I moved round and took a picture of it up her arse then inserted a dildo in her so she had that up her pussy and his cock up her arse and we double fucked her.

Time was getting on so he stopped, removed the condom and she sucked him - he wanted to give her a facial (another first for him) - Anne and I both sucked him and then I started using the dildo on her while she played with herself and sucked him and had a good orgasm, doing her usual laughter which confused Graham. He then positioned himself over her face and wanked himself to orgasm ( movie taken) - all over her face, hair, neck and titties. I tried to clean the cum of the end of his cock with my mouth but he was too sensitive so I then licked her clean of his cum - a bit watery but very sweet - Anne could taste it as well as it went on her lips. Then I laid down and Anne sucked me while Graham wanked me until I came in Anne's mouth and she swallowed it all. Very nice being wanked by a different person doing the sucking

We had hoped for a golden shower, Graham wanted to give Anne one and wanted to watch her (another first) but despite trying none of us could go - so Anne showered while Graham dressed and had to leave.

So she had 2 cocks - all 3 holes filled and we all came - a good afternoon.

Next one is planned for Wednesday and his cock is even larger!