21 Mar 2019

I woke up disappointed to find that I was alone in the bed. Ruth must have decided to spend the night with David. Waking up to her the day before had been a pleasant change to my normal student routine. Beds in the halls of residence weren’t designed with that luxury in mind, in fact they were probably designed to discourage it. I heard some noise downstairs and decided to see who was up and about. Ruth was in the kitchen cooking

“You shouldn’t have got up” she said “I was going to surprise you with breakfast”.

“You still can” I replied and went back up to bed.

A while later there was a knock at the door and she came in carrying a tray of bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice. She put it down on the bedside table, took her dressing gown off to reveal those fantastic breasts then climbed under the covers and gave me a cuddle.

“How are you feeling after last night” I asked her as we tucked into breakfast.

“A little bit sore to be honest. David can get a bit rough when he’s fisting me and my bum isn’t used to the attention it got from you last night”.

“I’m sorry” I replied “you should have told me to stop”.

“Oh no, don’t get me wrong I enjoyed every minute of it. You know, you are the first guy David has let fuck me in the arse. He likes you”. She paused then said “ In fact we are hoping that you might be able to stay another night. If you can then we can arrange something you might like”

“Now I’m intrigued”

It turned out that David wrote books in the science fiction & fantasy genre. Think of a cross between Game of Thrones and Flash Gordon and you’ll be on the right lines. The covers of these books always had a scene from a far off galaxy along with either a guy who looked like Conan the Barbarian or a woman who looked like Xena the Warrior Princess, or both. David’s books had a strong following of loyal supporters, mostly men but women also. Most of them were geeks, the sort that liked to dress up and play Dungeons and Dragons at weekends. David’s book tours always attracted a large fan following and some of the women wanted him to do more than just sign their copy of his book. They were the literary equivalent of groupies.

Ruth knew that when David left his wife for her she was going to have to share him with others. As the saying goes “when a man marries his mistress he automatically creates a vacancy”. There had been several women over the course of their marriage but the vacancy was currently being filled by Lesley, a 24 year old medical researcher who worked at Nottingham hospital. David had met her five years ago when she was still at Uni and he had been invited to give a lecture there. She was a devoted fan who would quite literally do anything for him and had stuck by him during his illness. Ruth had met her and she had stayed with them a couple of times, she had even accompanied David on a book tour once. Lesley and David were both very much into role play, using the characters from David’s book as their starting point (although there was no real sex in David’s books). After that, things got a bit kinkier, Lesley was submissive and pretty much up for anything.

“So if you can stay an extra day then Lesley can come and join us tonight” Ruth said.

“I’d love to” I replied “the only problem is that my train ticket is valid for today only”

“If you stay tonight I’ll drive you back tomorrow myself, how about that”

The deal was done

“There is one more thing I should tell you” she hesitated and then said “you won’t be able to fuck me while we are role playing. Trust me ‘tho. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Oh and you’ll have to wear a costume. Don’t worry I’ve already got one for you!”.

With my agreement in the bag, excitedly she went off to sort things out with David, leaving me with an erection that I’d hoped would have been attended to. Oh well !!

Later David took us to the pub in their village for lunch. It was an old building with exposed beams and plenty of character. We ate in the bar rather than the restaurant and had a very boozy time of it. It was 3.30pm by the time we got up to leave and Ruth and David were showing the signs of having had just a bit too much. As a student my tolerance for alcohol was a bit higher but even I was feeling comfortably numb. When we got back David went for a lie down and Ruth and I sat down in the lounge with a glass of wine.

“So what should I expect to happen this evening then” I said

“Well…… Let me set the scene. David is the ruler of his kingdom and I am his virgin queen. That’s right, never been fucked” Ruth said giggling “I did tell you it was fantasy role play. Anyway, together we rule with a rod of iron and are quick to punish those who disobey. Lesley’s character is a faerie princess called Amani who has broken the rules and needs to be punished. I won’t tell you what she’s done or what her punishment will be. You’ll have to wait and see”

“What about me?”

“You will be the captain of the guard and will be responsible for administering the punishment. If you agree you may be called upon to do other things, things you may not want to do. Some people find submitting to these things can be a turn on others find them a turn off.”

“I’m up for it” I said.

“I’m glad about that” she said “but once the role play starts if at any time you don’t want to continue then the safe word is banana and we will all stop”

“Ok, but erm …. You wouldn’t want your captain of the guard going in with a loaded gun half cocked this evening would you?”

She laughed, undid my trousers and gave me another of her special blow jobs, then got up and said. “I’m off to find your costume and then have a long soak in the bath before I get ready. If you want anything to eat then feel free to raid the kitchen, otherwise I’ll see you down here at 7.00 pm - in your costume and ready for action”.

