Written by oldboy

3 Sep 2004


Chris was sitting at home late Tuesday evening; he had just fixed a TV dinner for himself and was sat on the Sofa eating while watching the box. He would have been in trouble if Eve was home and caught him eating like this. She insisted that all meals times were taken properly at the dining table, and normally so it would have been but this week Eve was away in Birmingham on a business trip and he was missing her enormously. He loved her company as well as being his wife he was she was his best friend; they did and shared everything together. They had a wonderful free sex life, they enjoyed the “excitements” that they had when some other person would enter the family group for a brief time and no matter how long or how short the visitor’s tenure they were always welcomed, so long as they played by and abided by the rules. It was a good life and he was content. However, he was missing his lover tonight and this was only the second day, he would be climbing the walls by Friday night when she was due home. He had told her she could go out and enjoy herself. She had told him that if she did she would make sure he got his reward when she came home. Doubly so, if he could keep his hands of his prick for one whole week. He was only at day one and already he was dreaming of his Eve as she stretched beneath him, his cock pounding in and out of her as she regaled him with stories of how she was being fucked or licked by her latest conquest.

Suddenly the phone rang, he looked at the clock, it was a bit early for Eve, and she did not normally call till 11 or 12 o’clock.

He checked the phone the caller id said it was Eve’s mobile so he answered “Hello honey how you doing?” He was a bit taken aback at the voice that answered him. It was a female voice he did not recognise. “Hello” said the caller “Who are you and why are you calling on my wife’s mobile.” He asked “Oh it’s no problem said the voice “It’s just that Eve cannot come to the phone right now, as it’s such bad manners to talk with ones mouth full don’t you agree?” “And what could Eve’s mouth be so full of that she cannot come to the phone and talk to me?” “Well” replied the voice “At the moment it’s full of my pussy juices that I am dribbling into it. Oh I nearly forgot she said to tell you Pussy sends her love.” He relaxed, this was a code word they had agreed on a long time ago so that no matterr what the situation, if Eve gave that message she was having fun and there were no hassles. “Well I’m glad to hear it then I hope you two will keep each other happy tonight, Whets your name by the way? “Oh I’m Katie and it’s not us two, Eve said you had to meet the rest of the gang, I’ll pass the phone around from left to right as I look down towards her feet, now if you’ll excuse me I think I’m going to cum.” A new voice came on the phone.

“Hello, I’m Pete and Eve can’t come to the phone at the moment, my 8 inch cock is slid between Katie’s pussyand down Eve’s throat and the sexy bitch is taking it all “. The phone moves on.

“Hello, I’m Charlene and Eve can’t come to the phone at the moment because my mouth is wrapped around her hard nipple my hands are massaging her left breast and she fingering my pussy so well and when I cum I am going to make sure it will be all over them little tits and glorious nipples“ Again the phone is passed on “Hello I’m Clarence and Eve can’t come to the phone at the moment because my 10” black cock is pounding her ass hole, and the bitch is loving it. She is squeezing her ass cheeks together drawing my prick so far up inside her. Very soon I am going to fill her bum hole with my hot cum juice”

“Hello I’m Dannielle and Eve can’t come to the phone at the moment because my tongue is buried inside her lovely pussy, the first one I have ever had and I love it. Her juices are flowing and you know what He they are so, so sweet. Shortly, I’m going to chew her clit away.” Once more I heard the phone being passed.

“Hello my names Peter and Eve can’t come to the phone at the moment because I have her right teat in my mouth and If I suck hard enough I might get milk, that will be so cool; like Charlene, the your woman is wanking; me stroking my cock, pulling down on my foreskin and teasing the eyehole of my cock with her finger. When I cum, I am going to spray my spunk all over her face neck and belly.” I hear Katie in the background asking Eve if she had anything to add, all I heard was “Oh my God everything is on fire, my ass my pussy my tits. I want to feel you all cumming. I want it up me, inside me and over me, do it now you bastards, do it fucking now”! Ask nicely Eve said Katie. Eve’s final remarks come out in one breathless sentence “I’m cumming, so come on you sods suck my holet, chew my clit, ream my ass. And don’t swallow any my juices, I want to taste my pussy juices in your mouths on your pricks and in your pussies afterwards

I heard down the phone, the sounds of heavy breathing, some male voice moaned loudly, there were a few audible fucks and then Eve’s voice, husky and liquid. “Hello lover my mouth is full of cum and pussy juice, my ass if full of hard black cock cum and my pussy is running a river and Ooooooh fucking hell I’m cumming again”

The phone went dead.

He failed in his promise not to touch his cock whilst Eve was away