Written by randy

7 Jul 2009

My wife and I decided to have a sexy night away from home in a B & B. The plan was to book in a B & B, go to a show, have a meal, then back to the room for some good sex. When we checked in I always expected landladies to be old with a apron on and curlers in their hair but this one was young about 20 years my junior and attractive, pretty face, nice body and nice pert tits that she took every opportunity to show me, or so I thought.

So we are in the B & B getting ready to out for the evening, when I come out of the shower room, I see my wife already getting dressed, she has on her black lacy basque that pushes her ample boobs up and together, they are almost overflowing. She is also wearing black stockings and a pair of black lacy thongs, my cock is instantly hard, as I approach her she leans over the bed and pulls her thong to one side, to reveal her gorgeous shaved pussy, I instantly enter her and fuck hard against her fleshy arse until my cock explodes with spunk inside her, what a start to the night !

The show was great and we were on our way to a restaurant, when she whispered to me that she had not cleaned herself after we had fucked and her pussy was now all sticky with my cum after sitting down for a couple of hours, she looked down at the bulge in my trousers, knowing that I liked what I had heard. All during the meal she would move her bum on the chair and let out a slight moan and whisper to me that she could still feel my cun inside her and she wanted more after the meal. Also during the meal I couldn\'t help notice that the waiter was looking at my wife\'s tits all the time and whilst serving us would often move behind her so he could see down her cleavage, in fact I was damn sure that he had an hard-on as I could see a bulge in his pants, especially when he cleared our plates his hard cock seemed to brush against her arm, I\'m sure she knew what it was because her eye\'s widened and she glanced up at him and then down at his crotch. He was a young good looking chap too.

My wife excused herself and left the table to go to the toilet, leaning over to me so I could see almost all her gorgeous tits and whispered that what spunk was left inside her I had to lick out before I could fuck her again tonight, WOW ! I watched her ample arse wiggle it\'s way away from me, my cock throbbing as I watched her.

She had to walk past the kitchen to get to the toilets, I noticed her stop by a door way and stand for a while, then she went in this doorway. I was sure she had taken a wrong turning and so I got up to go and see if she was alright, when I got to the door I also stopped, first with shock and then with overwhelming sensual excitement.

My wife was knelt down in front of the waiter, who had been looking at her tits all night, sucking his cock, while he was playing with her tits, she then stood up removing her thong as she did and leant over a sparkling clean stainless steal kitchen table and without a second invitation he shoved his hard cock into her glistening pussy and started fucking her hard, I couldn\'t believe what I was seeing but it was turning me on and I was loving it almost as much as my wife was.

Another kitchen worker appeared, dropped his pants and shoved his cock in her mouth, two more also appeared and put their cocks in her hands, while they played with her tits. They all then took turns to fuck her from behind, each one cuming in her pussy, just as the last of the four finished emptying his load into her, there was a noise from behind them and the men all looked startled and afraid, then I saw what they were looking at, an absolute huge, really fat man, he was sweating profusely and looked really greasy and dirty, unlike the other men. He grunted at the other men and they got hold of my wife, to hold her down as the fat, sweaty man dropped his jeans, his huge stomach hung down to his groin but there hanging, still slack at this point was a huge cock, he reached down to take hold of it and stroked it to get an erection, it was the biggest I had ever seen, while with a big dirty hand he slapped my wife\'s arse and fingered her pussy and bum hole,it\'s a good job my wife was being held down because she was going to feel this monster, she groaned as he put the bell end in her pussy then almost screamed as he pushed the full length in and fucked harder then any of the other\'s had (or I had earlier), I could see his cock was stretching her pussy to it\'s limits as it thrust in and out til his and her bodies jerked together as he filled her with his spunk, as he pulled his still big cock out, streams of cum poured from her reddened pussy, two of the men helped her up from the kitchen table and helped her to the ladies, I quietly went back to my dining table, where I waited for my wife to return.

She had done her best to not look disheveled when she returned, I was surprised to see she could walk after all that to be honest. I paid the bill and she insisted that I gave them a big tip as she thought the service was exceptional (I bet she did !).

We got back into our room and my cock was bursting to get out of my trousers and give her a good fucking but she insisted I licked every last drop of cum out of her pussy before I did, she laid back on the bed, raising her skirt to show me her shaved pussy ( she hadn\'t put her thongs back on after her gang bang in the restaurant), it was almost glowing red from the \'bashing\' it had just had and was wet and sticky, streams of cum were trickling down her inner thighs and her pussy was full to overflowing from the cum of the five men who had just fucked her but as promised I went down on her and licked all their cum from her pussy, boy did we have a good fuck that night !

I got up very early in the morning and went into the bar area, no one else was about except the landlady, who kept looking at me as though she knew we\'d been fucking all night, she went after a couple of minutes and returned just as quick wearing a low vest top that showed most of her firm round tits and she wasn\'t wearing a bra as her nipples were protruding through the top, she also had on a very short mini skirt, a lot different from her cleaning clothes she had on moments ago, she leant forward over me so I could see all of her tits as her top fell forward and asked if she could get me anything, I said I was ok, then she leant away from me over the pool table revealing a peach of an arse and a lovely shaved pussy as she wan\'t wearing any pants, she looked back and asked \"Are you sure there isn\'t something you want, help yourself if you see anything you like\" and with that I dropped my pants grabbed hold of her slim waist and shoved my cock in her tight pussy and fucked her over the pool table until I shot my spunk inside her.

I turned round to see my wife standing there, not mad at me (thank god) but playing with her pussy, she came over to us and started stroking my cock while she knelt down and started to lick my cum out of the land lady\'s pussy (who was still bent over the table), by the time she\'d done that I was hard again, so my wife bent over the table also and I took turns in fucking both of them while they kissed and tongued each other. When I was ready to cum they both got down on their knee\'s in front of me and I shot loads of thick, creamy cum over both their faces, which they then licked off each other.

So I think we\'ll be booking that B & B and restaurant again, don\'t you ?