Written by Neil

3 Apr 2004

Hi. I'd like to tell you about my relationship with Desire (pronounced "Dezuray"), or Des as I and her friends call her. Most people who know us think we are really weird and I suppose we are, but we are both very happy.

I'm 34, divorced, no kids. I can't say how good looking or not I am, because I can't tell about myself, but I have never had much problem with women. Des is 23, beautiful with a really good body. She's not a supermodel, but is really pretty and has such a sexual air about her. She always has guys staring at her and I know a couple of women who wouldn't mind a bit of her either.

We first met about 4 years ago. I was still married at the time and she had moved down from Scotland to live in London. My wife and I got to know her through mutual friends in our local. She became friendly with us both, but there was always something special between her and me from day one. I don't know how much a part she played in my divorce, though my wife was sure we were having an affair, but the truth was I had never had more than a peck on the cheek from her. We had a really close sister/brother type of relationship as opposed to anything sexual, though I have always been hugely attracted to her and dreamt of fucking her.

About 3 months after my wife and I separated I needed to find a new place to rent. I found a lovely place, but could not afford it on my own. Des wasn't happy were she was living and we agreed to move in together. I was a bit worried about it at first for many reasons. I didn't want anything to affect the relationship we had, because I really valued her friendship. I never made any advances towards her for the same reason, much as I would have wanted to.

We were actually quite suited to living together. There were one or two rows, but in general we found it really easy. We both led our separate lives, though still spent most of our time together. I had a few relationships and she had many. I won't say she is a slut, but she would rarely have the same guy more than once, with the exception of a couple of short term relationships.

About six months ago everything changed between me and Desire. It was a Friday night and we had arranged to meet in a local pub. The plan was to go to another pub where they were having a farewell party for an Australian acquaintance of ours who was heading back home. When I arrived she was talking to a good looking guy, about 25. Knowing her as well as I do, it was immediately obvious to me that she had the hots for him. I told her that we needed to get going and she was not happy. She whispered to me that she was really into this guy and wanted to stay. I said she should ask him to come along. He told us that he was at the pub for someone's "leaving work" do and he was depending on a work colleague to drive him home, as he lived a good bit away. I told him he could always get a tube or bus home. He said he'd talk to his colleague and went off. A couple of minutes later he came back with a good looking woman in her early 40s. He asked would it be ok if his colleague, Jill came along with us. Desire turned towards me and winked. I knew she was thinking I would love to get into Jill's knickers and she was right. She always knows the type of woman I like. She once walked up to me in a club when I was chatting up a woman and told the woman to "fuck off, you're not good enough for him!". I was shocked but later had to admit that she wasn't really my type.

We got to the farewell party and after paying a polite amount of attention to the guy who's party it was, Des and me turned our attentions to scoring for the night. She wouldn't have to try at all as it was obvious that her date, Dave, was practically cumming in his pants every time she spoke to him. I had my work cut out for me as Jill was married and didn't seem all that interested. I was talking to Jill with my back to Desire and Dave when she said to me "looks like the young love birds are getting stuck in". I looked around and they were giving each other a tonsillectomy! I was really shocked when she said "I wouldn't mind a bit of that either" and put her arms around me and stuck her tongue into my mouth. She was a very sexy kisser. The four of us smooched for the next hour or so when Des, a bit pissed at this stage, said to me and Jill "I need to fuck Dave now, are you two going to come home and fuck each other too?". I was struggling to find the appropriate answer to hide my embarrassment, when Jill said, "yes, let me get my coat". She walked off and Des gave me a big smile. She motioned to me to come over to the bar with her. I walked over, away from Dave and asked her what she wanted. She looked at me directly in the eyes fand then leaned forward and gave me the most erotic kiss I have ever experienced. It only lasted about 3 seconds, but I was dumbstruck. She whispered in my ear "I love you" and then walked off back to Dave.

Jill arrived back with her coat and we got a taxi back to Desire's and my flat. We paired off and Jill and I had a great fuck, while the other two, judging by the sounds, had a great fuck too. Jill and I were having a post fuck snog when she said she wanted a cigarette. We went out to the sitting room to get a fag, when Desire and Dave also walked out. We were all naked, but it didn't seem to matter. Des got 4 beers and we all sat down and started to chat like old friends. As we talked Jill asked me did I fuck Desire often. I told her I had never fucked her and she looked at me with an astonished look. She said, "But you too are completely in love. She adores you". I told her about my fears that having a physical relationship with Des would risk the amazing, loving friendship we had. She stared at me blankly for a minute and then stood up and walked over to Dave and said "Why don't we go and have a chat while these two cop on to themselves and fuck each other's brains out". With that she took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I didn't know what to say or do. Desire looked at me and then got up and came over and sat beside me. She said in an almost embarrassed way, "I would really love you to fuck me". At that moment we started to hear my bed creak as Jill and Dave began to get intimate. It was a glorious moment of light relief and the two of us started to giggle. I took her hand and led her to her bedroom. We attacked each other and fucked for about 3 hours. I will never forget the first time I came inside her. She had this beautiful look on her face and said to me "it's about time".

The next morning I woke before her and lay beside her. I felt really strange, guilty, but happy. She woke shortly after me. We talked for a while and agreed that we probably shouldn't have fucked, but it was gorgeous. She told me she wanted to be an independent woman and not be tied to me. I agreed, though I have to admit reluctantly. She then straddled me and we fucked with incredible passion. When we had finished and were enjoying that post fuck sensuality, she said to me "I want to be able to fuck you whenever I want, but not be tied to you. Would you be happy with that?". Since then we have fucked each other almost every day. She still sleeps with other guys and I with other women, but we spend a lot of time sleeping with each other. I am head over heels in love with her and am sure she feels the same way about me, but we just both seem to be too scared to commit to each other. I never feel any jealousy about her being with other guys, and she seems to feel the same. We regularly talk about each other's sex lives like best mates do. It's a weird relationship, but I wouldn't change it for the world.