Written by Bob Dog

11 Aug 2005

Simon had just won £100 on the horses and was feeling good with himself. The last time he had won this much he had gone straight to the pub and got so drunk that when he woke up in the morning he found he been generous to the point of poverty.

He was single, 24, frankly quite boring. Girls were happy in his company because he just wasn't predatory. He was a soft touch and would be good for a drink because he wanted to be liked. Right now he was horny after his win and had no one to release the pent up energy with. He continued to walk along the street,away from the bookies towards the pub but stopped short and said to himself that the least he deserved was a good wank and he turned down a street towards his flat.

This was neither his route home from the pub or his route home from the bookies. It was a seedy looking street that he had only walked down a couple of times before. He looked up and saw a woman, in her 30's, wearing a too short skirt and high heels walk into a block of 4 flats with an entry system. 3 seconds later a man stepped out of the flats looked left and right then straightened his suit, tie and flies. Simon thought the man looked as if he had just got dressed and then it dawned on him that this was the local brothel.

Simon stopped in his tracks and felt a tingle of excitement when he thought about getting someone else to pull him off. Could he just walk up to the flat and ask? How much would it cost? Would he be able to get a hard on with a hooker? He didn't know. His mind took him back to the excitement of his horse coming in only 40 minutes ago and he reasoned that today was his lucky day and he had better act now or he never would, besides he was bored with his stash of porno mags back home.

He moved to the block of flats and looked at the entry system. There were 3 Mr. & Mrs. on the labels and one which read 52d. It was the one with dirtiest button and looked like it had been pressed many times. Simon pressed hard for just a little too long.

The speaker phone blasted "Take it easy lad, can I help you?" Simon was stunned for a second then blurted "I think so, I'm not sure, errr". The female voice quickly replied "Don't worry son, come upstairs, the door on the right and we can see what we can do" and with that the electric latch popped open and the door swung ajar. Simon was in and up the stairs two at a time. Seconds later he was outside the door. A scrap of paper above the door said MODEL.

Just as Simon was about to knock, the door opened and the woman with the too short skirt stood before him. She asked him in and he sat down where he was told in the living room of the flat. The woman said she was called Mandy and asked if he was here to visit one of the girls. Simon nodded. Mandy asked which one but all Simon could say was I don't know. Mandy then asked" You are here for sex aren't you?" and Simon nodded his sheepish reply.

Mandy explained that she had two lovely girls to choose from and as she said it 2 women walked in. One was short with long black hair and a slight tan. The other was slightly taller with short blonde hair, a flat tummy and small tits. Both wore identical white bikinis. This is Beau and this is Michelle said Mandy referring to them them in turn. Who do you fancy? Simon said Beau and Mandy instructed her to go off and get ready.

Mandy explained that it was £10 for the room and anything between him and Beau was between themselves. Simon agreed, paid Mandy and was led to the nearest bedroom. Mandy said "Go in there, take your clothes off and make yourself comfortable, Beau will be in in a moment" and the door closed behind him.

Simon stripped off and lay face down on the bed not sure what to do next. He was about to sit up when Beau walked in. She asked if he ahd been here before and he said no."Do you know how it works?" she asked and Simon said this was his first time. Beau then explained she would give him a massage and if he wanted anything else she had a menu. Incredibly the menu was written on a card a stuck to the wall. Hand Relief £25, French £30, Sex £40, Reverse massage and Hand Relief £35, Reverse massage and French £40, Reverse massage and Sex £50, Positions + £10, Specials please ask.

What's Reverse massage asked Simon naively, and Beau replied that is where he get to massage her."What would you like then?" she asked. Simon said he had only come in for a wank but she was gorgeous so what did she recommend. Beau replied the Specials but not if it was his first time and suggested Reverse and sex would be a good place to start. Simon agreed and Beau explained that the money was required up front. Simon delved into his winnings and peeled of £50 and gave it to Beau. She calmly walked across the room and put the money in her hand bag. She turned to face him and said lets get started.

