Written by Tommy

4 May 2005

I was doing what I like to do on my day off, have abit of a lay in watching a porn video on the telly and play with myself, sometimes I,ll wank off and go back to sleep. On this day I felt like making it last a bit longer , I had a shower and shaved my pubic area enjoying the smooth feeling of my cock and balls as I wanked myself in front of the bathroom mirror. I like to dress in one of my sets of womens undies and lounge around the house , I had just put my panties on when the doorbell rang , I decided to ignore it but it rang again . I slipped my shortie dressing gown on and answered it , standing at the door was a good looking chap with a briefcase , I,ve noticed your window frames need replacing he said , I,m not interested I said but he wasn,t taking no for an answer , before I knew he was sitting in my lounge showing me samples, after some sales talk he asked to use the bathroom ,only when he had gone upstairs did I realise my undies sets and photos of myself wearing them and wanking were on the bathroom floor, he was quite a long time and I must admit I was wondering what he would be thinking . When he returned he continued his sales pitch but I noticed a different tone in his voice his breathing was faster , he was looking at me differently with an occasionally look at my bare legs, my dressing gown only reaching half way down my thighs . I moved my legs a bit apart allowing him a better view , I could feel my cock tingling and enlarging in my undies , excuse me I must go to the bathroom I said as I stood up my dressing gown came open revealing my semi erect cock already bulging in my undies , I pulled it closed and headed upstairs , in the bathroom I started to collect the items off the floor I could tell he had a good look through them , my cock was now standing straight out of my undies I couldnt resist having a quick wank , there was a knock on the door , I had two choices I opened it , he was standing there wearing only a pair of very sexy red briefs , he stood looking at me saying nothing , I removed my dressing gown revealing my rock hard cock only my balls covered by my undies ,he slowly removed his briefs and started to wank on his rising cock it was very quickly fully erect a good seven inches of rock hard flesh , his bellend a bulging throbbing purple , I dropped my undies and stepped out of them and started to wank my now almost painfull cock, his hands started to explore my shaven balls as I took hold of his cock and wanked him , he was on his knees taking my smooth cock as far as he could into his mouth the feeling of his tongue caressing my bellend and his saliva running down my hairless balls was heaven . He stood up and said will you shave me , he was quickly covered in shaving foam as I held his cock and started remove his pubic hair taking his balls in my hand and gently removing the hair as he spreadeagled to allow access between his legs , then with a damp towel he was shining smooth . I was quickly licking him all over his smooth cock and balls as he moaned in extacy , then we were embracing our naked sex organs wanking each other I could feel his urgency as he started to spasm and felt his hot spunk cover my cock and balls then my own spunk was shooting from my cock ,as we both emptied the heat from our mixed spunk was running down our legs , coming apart I masaged the spunk into my cock and balls as he did likewise , then we shared a shower as our cocks recovered and again began to show signs of renewed life.