Written by Angela

24 Nov 2004

As always my man has told me I must tell you this.

I was going to meet my toyboy but didn't have much time.

As I was going to meet him I had a basque, stockings and high heels on as I knew he would like them.

I was nearly falling out of the basque as it was 36DD and I am 36F.

We met in a cafe but when I explained that my time was limited we skipped the coffee and set off for his house. We passed a Boots on the way and unexpectedly he said he needed to go in. Once we were in the shop he headed straight for the cosmetics and bought a bright red lipstick.

Once we got to his house we stumbled up the stairs and into his room..Once the door was closed he pulled me towards him and started to kiss me pushing his tongue deep into my mouth.

As we kissed we pulled at each others clothes until he was naked and I was down to the basque, stockings and shoes.

Then he gave me the lipstick and told me to put in on.

As I lent towards the dressing table mirrir to apply it he pulled a straight backed chair towards me.

When the lipstick was applied to his satisfaction he pulled me onto the chair and lightly tied my hands to it with 2 scarves.

Then he knelt in front of me and pushed my legs apart aand teased my clit with his finger tips.

As I watched him play with me he reached into the top draw of the dressing table and took out a large shiny dildo.

I jumped slightly as he directed it towards my open legs.

He rubbed it slowly, firstly across my clit, then around the wet open lips of my cunt.

When he had wet the end with my juices he started to slowly push it into me easing it in as he watched it disappearing inside me.

When I had taken it's whole length he started to fuck me with it, rubbing it hard up against my G-spot as he continued to tease my clit with his fingers.

I was soon cummimg.

When he was satsified I had cum he switched it on and did me with it even harder.

Then he sank down and started to lick and nip my swollen clit with his tongue and teeth exciting me even more.

As I writhered about my breasts finally escaped and tipped over the basque to swing free.

He continued to push the hard vibrating plastic in and out of me. as he used his fingers, tongue and teeth on my clit making me cum time after time.

I was sceaming with delight and begging him not to stop.

I lost count of how many times I came. My orgasms were cumming,wave after wave. Each one more intense than the one before as he kept licking, rubbing and filling me.

Then he stood up to show me his long hard cock waitng for my attention and said "Put lipstick on it".

He pulled my head towards him until his tip was pressed against my lips and as I opened my mouth and sucked him in I could feel the lipstick smearing down his hard shaft.

He held my head firmly as he started to fuck my mouth, giving me his full length almost choking me.

I was so wet that no matter how hard I clenched the muscles of my cunt I couldn't stop the dildo slowly slipping out of me.

He then bent and untied my hands.

I slipped one under his balls and put the put the other on his buttock to feel his muscles moving as he pushed himself into me.

He stoped holding me so firmly to give me my head, so to speak. I sucked him hungrily and deeply into me as my mouth watered around the hardness of him. Moving backwards and forwards over his swollen flesh.

A couple of times I moved away, held him in my hand and licked him from beneath his balls up his length and across his tip to take him back deep into me.

Then he told me to touch myself. I was aware that he would be able to see our reflection in the mirror and felt a shiver of added excitement knowing he would be watching me as I slipped my hand between my legs to feel my wet, wet cunt and hard little clit.

As I rubbed, stroked and poked myself with my sticky fingers I held his prick in my other hand and sucked him in and out of my mouth.

Then as I felt him start to quicken

He held my head firmly against himself as he shot his hot salty cum down my throat.

He throbbed in my mouth as I swallowed his thick liquid and felt my cunt pulsating as I came around my fingers. I sucked and swallowed until he was empty and then we were done.

As I had so little time we quickly dressed and I cleaned my smeared face. After a hurried kiss and "See you soon." which we did,I left.