Written by Dirtydeviant

23 May 2006

I am a 31 year old single bi guy living and working in Edinburgh. I enjoy women more than men but every so often I get a craving for anonymous cock and rather than expose myself to the dangerous outdoor cruising areas of Edinburgh, I head down to the Saunas near the centre of town.

One Sunday, about three weeks ago, I was feeling very horny having seen some lovely cock on this site. Having a wank didn't seem exciting enough so I jumped in the car and headed down to Steamworks sauna.

I arrived mid afternoon and had to queue to get in. I had never seen it so busy. I bought a locker, stripped off and headed for the obligatory shower (where I can hget a good look at all those lovely cocks and heavy balls!) I then spent some time relaxing in the sauna and steamroom before heading upstairs to the dark rooms.

I wandered around looking at the porn and eyeing up the goods on offer. Unusually there was no action at the glory hole cubicles so I walked through to the dark room and sat quietly minding my business in the corner.

It wasn't long before another figure joined me. He sat down next to me and inched closer. A hand slid from my knee up my thigh and then started playing with my balls. It seemed churlish not to join in so I groped for his cock which was fully erect and about six inches long. What a bell end it had. Like a small apple!! Somehow I got my mouth around it and sucked ad slurped and licked. It was lovely and clean and meaty!!!!! I though he would come in my mouth as I could taste a lot of precum however, he stood my up and kissed me hard on the mouth with lots of tongue. Then he droppped to his knees and began sucking me.

While he was down there, his hands gripped by ass and his fingers began probing towards my ass hole. I always apply lube to my ass as a subtle hint as to what I enjoy. Normally works. This time was no exception and he soon had his finger up my ass and was rubbing it against my prostate.

He stood up, turned me over and pressed the head of his cock against my hole. I may be horny but I'm not stupid so I muttered something about a condom. It wasn't long before I could hear the muffled sound of someone trying to get a normal size condom over the biggest bell end this side of Newcastle!!

He eventually managed and I became a bit scrared. I'm a bit protective of my ring piece and I tried to tell him I hadn't had anything that big in me before. To calm me he told me there was no such thing as too big, just not enough experience!!! Not sure that helped, but he held some poppers in front of my nose and this helped as he slowly eased his cock head into me. As usual there was some pain followed by the magnificent feeling of feeling full of cock. The shaft wasn't too big so once it was in I was OK. He pumped me good and hard for what seemed like ages. I'm sure it was just five minutes or so and then came in my ass. His cock head was much smalled coming out thankfully. He kissed me again and left.

I was GAGGING for it now. I had a raging hardon and would have shagged anything (never a good state to be in in these places). I took my seat in the corner again and some more guys came in. A figure shuffled over and began sucking my cock. Again, finger to ass and he got the message. I then stood on the bench and started face fucking me! Wasn't expecting that. It was a longer thinner cock this time and tasted of precum. He banged my face, each time gitting deeper and deeper into my face. I could feel his helmet against my tonsills.

Suddenly he stopped, climbed onto the floor between my legs and pulled me into an almost horizontal position, my hips off the edge of the bench. He then bent my hips so my feet pointed to the ceiling and placed his cock against my ass hole. What is it about these guys and unprotected sex???? Are they mad? Again I dropped a subtle hint about latex and his cock and he slipped a condom on. He rubbed lube against my puckered and greedy ass hole and again I could feel a cock againts my ass. I would like to say it inched into me, but no, this was not his style. He rammed into me, up to his balls, again and again. He really fucked me hard. God it was good.

He didn't cum in me though. He pulled out, pulled off the condom and kneeled over my chest. His cock was pressed against my lips and I could taste the condom on him. He pushed his cock, inch by inch, into my mouth. Deeper and deeper and I began to gag. He pulled out slightly and waited till I had recovered then did it again. My head was wedged in the corner and his knees were pinning my arms to the bench. Instead of feeling scared, I was incredibly turned on! I had absolutely no control over this man who was fucking my face and was going to make me deep throat him!!

Again the cock advanced into my mouth. Again I gagged and again it was withdrawn. This happened a few times and eahc time I could take it a bit deeper. Eventually I almost had his balls on my chin. As he was face fucking me someone else had three (I think - I couldn't see) fingers in my ass and someone was sucking me. I was in heaven.

He eventually pulled his cock from my oesophagus and fucked me hard in the ass. I had to stop eventually as my bum was starting to protest. I escaped and had a shower.

I still hadn't cum so I went back into the dark room where it was not long before someone else had my cock in their mouth. This guy was older bu had a nine inch cock at least! We went downstairs to his cubicle and 69d for a while. I placed a condom on his cock head and rolled it down his shaft with my new found deep throat skills. I had to roll it down the last three inches or so with my hand though.

He placed my on the bench facing the wall and started fingering my lubed hole. First one then teo then three fingers were gently inserted then there was a pause and his cock was pushed against my hole. I LOVE that sensation. You just know that soon your ass and belly is going to be filled up with a hard cock. Can't beat it. Well, this is exactly what happened and he fucked me deeper than I have ever been fucked. I think my spleen was getting banged. Fantastic.

He fucked me gently for a while then he became more rough. He pulled out of my ass, pulled of the condom and spurted hot cum up my back for what felt like ages. I turned round and he sucked me till I came in his mouth. He sucked and licked me dry and I went home.

I have never had that many cocks in my greedy hole before. It was absolutely fantastic. Since then I have had some fun dogging in gay areas around Edinburgh. I'll write about them too. Want to join me? Drop me a line!!!!