Written by Al

1 Apr 2004

A recent experience in a woodland car park introduced me to the concept of dogging and this amazing lifestyle I now enjoy...sit back, relax & hear my tale!

Just before Xmas (03) I had been driving back from Bradford from a business meeting (I sell photocopiers). I had the obligatory pack of sandwiches, Walkers Crisps & tin of diet coke sitting next to me in the passenger seat, which I had forgotten to have at lunchtime and decided to pull off the motorway to find somewhere quiet to have a few mins R&R. Coming off the M1 at J38 I found a place familiar to many of you...Breton Hall car park!! I parked up, putting on the interior light (dipstick I hear you say!), so I could see what I was doing.. although it was only teatime it was quite dark by this time.

Munching on my petrol station bacon & egg sandwich, I was aware of movement outside the car and could hear walking on the gravel. To be honest I was slightly panicked by this and expected to be visited by a brick flying thro the windscreen..a male face appeared at the side window gesturing for me to wind down the window. The man was looking quite furtive, but I guessed he was a professional guy in his early 40's as he started to speak. He asked me if I was looking for 'fun'..what sort of fun I asked...expecting him to flash his cock at me!! He said his wife was sitting in his car at the other side of the car park and would I like to meet her! Er..I was out of my seat, throwing caution to the wind as we walked over to his car. He explained that they often went to this car park and met up usually with single guys, but sometimes with couples too..he mentioned that his wife had never been 'intimate' with a black guy before (I'm a 42yo black guy btw!) and she would be thrilled to play with me!

When we reached the car...I couldnt see anyone in the car and immediatley thought maybe I had been set up for a beating...but suddenly his wife appeared from the bushes saying she just been for a pee..which was slightly obvious as her short skirt was still hitched up on her hips! She was a smart looking lady, also in her 40's I'd guess..no oil painting, but not an ugly duckling either..I was immediatley struck by her personality and her attempts to make me feel at ease (I have since learned that all you swingers are the most accommodating, sensitive people I have encountered...maybe we should set up our own parliamant!)

Anyway, she came over and confirmed her hubby's view that she would be more than happy to entertain my hard, black velvety cock! She leant against the bonnet of the car (facing it) as I stood behind her stroking her v furry pussy. She then reached back and pulled my cock towards her...enveloping it in her wet, warm mouth...this was a real thrill, feeling so warm in the bitter cold winter evening.

All the time hubby was behind us snapping away with his digi camera...I was feeling a bit nervous and self conscious so asked her if I could masturbate into her mouth. She agreed and asked her hubby to come round and frig her pussy at the same time. Whilst I stood tall, E was on her knees, with hubby reaching round from behind her to stroke her pussy...I was wanking my cock furiously as she licked & slobbered over the end of it...I could hear her breathing quckening as hubby's fingers got to work and as she started to cum I started to jerk off over her face. Sadly because of the darkness I couldnt see how much of my spunk fell onto her face and how much went into her mouth..but I'm sure she swallowed at least some of it...what a lady!!

I cleaned myself up, thanked my new friends and went back to my car. I've been back since and never bumped into them again..but would love to!! If yr reading this E & J (you know who you are!), get in touch would love to hook up with you guys again! Would also like to receive thoughts from anyone else who enjoyed reading about my experience.

Happy Easter