18 Mar 2019

I woke up the next morning and momentarily couldn’t figure out where I was. Then it came to me, I was at Ruth and David’s house. I thought about last night’s events and turned to see Ruth still fast asleep. I tiptoed to the en-suite to have a pee, trying not to disturb her but by the time I got back into bed she was stirring. “Morning” she said as she cuddled up to me, putting her head on my chest. I could feel her ample tits pressing up against me, while her leg was covering my now growing cock. She must have felt this because she reached down and released my erection from under her leg before cupping by balls in her hand and gently squeezing them. It was a very agreeable sensation and she continued to do this while she started to kiss my neck. I thought we were going to fuck but instead she started working her way down my body until her tongue was gently brushing my balls. “Would you like me to suck you off?” she whispered. I’m not sure she waited for the answer before she took the head of my cock between her lips and gradually slid the rest of it into her mouth. With the thumb and forefinger of her right hand she wanked the base of my shaft while her left hand cupped my balls. I began to arch my back in time with her wanking, fucking her mouth, slowly at first but harder and more frantically as time went on. I wasn’t sure if she wanted my load so I told her I wanted to cum. She didn’t flinch, instead what she did was stick her finger in my arse, which finished me off and I shot my load in her mouth. She kept a seal around my cock licking the head and squeezing my shaft to coax out the last of the cum. Then she did something I wasn’t expecting. She removed my cock from her mouth and without swallowing moved up to kiss me. Now, to be honest, once I’ve cum I lose interest for a few minutes, always have done. But she was intent on snowballing me and I didn’t want to appear ungrateful, so we French kissed as she fed me back my cum. It was the first time I’d tasted cum, let alone my own! But clearly cum play was a turn on for her. After a quick cuddle she got up and left saying that breakfast would be in an hour.

Nothing beats the smell of a good fry up, especially after you’ve worked up an appetite. When I made it to the kitchen Ruth was busy cooking the bacon and eggs while David was sitting at the table reading a paper. The kitchen was straight out of the pages of Country Living and was clearly the hub of the house with an Aga always on for warmth. I tucked into the full English and felt sorry for David as he had his cereal. The lack of conversation with him felt a bit awkward. Here I was sitting at his table, eating his food, fucking his wife. It wasn’t immediately obvious what he was getting out of this but he looked happy enough and in any case Ruth kept the conversation flowing. Ruth told me that David was going to meet a friend at lunchtime for a drink at the pub, then he was going to have a sleep in the afternoon in order that he could spend time with us tonight. They had booked a table for 7.30 at a very nice restaurant not far away. I got a bit worried at this point and explained that all I’d brought in my rucksack was my normal student attire. “We thought that might be the case” Ruth said “so the plan is to go into Lincoln today and pick something out for you. Don’t worry about the cost David has far more money than he knows what to do with” and they both laughed at that.

We took Ruth’s little Triumph to Lincoln to go shop for something to wear. The experience was a bit like going shopping with your mum, which I guess she almost could have been. Ruth must have been early forties. David was older, probably mid fifties. I don’t think they had had kids themselves and perhaps this was why Ruth spent so much on kitting me out for the evening. We stopped for some lunch and I asked her how long they had been married. She said she’d met David in her late twenties. He had been married at the time but they’d had had an affair and after five years he left his wife for her. His career as a writer was just beginning to take off and a couple of years later he got his first big book deal, others followed. They had led an idyllic existence until he became ill. He had had to undergo a lot of treatment and the cancer had taken most of his tongue. They didn’t know what the future held for them but they were determined to make the most of it.

It was late afternoon when we got back and with dinner at 7.30 it was a rush to get ready. I had a shower, a shave, brushed my teeth and made myself presentable in my new clothes; jacket & trousers, shirt and tie, even new socks and shoes. Only the underwear was my own and it let the side down a bit. I went downstairs to the lounge to wait for the others. When they came down the best way to describe Ruth was “expensive”, David was dressed in a suit and tie. We left the house and David pulled a new Jag out of the garage. Ruth sat up front and I sat in the back you could smell the leather in it.

The restaurant was predictably posh. We had cocktails before our meal, then a full three course meal. I couldn’t resist having steak, Ruth had some sort of fish and David by special arrangement had an omelette. I wasn’t used to this luxury, but I could have given the chance. Had the circumstances been different we’d have probably spent longer at the restaurant but everyone seemed keen to get home. We walked back to the car but instead of sitting up front Ruth got in the back with me. David started up the engine but rather than stick the car into reverse he just waited. Ruth reached over and kissed me passionately. I responded groping her tits through her blouse. “Get them out, I know you want to” she told me then she sat back in the centre of the back seat letting me undo her blouse and bra, all the while looking at her husband’s eyes watching her in the rear view mirror. I released her tits from captivity and sucked on her nipples which were already hard. Reaching down I hitched up her skirt and pushed my hand against her crotch. She started to moan. David put the car in gear and we started to drive home.

We arrived back at their house a bit dishevelled. Ruth and I went into the lounge and David disappeared for a while. He first came back with drinks and a video cassette , then with a big case. Ruth said, “David likes to film our fun, would you mind?”. By this time I would have agreed to anything and David wasted no time in setting up his video recorder on a tripod. By today’s standards it was massive and used a whole full size video cassette. He pointed the camera at the sofa that Ruth and I were sitting on and pressed record. He then switched the television on and started the video player then came and sat on the sofa on the other side of Ruth. “This is just a short video to get you both in the mood” she said as she reached down and stroked both of our legs. I took my lead from David and sat motionless while she undid our belts and zippers in turn. I had assumed that we were going to watch a porno, and it was, but I hadn’t expected Ruth to be the star. She was with two guys a little older than me. At first she was stood up sandwiched between them, wanking their cocks while they kissed her, then she was on all fours spit roasted with the guys taking turns at both ends. Ruth gently wanked our cocks while we watched. The video ended with one guy shooting his load in her pussy, then the other getting behind her and giving her sloppy seconds. There was a pause in the video and then the final scene was Ruth sitting on top of David grinding her cum filled pussy into his face.