At around 6.00 pm I heard a car come up the drive and shortly afterward heard the doorbell ring. There were female voices and then everything went quiet again. I had a shower then contemplated how much of a pratt I was going to look like in my costume. Ruth was having a laugh surely. Basically it was a leather harness that consisted of a series of adjustable straps all connected to two metal rings. One was positioned just below my belly button and the other in the small of my back. The straps went across my shoulders, around my waist and between my legs. There was a leather breast plate between the two upper straps but down below I was on show for all to see. After a while I managed to adjust the straps so that it looked ok (a relative term) and then I added the final piece of the costume, the latex face mask. It was very thin and had holes for the eyes nose and mouth plus two small holes at the ears. I wasn’t sure what to do about shoes so decided that barefoot was probably the answer. I went downstairs to find that Ruth and David were already there and in costume. David was dressed as a warrior, he wore a black leather breastplate with matching armour covering his shoulders and arms and a black leather kilt. Ruth was dressed in a tight black leather corset which accentuated her breasts and a pair of tight fitting latex trousers. Both wore leather masks. David’s covered the whole of his face with just slots for his eyes while Ruth’s covered the top half of her face only.

“You look perfect” Ruth said “Are you ready to begin”.

“I think I am”

“As the Virgin Queen I do the bidding of my master. You will refer to me as my Queen and the master as my Lord. I will refer to you as Captain. You will do as I command without question. I am also the game master and will control this role play. The game starts when I say The Game is in Play and ends when I say The Game Has Now Ended. If you want to stop at any time simply say Banana. Princess Amani is upstairs in her room. For her the game is already in play. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I said

She smiled and said “Then The game is in Play. Captain go upstairs and familiarise yourself with the prisoner. Search her intimately to ensure that she is carrying no weapons then bring her down to us. Do not remove her blindfold but treat her with respect. She is a princess”

I went to the room I assumed that she was in, opened the door and there was Lesley blindfold on the bed with her hands tied loosely behind her back. She looked exactly like one of those Victorian pictures of fairies. She had long red hair and wore a short green dress unevenly cut at the bottom that only just covered her modesty. Nothing else, no bra, no panties. She was about 5 foot 2 and built ever so delicately. She had no breasts to speak of, probably an A-cup but I was smitten with her looks.

“I’ve come to take you to my Lord and Queen. But first I must search you” I said

She lay there motionless as I moved my hands across her starting at her shoulders, moving down to her slight breasts, feeling her boyish hips before placing a hand on her pussy, running a finger along her lips as I did so. They were already moist and so I pushed two fingers inside her and probed. She shuddered. After I withdrew I rolled her over onto her belly and pulled her arse cheeks apart. I stuck a finger covered in her pussy juice into her arse and as I did she pushed herself against my hand. With the search complete I stood her up and went to lead her out of the room.

“Shouldn’t you search my mouth too. If you kiss me then your tongue can probe me” she said and we kissed passionately.

“I shouldn’t say this now that the game is in play but David told me to be nice to you and to let you do anything you want to me. Don’t go easy on me. I enjoy it and I’ll say if I really don’t”

With her still blindfolded I led her down the stairs, into the lounge and stood her in front of the Master and his Queen.

“Untie her hands Captain.”

“Yes my Queen”. I removed the bindings from her wrists and let her arms hang loose at her side.

“Princess Armani” said Ruth “We have given your people a home in our lands when others persecuted them. But this was on the understanding that your kind did not practise magic. You may have had your reasons for doing so but you have broken this rule and must be punished. Do you admit your guilt”

“I do”

“Do you accept your punishment”

“I do”

“Captain, take off her dress and shackle her to the fireplace. You will find shackles in the chest”

I removed her dress so that she was totally naked except for the blindfold then opened up the ornate wooden chest to find a range of sex toys and bondage gear inside. I found two wrist shackles with piston clips at one end and put them on her wrists. Above the fireplace were two innocuous looking brass rings cemented into the brick surround, they were about 4 foot from the ground and I clipped each shackled wrist to a ring. She grabbed the rings for support then bent over and arched her back, sticking her bum in the air.

“Open her legs wider captain. Is she moist already?”

