Written by Lorraine & John

15 Feb 2006

A third self induced orgasm was charging through my body causing me to supress myself from crying out with exctasy, at the thought of Bishop's penis penetrating me in just a matter of a few hours. John had surprised me at Christmas by getting us 2 tickets to the Caribbean Island, where Bishop my wonderfully well endowed black lover lived with Susie his English wife. My need for his penis stretches back to 1978 when John was posted to an adjacent Island with his work. Previously I have written about how we came to take him to our bed in a threesome which developed into foursomes, orgies & gang bangs, but always Bishop was my special lover & always involved with me at all times (well most of the time). It had been almost 2 years since he & his wife last visited U.K. & he had serviced me with his penis in only the way he could & now we were on our way to spend 4 weeks with him & Susie. My self control & thoughts were running away with the idea of the pleasures I was going to get within a few hours as we jetted somewhere over the Atlantic.

We landed in the early morning, met by Bishop & Susie, picked up our luggage, hustled into their car & driven to their house. We were shown over the house ending up at our bedroom. Susie told us that she had to go to work, so Bishop was mine for the day to do with as I pleased & on departing she told me that I had a special surprise coming to me.

We took several minutes to unpack & have some tea. I went to the bathroom to wash up & brush my teeth. On my return I found Bishop stretched out on our bed naked with his normal enourmous hard on. Even though he is almost 65 he was still in good shape which is more than could be said for John who is the same age. He obviously kept himself in shape as his muscles still rippled, however my thoughts lay on the pleasure pole between his legs, it was still as wonderful as it had always been. I stripped & went to him, there was no fore play, he knew there was no need for that, there never had been between us, my pussy was always ready for him & he was always ready for me. Our bodies clashed together & he was instantly sliding into me, with my legs wrapping around his waist, so I could engulf him completely & so his cock could reach places within me that hadn't been reached since he last took me. I was immediately going into multiple orgasms. He was the only man that could do this to me & that is why I lusted after him so very much. Our thusting & pounding was very lusty & loud as we finally reached the point where I could feel his seed ejaculating deep inside me. We collapsed & lay there savouring our first fuck of many more to come in the next four weeks.

After awhile he looked at me & complemented me on my ability to still give him a good fucking even though I was 58. He then left the room to get us something to drink, so he said, but on returning he was accompanied by 2 guys with very large hard ons. One was about his middle 40s & the other a gorgeous young man in his early 20s. Bishop told me that they were the surprise that Susie had told me about. He asked if I recognised either of them to which I replied in the negative. The older one told me that he had infact fucked me several times in the late 70s when he was in his late teens, which had been his first white woman & he was looking forward to some more of me. I recalled that he was Bishop's son who had been one of the 4 young men that I had fucked in front of Bishop to make him realise we only had lust not love as he wanted. The gorgeous young hunk told me that he had no such luck in having previously fucked me, but he was looking forward to it as his older half brother had told him how much he had enjoyed me. I realised at this point he must be the baby born out of the union between Bishop & Doris that I had arranged 20 odd years ago.

All the time I was talking to them & pondering this both of them had slowly moved towards me & had started to carress my body all over feeling & kissing my tits first & then stroking my pussy. Eventually the oldest one lay down on the bed & slowly drew me on top of himself. Knowing what he wanted I took his cock & guided it to the opening of my pussy then slowly slide down on to it & started to work myself up & down on him. His hand played my tits & then he gently pulled me down to him so that he could kiss them. At this I felt my arse being lubricated, then a sudden rush of pain as a well lubricate cock entered my arse & then exqusite pleasure started to course throughout my body as both cocks began simultaneously working on me Then Bishop's flaccid penis appearred at my mouth as he carefully lifted my head up. Knowing exactly what he wanted I took him into me mouth, bringing him back to a hard on. The brothers both climaxed at almost the same time deep inside of me, I had just stayed in a constant multiple orgasm through out. Bishop withdrew from my mouth before he came & told his youngest son to replace the older one, which he did & started to show his youth by viusly plunging up & down into me give me joy. Bishop took his place in my arse & I had the older brother in my mouth. They fucked me for about 20 minutes until we all finally came again. Laying there exhausted but feeling great I told them how much pleasure they had given me. At this the younger one told me that I still owed him a blow job as he hadn't had one yet, so I complied, by taking his cock deep down my throat & pulled as much of the life out of him when he started to come making him collapse in a heap on the bed.

We lay there spent for about 30 minutes when Bishop mentioned that we should shower & go out to pick Susie up from work. I had forgotten all about John whilst being pleasured, when he mentioned that he had some wonderful movies of all that gone on so that we could watch them at home.

Eventually Bishop, John & I took off in the car to get Susie & during the drive I thought about the pleasure that I had just had & given. Already I had had three men inside me in various ways. I complimented myself on the fact that at 58 I could still get it on & then started to contemplate what was going to happen during the next four weeks, if the first day had been like this. Poor John didn't get anything but I knew his time wasn't far off & I knew he lusted after Susie. More later.......