Written by scothighlander

17 Nov 2006

It was a hot summer and we were hving a party for our daughter. My wife looked rather ravishing in a short summer dress that clung to her lovely figure well. As we were getting things organised I was admiring her through the window as she switched on the bouncy castle anf dound that she was not wearing a bra. This was quite unusual as we were having family round to the bash.

However I thought nothing of it until she came in the the kitchen and slipped her arms around me from behind sliding her hands down to my groin area and whispered in my ear. “I saw you looking you naughty boy” want to see some more then”

This was quite unusual as she is normally quite shy but today, because of the sunny day she must have been feeling rather horny as she continued by sliding her hands into my shorts and stroking my cock until it was raging hard.

We both looked out into the garden with a sly smile as she started to stroke me slow and firm she then whispered in my ear to go and check it was alclear and then follow her up to our room.

As quick as a flash I made sure it was safe and made an excuse for nipping out for ten mins then followed her cute bare ass upstairs stroking it as I followed her.

The minute we entered the room I pushed her over to our rought iron bed and she bent over then end exposing her bare cheeks and her now soaking wet pussy.

I bent down to kiss her gently and sweetly and she cried out “no time for niceities just suck me hard.”

I did as I was asked with no hesitation I slipped my tongue into the gap off her pussy and slowly licked hard upwards to her hot ass then back down again.

As I slipped my tongue right up her hot fanny and began to suck long and hard on her pussy lips.

This wasn’t enough as it drove her crazy she cried out “ I need cock now give it to me hard”.

I did not want to displease her so I slipped my cock out of my shorts and eased it intom her soaking pussy and she cried out so loud I though someone must have heard us.

I began to slam her slow and steady and then as she began to cry out for more and more I rammed her harder until she came with an almighty scream.

This was the first time she had orgasmed so well for years and she didn’t want to stop there. She gave me my biggest surprise of all when she then grabbed my cock and pushed it up against her ass and cried fuck my ass your not finished I want you to cumm up my ass.

This shocked me as she had never wanted this in the past, but as this was so exciting with everyone else downstairs I did as I was told and slipped my cock into her tight asshole, I lost total control as I had been wanting to do this for years. I only lasted a few minutes but what a fuck it was.

I thought all was done as we gathered ourselves together but just as we were cleaning each other up in walked Linda, my mates friend………..