Written by keith and Moira

4 Aug 2005

I have just watched the most exciting lovemaking scene that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Hal came to visit unexpectedly and of course he was very welcome. Moira and I had spent the day in the garden wearing just enough to keep us decent and within the law. we were relaxing on the patio with a large G&T when the doorbell rang. As I walked through to see who it was I could see Hal standing there and I knew immediately that we were going to be in for some fun. I took him through and out into the garden and the surprise and pleasure was quite evident on Moira's face. I fixed Hal a drink and we sat talking for a while and as it was hot and sunny I sugested that Hal strip down to his shorts and enjoy the sun with us. He wasted no time in undressing revealing that he was wearing a small white thong that could hardly contain his huge manhood and showed his tight small buttocks to the best advantage. Moira just sat staring at him and he returned the compliment by looking her all over. I knew what was comming soon. Moira offered to show Hal around the secluded part of the garden, the areas that the neighbours cannot overlook. Off they went he with his arm around her shoulders and her resting her hand on his firm buttocks. I gave them a couple of minutes and then walked after them and there hidden from prying eyes I found them in an embrace and Moira's top laying on the ground. Hal knelt in front of her and slid her briefs down her legs and she stepped out of them and flipped them away with her foot. Hal turned her around and pressed her into the kneeling position with her legs wide apart revealing her smooth shaven fanny. She arched her back and there was the most perfect peach with the lips still closed and as soft as smooth as you could wish for. Hal was hard and his thick 10 inches stood rampant like an ebony rod from his loins. He knelt behind her his hans on her hips and rested his cock agaist her bottom occassionally letting it's swollen head just nudge agaist her fanny. Slowly the lips began to open and I could see the juices oozing from her, his huge bell end kept teasing her urging her to open fully for him. He did not have to wait too long, slipping his hand between her legs he pushed two fingers into her and Moira jerked herself against them she reached back between her legs and found hid great shaft and guided it towards her open fanny. It slid into her with ease, stretching her wide as it drove into her until only his heavy balls could be seen swinging between her legs. They stayed like that for ages and took his heavy balls in my hand and gently fondled them. It was fantastic to think that she had 10 inches of very thick rigid cock buried deep inside her. Hal began to fuck her with slow long strokes and I watched as his huge length slid slowly in and out of her. It was beautiful to see the contrast between his black as ebony cock and her white fanny and bottom. Moira was loving every moment of her fuck and Hal was taking his time making each thrust right up to the hilt. Moira is not usually a noisy person but this time she just could not hold back as she came she cried out and had to muzzle her mouth in her hans so that the neighbours did not guess what was happening. Hal kept right on shafting her, her inner thighs were shining with the wetness from her fanny as she came at least 3 times before Hal had even shot his load once. Eventually the strokes began to get faster and more violent as he rammed every inch in as deep as he could go until almost lifting her on his cock he shot his load deep inside my lovely wife. Moira collapsed flat onto the ground and Hals huge softening snake slid out of her open fanny. They stood upand Moira knelt in front of him, lifted his limp cock to her mouth and kissed it,

Sex in the sunshine with the sun on your back and the gentle warm breeze wafting around your genitals is great but the sex we shared in the house later was even better but more of that at another time. Right now the picture before my eyes of Moira spitted on Hal's shaft in the garden is out of this world.