When the video had ended Ruth got up and took off her blouse, skirt, bra and panties leaving on just her stockings and suspenders, then she knelt down in front of us. David and I shuffled closer together so that she could take turns sucking on us. “Do you mind if David holds your cock while I suck you” she asked. I made a low moan which they took to be agreement and David reached over and cupped my balls while Ruth gently licked my shaft. I reached over and cupped his balls in a similar fashion. Ruth looked up at me and smiled then giving me one more suck she turned her attention to David. I grabbed his cock at the base while she worked his shaft with her mouth. The poor guy must have been bursting to cum because he didn’t last more than two minutes before he emptied his load in her mouth. Taking care not to lose a drop she got up and mounted me while I was still sitting on the sofa, she kissed me like she had done in the morning, shovelling his cum into my mouth.

Ruth reached down and guided my cock into her pussy. I started to fuck her slowly so as not to cum so quickly this time. I always find that the first five minutes are crucial. If I can get past this stage then I can go like a train, almost to the point where I lose sensitivity and it becomes hard to cum. I was prepared to risk this tonight in order to put on a good show. David having regained his composure got up and adjusted the position of the video camera in order that it had a good view of my cock sliding in and out of Ruth, then he came over to view the action close up. I felt his hand cup my balls again. He reached for a bottle of baby oil and felt it on my shaft before realising that I wasn’t the intended target. Ruth gasped and stopped grinding into me as David forced his finger into her arse. She waited for a moment to get used to the sensation then slowly started backing down his finger. He withdrew, re-lubricated and then shoved two fingers up her. She squealed in genuine pain but David persisted and as the pain began to subside she started to fuck me again slowly at first then more frantically. David has his two fingers knuckle deep in her arse and I could feel his fingers inside her rubbing my cock through her vagina wall. She was moaning in both pain and pleasure, then she whispered to me “I’m a little slut aren’t I. I bet your other girlfriends wouldn’t do this”.

She bounced up and down on top of me until by accident my cock popped out. It slid along the crease of her arse. I felt a hand grab it and at the same time Ruth pinned me back on the sofa so that I couldn’t move. She moved her hips up so that David could get better access to it and I felt his lips sink down over me. Now a lifetime of swinging has taught me that if you close your eyes it is very hard to tell if you are being sucked off by a guy or a girl, but being sucked off by a guy without a tongue definitely left a bit to be desired. Ruth kissed me as he devoured my cock and wanked my shaft. I think he was hoping that I was going to cum but by this time I was in for the night. When he’d satisfied himself he reached for the baby oil again, massaged my shaft with it then guided Ruth’s arse onto my cock. His fingering preparation had done the trick. It was tight but my cock slid in. I let Ruth set the pace but she didn’t like the position so she rose up off me, told me stay where I was then she sat back down on me “reverse cowboy” staring into the camera that David had set up. My cock was all the way in her and she ground her arse into me while moaning for the camera, David came and sat beside us. He started fingering her pussy trying to massage her G-spot. She was clearly loving the attention and the massaging seemed to work. Her movements became more frantic as she urged David to fuck her pussy harder. Her hands gripped my buttocks and her nails pierced my skin as an orgasm hit her. “Put it in me, all the way” she told him. At first I thought she wanted his cock but then I saw him slather his hand in baby oil. Ruth screamed as he pushed his fist inside herand continued to fuck her with his hand. She was convulsing and by this stage my legs were covered in a pool of her juices. My cock in her arse was irrelevant, she just wanted David’s fist deep inside her. After a while the juddering stopped and she lay back on me, spent. David withdrew his hand and it came out with a gush of air followed by more fluid.

The only problem with anal sex is that invariably, when you pull out, there is shit on your cock. This was the case when Ruth climbed off me. So I made my excuses and went to the bathroom to tidy up. After a quick soaping of my cock and balls I was ready to go again. When I came back I saw that Ruth and David had repositioned the camera and were sixty nine’ing each other. Ruth’s arse was sticking up provocatively as she sat on top of David working on his cock. I positioned myself behind her doggy style and started to fuck her. My cock and balls were just inches away from David’s face, giving him a close up view of his wife being penetrated. Unfortunately, after being fisted, Ruth’s pussy was a bit loose and the expression “throwing a sausage down a dark alley” came to mind. It wasn’t really doing much for me. I think Ruth must have sensed this after a while. “You can fuck my arse again if you want” she said “but tell me when you want to cum”. I applied some baby oil to my cock, fingered some more into her arse then wasted no time sliding in. She moaned pushing back into me and I started to fuck her slowly. I could feel David playing with my balls. He reached up so that my cock was fucking Ruth’s arse through the “V” of his middle and ring finger which added to the sensation my cock was experiencing. Ruth was now moaning loudly. I fucked her for as long as I could but I knew we were in the end game. When I knew I‘d reached the point of no return I told her I was going to cum. Ruth pulled away from me and got up. She positioned me on all fours with my cock over David’s face then moved behind me and started wanking my cock into David’s mouth. I started to fuck David’s face as she wanked me and was soon ready to cum. The final straw was the finger in the arse and I shot my load in his mouth. We stayed in this position for about a minute as Ruth massaged my prostate and milked my cock. Then she withdrew and let me get up. She kissed me passionately, then said “If you don’t mind David and I would like to be alone for a bit. I’ll come and join you later”.

I left them to it, got a drink from the kitchen then went to my room, had a shower, lay on the bed and drifted off to sleep ….. to be continued