Simon lay down and Beau started the massage. It felt good to Simon as she rubbed his back. Not too long after Beau asked Simon to turn on his back which he duly did. Beau started to work on his front and her arms gently brushed against his cock. This was enough to get him started and he sprung to attention. You are a big boy she gasped. Simons hand started to wander on to Beau's legs and she asked if he would like to see more. He nodded.

Beau stopped her rubbing for a second and skillfully removed her top and stepped out of her heels and bikini bottoms. Simon was pleased to see a bald pussy. He could just see her little clit poking through her lips. Beau now started to pay more attention to his cock. She tickled the top with one hand and squeezed his shaft with the other, gently but firmly wanking his cock.

Meanwhile Simon began exploring the top of Beau's legs. He put a finger on her mound and was a little disappointed to find it soft and dry. Even so he stroked where he knew her clit was hoping to get a reaction. Although Beau moaned sympathetically he could tell not much was going on down there. He pushed a finger into her hole and felt Beau open up a little. This was better he thought.

Beau continued to work his cock slowly. She seemed to like the idea of getting him close but not too close to cumming. She was a pro and knew he was there for a paid for fuck and wouldn't want to blow his load too early. Simon tried another finger in the hole and found a little moisture further in. This helped his motion but his hand was getting tired. He stretched his other arm over and began to feel her tits. Again these were a little soft for his liking but the nipples were hard and he did like that.

As he played with her tits and pussy, Beau turned round to rub her tits on his cock. The soft warm mounds dangled over his cock and he "thought this is good". Beau lowered her chest and enveloped his tool. Simon reacted with a thrust of his hips towards her heaving chest.

He was beginning to really enjoy himself when Beau said you are ready to fuck me now, aren't you and Simon could only agree. Beau asked how he would like it and he asked if he do 'doggy'. She happily agreed knowing that this meant she wouldn't need to look him in the eye at the crucial moment. "But first the rubber" said Beau. "I'll bet you never had it put on like this before" she said before lowering her mouth over his stiffened manhood. "Your dead right" exclaimed Simon.

Now Beau turned over on all fours then lowered her face and chest to the bed. Her long black hair lay on the pillow like a river of dark satin. Her arse was in the air showing both her holes to Simon. He positioned himself behind her and saw her run a finger of lubricant between her pussy lips. He nudged forward and rubbed his plastic coated cock against her love hole. This transferred some juice to his knob and he teased it up towards her asshole. "No, no, no" said Beau, "You've not paid for that", so Simon lowered his aim and parted her lips with a gentle thrust.

In he went,slowly, until his hips reach her cheeks and they both moaned. He because he loved it and she because it was expected. She pushed back and he pulled back. They tried a few more thrust until they gat a rhythm together, Beau expertly getting the timing just right. Simon was being expertly aroused by a professional pleasure giver. He had his hands on her bum but the thrust was taking its toll. He had to lean forward and his belly came to rest in her back. Both his arms were holding him up,stopping his weight crushing her small frame.

Simon lifted one hand and reached back to her clit and he was pleased to feel that had really perked up. Maybe she was enjoying it after all. She knew that she was as soon as his hand touch her love button. It always got her going when she was filled with a man and her clit was being rubbed, even if she had to do it herself.

Simons arm left her pussy and began to squeeze Beau's nipple and breast, Instantly Beau replaced his finger with hers on her pussy. Simon was hard as nails now and Beau's vagina had started to tighten, It felt to Simon like her fanny was sucking his cock and he could hold on no longer. Beau knew what was coming and let herself go too. She came, he came and the motion stopped.

After only a few seconds Beau reached back and held the rubber firmly onto his cock as she moved forward ensuring he slipped out. "That was great" Simon breathed and Beau discarded the plastic skin and retrieved some wipes and cleaned him up. She left him with two tissues and before he had time to look up she was already back in her bikini.

She chatted for a minute or two as he got dressed and suggested he comes back another day for some 'Specials'. Simon smiled and said he would definitely be back. He looked at his watch and realised the whole episode had taken less than 15 minutes. He walked out the flat, shown the door by Mandy the Madam, down the steps and out the security door.

Once in the street he looked left and right, checked his jacket and flies and patted his pocket. He still had 40 of prize money left. He felt like a drink to celebrate