Written by Nudeboy

16 Sep 2006

Mary and I have some non-swinging friends who had a tough time lately. We have been friendly a long time and although we talk about sex together and go to beach nude together that is all. Anyway Nigel and Julie have always been very open with us and we found out that Nigel cant get it up and won’t go to see the doc for pills, he is too macho as he always used to brag to me about his latest bit on the side at work. I also know he has always fancied Mary, who is blonde, size 12 & 34c and I always fancied Julie who is a nice plumpish BBW, with fantastic legs and tits, though big she still has womanly shapes.

To spare the detail on a recent night out to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, Julie complained of not getting any sex and Nigel had a real dog the rest of the night with her and he only spoke to me or Mary. At the end of the evening as we parted Mary who is 55 and the same age as Nigel did her usual stuff and snogged him real hard and while he made a meal of it as usual, thinking he was Romeo himself. Meanwhile I went in for the usual kiss with Julie, who at 49 is two years older than me. Well rather unusually she lingered a lot longer and grabbed me round the waist as I put my hand in the hollow of her back, as she lingered longer than usual I let my hand drop to her nice round ass and cupped it, she then tongued me as we kissed, a first for us and I had always wanted her to do this. Not wasting the moment I then clasped a tit with the other hand and squeezed lightly before we broke up. Nigel was oblivious having just had his distraction with Mary. When we got home Mary mentioned the meal I made of Julie, and what was that about, after the meal had we laughed as I mentioned her usual capers with Nigel. Net result some serious fucking and sucking to the small hours in the front room, kitchen then finally bed.

Anyway Julie and Mary meet up every day and Mary had promised Julie I would take some stuff round their house. When I popped in Julie was on her own as Nigel had gone to his brothers, I had some tea and chatted as normal while Julie watched a soap program. Nigel called her to say he would be out longer than he thought and she told him I was there, we had a chat about cars and mentioned holidays then he hung up to go help his brother. Julie and I picked up the holiday theme and she went for a brochure and came back with some details on a nude campsite we all wanted to try, her and Mary had discussed the site before, she sat beside me as we talked about it and I had a raging hard on thinking about the evening earlier. I still cannot recall what happened but we ended up snogging and groping like teenagers on her sofa. She got hold of my cock and was rubbing like mad through my jeans, I had hold of her right boob and was massaging it getting her hot. Suddenly she just stood up and said we need to go to the bedroom now, I just jumped up and followed her as she almost ran through the house pulling her blouse over her head. We then got to the bedroom and as she stripped and I kicked off my shoes and socks she stopped and said, you may not like this, puzzled I thought she was going to bottle out, but she blurted out, “because we (Nigel and Julie) have not been having sex I stopped shaving my fanny”, I nearly died laughing and had a hard job getting my jeans and pants off. I just rushed over and grabbed her saying “who cares”, she laughed because we had only seen each other naked on the beach on holiday and Julie and Mary always had a fresh wax before the holiday, originally racing strips but latterly it was bald pussy-ville. As I got to her I pushed her back as she unclipped her bra to release her 38Ds, I knew she had lovely big brown nipples but I never saw them that swollen before, meanwhile my erection was swinging about desperate for action. When she landed on the bed I went down and grabbed her black lace oversize knickers and peeled them down to reveal a bush of all bushes, I new she was dark haired and olive skinned but her bush was very dark and luxuriant, I had not imagined it would be that thick. Undeterred I went down on her and she groaned as I parted her moist lips which were all puffy and sticking out from her thatch, I went to work and nibbled her labia and quickly got her clit with my tongue, while reaching up for her nipples and after a few strokes she arched her back, grabbed my head and forced me into her warm pussy as she flooded with juice and screamed. I had forgotten Nigel had told me she was a screamer, which caused them embarrassment on the campsites at times. After a few minutes I was desperate for my cock to sample some pussy so I got up and mounted her missionary, I was rather brash and just slammed away for a few minutes, when I was very close she broke off. I was a bit pissed and grabbed my cock, but she flipped over onto her knees and shouted she liked doggy best, I knew this from our previous intimate friend chats but at this point rather than wank over her ass I just went forward and slipped right back up her. God was she tight but wet and warm, I never imagined it being this good. So getting back into the rhythm again I soon swelled up and dumped a load of my man juice up her pussy. We then flopped down on the bed and sat and had a chat saying how much we had both wanted the raw sex just to happen between us, how long had I missed out, ah well. All the while I was still playing with her pussy running my fingers through her hair and massaging her still swollen lips, she then pushed me back and went down on me to clean my half flaccid cock. I was not ready to get hard again just yet, but lay there enjoying the mellow blow job for about five minutes, before she stopped.

Julie then got up and went and made more tea, I followed her to the kitchen both of us still naked, which she said Nigel would not do in case somebody came to the house. Anyway we hugged and fondled and kissed a bit more and after we finished the tea she said she wanted more and grabbing my cock pulled me back to the bedroom. I was half hard by this time and wanting to get it up but I ain’t in my twenties now, so Julie pushed me on the bed and climbed over me into a 69 position. I had not thought she would be so energetic. While she applied her mouth to my cock, I licked my own spunk and her pussy juice from her, this soon had me raging hard again and after having to come up and remove some hair from my tongue she rolled me on my back and climbed on my cock. Wow. For a bigger girl she could still grind her pussy and sway her ass, I just grabbed both her lovely heaving breasts and massaged them as best I could, the nipples having become enlarged again. Again just as I was about to shoot she jumped off and offered me her buttocks for another doggy fuck, so I knelt on the bed and put my cock in her pussy after having a big feel of her juicy minge. As I settled back in for the final strokes I pushed her cheeks apart to find her brown sphincter throbbing and inviting me to play, so with my wet forefinger I pushed into it as I fucked her hard up the pussy. I could feel my own cock rubbing against my finger as Julie howled the place down, wow fantastic or what.

Afterwards she told me she had never tried any anal play before as she thought it would be painful and Nigel thought it filthy. We had a quick shower together and I left happy as hell having satisfied a long term ambition to fuck my friends wife.

Now we still see each other as friendly couples do and we kiss a little longer than we used to, with tongues if nobody is looking. She has told me, quietly, we need to be cautious but she wants a repeat session as soon as possible. Meanwhile Nigel confided in me, down the pub, that although he still has not been to see the doc, Julie has taken to giving him a blow job and playing with his balls and ass, he thinks this is good enough and really daring stuff at his age. I am not sure he is comfortable yet with her new found adventure but at least he gets off on it, his trouble has always been he liked sex but only straight in and out missionary. Meanwhile Mary keeps telling me Julie has taken to keeping her pussy waxed and talking about sex again, when they meet up for coffee, I am not sure why she tells me this, as I did not tell her about Julie as she may have been jealous not having had Nigel, however she spares no details especially when we are enjoying a playful session ourselves. I know now though that if not before then, the next holiday with our friends will be fun if Nigel can sort his troubles out, if not all the more for lucky me.