Written by Liza

15 Jul 2005

My name is Liza, i am a 45 year old woman from Ipswich. I have always been fairly highly sexed and confidant but never thought anything like this would Happen. I am a very happily married women, with 3 children a great husband and a nice home. My Husband, though i love him very much is not to good on the bedroom department. He openly admits this and actually gets turned on when i tease him about the lack of size of his cock, and the fact he always cums so quick, This has never been a problem as i have several vibrators which satisfy my needs. My Husbands cock is about 5" and below average thicknesss, and he rarely lasts more than a minute when he fucks me, and if i am teaseing him about it he often cums before even entering me.

On Wednesday morning i woke up rolled over and could feel he had a hard on, i put my hand on it and was about to go down on him when he shot his load, he woke as he did so, and when i asked him about it he said he was dreaming that he had caught me with another man. I laughed and said well at least in might have be a longer dream. He smiled as i licked the cum from his stomache and sucked his cock clean. I hoped this might get him hard again, but no joy and it has been years since he could get it up again twice in a day. After laying there for around an hour we got up, and dress and he went off to work, i got the kids off to school and then laid out in the sun for a while. I I generally sunbathe naked as i have a pretty secluded garden and did so this day, after about an hour i thought i had better get some cream on and got up to notice that i was being watched by some workmen across the street. they all cheered when i stood up and though i was a little embarrassed it also turned me on.I grabbed a towel and went indoors, made my self a coffee and when i came back out all 3 of them were lined up on the scafolding looking my way. I just sat on my lounger with a towel round me when one of them shouted , we could do with a drink misses. I told them to come over and i would get them one, they didnt need asking twice and were soon all sat on my patio while i went in and got cold drinks. When i got back one of them grabbed the corner of my towel as i walked past and it pulled open, i had both hands full so couldn't catch it, the other to cheered and said wow, i was a bit shocked but very flattered that these men found me attractive, but i quickly grabbed my towel and covered up. They all said dont bother.. boost your tan love we dont mind. I let my towel drop so my chest was uncovered, i have fairly large 32DD Boobs, a bit droppy due to being 45 and having 3 kids but still pretty good and attract a lot of attention. The guys all stared and one said thats the best pair of nipples i have seen for ages, and with that got up walked over bent down and started sucking one, within seconds i was gasping with pleasure and felt his hand slide up my leg and straight to my shaven pussy. One of the other 2 came over pulled my towel away and started on my other nipple, wow i was shocked but so turned on just lay there. I soon had all 3 of them playing with me, one of them had 4 fingers deep in my pussy and it was driving me wild. suddenly there was a cock offered to my mouth and i opened up and sucked it deep, they took turns in fucking me all three of them unloading their cum up my pussy and Greg came a second time in my mouth. It was wonderful i came twice which is unheard of for me, and they have promised to come round again