Written by makeussmile

26 Jun 2011

I finished work one evening around 9pm got home and found my wife in her short dressing gown with suspender belt and stockings on underneath with a tiny thong and push up bra.

I looked and she smiled and said she had a suprise for me. She told me to go get a shower whilst she gets me a cold beer.

I come down in my boxers and she hands me a beer, she kisses me as i grab her ass and ask what the suprise is? she wont tell me but tells me it wont be long before i find out. 30mins go by with me drinking beer and her sat that looking sexy as hell with her 36dd's almost popping out of her bra

10pm comes around and she switches on her laptop and tells me to do the same with mine which i do.

She sends me a link to an adult website and says she has already got me set up with a username. She heads upstairs to the bedroom with hers and tells me to wait in the lounge.

After 5 mins she tells me to go into a chatroom and asks if i can see which person she is. There seemed a lot of talk about 1 person and suddenly the room was filled with chat about this woman getting her kit off and how they would love to fuck the puppies. I click on this person with video chat and find its my wife. She smiles almost as soon as she sees me watching her.

The chat gets very steamy as she removes each item of clothing slowly, she comments about a few of the guys saying how big their cocks are and how she would love to straddle them, and continues undressing. She is sat on our bed with just her stockings on rubbing a finger over her pussy. She is getting a lot of requests so she gets out her rabbit, lubes it up and slowly sinks the full length into her pussy moaning as it goes all the way in. She lays back making sure the camera is pointing straight on her pussy as she fucks herself with the rabbit. At this point my cock is hard and throbbing as i wank it. She cums pretty quickly. She sits up and looks at the screen saying she is watching 1 guy as he cums, watching him cum as she starts rubbing her pussy. She asks if anyone would like to see her fucked and almost all reply yes, she chats to me and tells me to cum up and sort out her issue of needing a cock.

I walk in the room naked with a hard cock pointing straight at her, she positions the camera on the shelf so as it gets a good view of the middle of the bed, she tells me to lay back as she grabs my cock and lowers herself on it. She is riding like a woman possesed, her gorgeous tits bouncing as she fucks me, she sees the screen and people telling me to cum in her so they can see it oozing out of her afterwards. She wants it doggie style now as she pulls off me and gets on all 4s begging for me to fuck her...which i do, grabbing her hips as i thrust in and all the way out of her pussy, its not long before i let out a moan and thrust really deep inside her soaking pussy filling it with my hot cum , pumping every last drop in her.

Ipull out and she quickly lays on her back and gets me to put the camera closer to her pussy so as people can see my cum dribbling out of her pussy, everyone loves it and looking on her screen she had about 6 cams open and all of them had cum...

She turned the camera off and said she had been planning that for a few days, she loves being watched and lots of men telling her what to do and cumming as she ......

Needles to say it has happened since and she has even done it when she has been in the house alone and i was at work watching :)