Written by Kiwi_bri

23 Apr 2007

In the middle of New Zealand there is a town called Taupo. One of the attractions there is a natural hot water pool complex called de Bretts, the water heated by volcanic activity beneath the ground. Last weekend my wife Liz and I went to de Bretts to stay for a long weekend away - the kids being looked after by friends. We had a relaxing day, doing a bit of shopping in Taupo town, having lunch at a fine cafe and generally relaxing in our room.

After dinner, we went to the pools. The pools are a series of basically rectangular pools with water of various temperatures and some spa pools. We were relaxing in the pools, enjoying the heat. We chatted with a few other people and had a good time. There is something abotu hot pools at night that make people relaxed and Liz was no exception. I had been lazily stroking her thighs and occasionally rubbing her pussy when we were in a spa pool and she was very receptive, even opening her legs to give me a better access.

Two of the pools are at different heights, and there is a small bridge that goes over the pool creating a small grotto between the two pools. Liz and I ended up under the bridge looking down onto the other pool. She was leaning on the edge with her shoulders and head above the water and I was stroking her bum. I was quite horny and slipped a finger underneath her swimsuit and rubbed her pussy. Despite the hot water I ould feel the slippery feel on pussy juice. It was very dark, and I moved around behind her and took my cock out of my swimming shorts and nudged it into her butt crack. No one could see anything so I rubbed against her. After a hile of this I pulled her swimsuit aside and managed to get inside her. It was lazy, slow strokes and felt absolutely wonderful.

At this stage I realised that another guy had come up to look over the edge of the pool along side us. I don't think he initially realised what I was doing and I stopped moving but stayed inside Liz. We chatted and I began to slowly move again, fucking my wife while we all talked.

The guy, called Andrew, soon realised what was happening but didn't say anything, although he kept glancing over at us. I pulled out and turned Liz to face me. Doing this presented her back to Andrew. I slowly moved her backwards until she was just touching him. He didn't take the bait at all, so I actually moved my hand around Liz to tounch his leg, hoping he would think it was her. He didn't pull away so I brushed my hand across his swimming shorts and felt that he was hard. At that stage he moved around so that he was facing Liz's back and started to touch the back of her leg. Liz was too far gone to care now, and I put my hand between her leg to find that there were already fingers rubbing her through her swimsuit.

I nodded to Andrew and said "it's alright", and he soon had his cock out and was rubbing it betwen her legs. From the front I pulled her suit aside and she leaned forward into me, letting her lower body float upwards. Andrew was able to slide into her. He stroked a bit more viusly than I did and in a few minutes he came. Liz just slide off him and close to me and we kissed. Andrew said "thanks" and somewhat embarrassed, he moved away. I put my hand between Liz's legs and felt the mixture of hot mineral water and hot come.

Best weekend away from the kids we have ever had.