Written by Doug5863@aol.com

17 Jun 2005

I submitted the story of the first experiences between myself and my ex girlfriend Christine a few days ago and have been asked what else happened. Well quite a bit I suppose and I promise to those who mailed me that I’ll try and recall a few incidents, but because they’re true, neither they or me seem to measure up to what I can only hope are fantasy achievements and abilities in some of the stories. Maybe Sunderland is a less prolific or more truthful area, Ha !!!!!

For those who didn’t read my first account, at the time 2 years ago, Christine was 39, she’s slim, petite build with what are best described as small pert boobs with nipples like football studs, long dark brown hair and very pretty, still too damn pretty for me I always thought. She didn’t like dressing tartily for fear of being seen by someone from work, always the professional and dressed conservatively, but get her indoors or outside where she felt safe and anything went. As for me, I was 45 at the time, 6’01, short dark hair, overweight, average looking and very averagely hung.

In short, Christine has a cock fixation and ever since she can remember she had wanted to have one and jokingly cursed herself for standing in the wrong queue when God was handing “Bits” out. She loves looking at them, touching and sucking them. She introduced me to this site because she liked looking through the photo ads, but never had the inclination to submit or answer an ad. To be honest she’s was, in the main, very broadminded but mostly in her head as she’d say as she’d only experimented a little of her fantasises with her reluctant ex husband.

We had great fun times together indulging her fantasy where she had me either strip from the waist down or stripped completely and go through day to day life at home that way while she remained fully clothed. It turned her on hugely just to tweak at my balls as she passed, hold my cock as she made dinner, lead me around by my cock and generally just use it as if it were her property. Strangely enough I had no room for complaint except when she drove me to near insanity fiddling about when I just wanted to shoot my load.

She talked endlessly of what she’d like to do and asked me repeatedly what I was prepared to do when we eventually agreed just to let things take their course.

One Sunday we’d gone for a picnic at a wooded area near a reservoir and afterwards went for a walk. We stopped in a small glade and just started kissing. I loved kissing her, she was so intense and her body pressed so tight against me that I thought she was trying to get through the other side. I had a hard-on almost immediately and Christine excitedly said “Go on, get it out”. So I looked about and saw we were alone and did as she asked. She stood very close to me, spat in her hand grabbed my cock and slowly slid her hand up and down. “Wanna cum” she asked…Daft bloody question !!!…”then come over here” she said. She led me by the cock to a large log and told me to drop my trousers, then turn my back to her and bend over the log.

From behind, Christine reached between my legs and started wanking me again and told me to bend further over asking me “Feeling vulnerable” and that was an understatement because I was in no position to see if anyone was nearby.

She knelt down behind me and started licking and sucking my balls, her saliva felt cold and I twitched. She thought I was cumming and pinched me hard. She wasn’t far wrong and I found myself spreading my legs as wide as I could to let her get much closer. Then she moved away from my balls and started licking my arse and after a few minutes of that she started to slide the tip of her finger in and out of my arse. “Like that ??” she playfully asked, I just groaned and hornily started to rotate my bum on her finger.

With her other hand she started wanking me off again. The spit on her hand was making a brilliant slurping noise as she wanked me harder and she was still fingering-tipping me up the bum. I muttered “I want to cum in your mouth” and she said “No, cos I want you to cum like this” and at that she stopped rotating the tip of her finger in my arse and slid it straight in. I jerked back almost upright and she pushed me forward and back down again and aggressively said “Get back”. I’d never felt anything like it and my cock hardened painfully. She stood up and started finger fucking my arse and reached round for my cock and said “Now you can cum, I want to see this” and she started wanking me at the same pace she was fingering my arse.

I lasted all of about 20 seconds and shot a stream of spunk about two feet over the log with Christine growling “Oh yes that’s it” and wanking and fingering me even harder and faster. My stomach was in knots and my cock was jerking in spasm with a couple more shots of spunk landing on the grass and Christine teasing “Not empty yet” and wanking more furiously . I had to beg her to stop, my cock end was red and ultra sensitive. She eventually let go and stood behind me still fingering my arse and pressed herself to me and said “If I had a cock I’d push it right up your arse and fuck you all day long” and at that she pulled her finger out and came round in front of me, draped her arms round me, kissed me and with a huge grin on her face simply asked “Nice, huh ??”. I was like a floppy toy and slid to the ground.

As for the rest ?? Well there’s a couple of interesting bits that’ll be fun recalling. Thanks for the interest.