I widened her stance and felt her pussy. “She is moist my Queen”

“Princess Amani. As your first punishment you will be paddled. You will receive 5 strokes from the Captain, 5 strokes from me and 10 from the Master. Captain begin”

I reached into the chest and produced a flat leather paddle, placed it across the cheeks of her arse, drew it back and then with a thwack landed the paddle on her. She let out a small sigh

“Harder Captain you are meant to be punishing her”. I thwacked her with the paddle again

“Harder” said Ruth

My third stroke made her squeal as did my fourth and my fifth. Ruth stood up, took the paddle from me and got to work immediately. I was surprised how hard she paddled Lesley, perhaps this was payback for fucking her husband or perhaps they just both enjoyed it. By the time she had administered her 5 strokes the wealds were beginning to show on Lesley’s bum cheeks. Ruth then walked over to where David was sitting and presented the paddle to him. He took it and walked over to Lesley but instead of assuming the striking position he began fondling her pussy. He stuck his fingers deep inside her and she moaned with pleasure. For a moment I thought he was working up to fisting her. I was a bit worried for her, she wasn’t built like Ruth and I didn’t think he’d get his fist up a delicate thing like Lesley. Instead he took his hand out and smeared her juices over her arse then unexpectedly gave her the biggest thwack yet. She screamed and he gave her another five in rapid succession.

“Have mercy my Lord” Lesley whimpered but David delivered the final four thwacks with equal gusto.

“Attend to her flesh Captain. You will find ointment in the chest” said Ruth

I looked and there was a tube of aloe vera which I smeared generously over the reddened area of her arse cheeks. She wiggled her arse as I applied it.

“Princess Amani. For your second punishment you will be subjected to penetration. Firstly, I want you to choose a dildo from the chest and bring yourself to orgasm in front of us. Captain untie her”

I untied her and (wisely in my book) Lesley chose an average size dildo. She put the dildo on the floor, one hand holding its base so that it stood upright, then knelt on top of it and let her pussy begin to consume it until her arse was touching the floor and the dildo was all the way inside her. I was surprised that such a slight thing like her could take all of the dildo into her. Slowly she began to rise and fall on the phallus all the time making eye contact with David. Then when she was used to the dildo inside her she lay on her back, opened her legs wide and started to fuck herself with it, rubbing her clit at the same time. It wasn’t long before she came soaking the floor with her juices.

“Captain, I am going to penetrate her now. Please sit on her face and hold her legs down. I want you to watch me teach this little slut a lesson” said Ruth going slightly out of character.

I knelt over Lesley pinning her arms with my ankles. The moment I squatted down I could feel Lesley tonguing my arsehole. Ruth got a cushion and placed it under Lesley’s hips then went to the chest and pulled out an eye wateringly large strap-on which she secured around her hips. She covered the shaft in baby oil and then without any warning slammed it’s whole length deep into Lesley’s pussy.

“Owww Fuck” cried Lesley in a mixture of surprise and pain and also not quite in character.

“What did say to your Queen” demanded Ruth

“I’m sorry my Queen. You must punish me as you see fit” Lesley replied

And with that Ruth resumed her pounding, mercilessly fucking Lesley with her huge dick. Lesley yelped in pleasure, grabbed my cock hard and started wanking it frantically until her grip weakened as wave after wave of orgasm went through her. Eventually Ruth tired from her exertions and pulled out. We both stood up leaving Lesley exhausted on the floor.

“Fuck her in the arse Captain and make it thorough”

I turned Lesley over and lifted her up so that she was on all fours. I positioned myself behind her and worked some baby oil into her anus with my thumb. I then covered my cock in baby oil and gently slid into her. She sighed and pushed her arse back to meet me giving it a little wiggle.

“Captain. I want you to punish her not make love to her. Now ram yourself into her hard”

I picked up my tempo and ended each stroke hard against her

“Faster” Ruth commanded.

I pumped Lesley as fast as I could. My cock sliding into her tight hole was working wonders for my erection. Then unexpectedly Lesley reached underneath her and stroked my balls with her hand. The effect was electric and instantly I shot my load in her arse. It was the best feeling in the world.

“Captain. I did not tell you to cum. What kind of insubordination is this. You have spoiled the Princess for the Master. You will pay for this” Ruth said scolding me.

“I am sorry my Queen” I said

“Princess take off your blindfold. You have served your punishment however I have need of your services. Take his mask off and blindfold our Captain please”.

Lesley, still on all fours and with my cum seeping out of her arse, took off her blindfold, then stood up and then peeled off my mask. She smiled sweetly at me as if pleased with what she saw then tied the blindfold tightly around my head. Everything went very dark

“Captain, down on all fours like the dog that you are. Princess, please choose a strap on”

I got down on all fours and could hear Lesley picking something out of the chest. I was praying that whatever it was, it was small. It went quiet for what seemed like an age then I felt Lesley drizzle baby lotion down the crack of my arse. She pushed her thumb into my anus making sure that plenty of lubricant worked its way in. It felt nice but just as I was getting used to the sensation it stopped and instead I felt a harder, wider, cold object being inserted into me. The shaft had undulations on it and I could feel them as they moved along the walls of my anus. Lesley grabbed my hips and pushed herself all the way in me. I found myself pushing back to greet her. Reassured by my enthusiasm she fucked me harder. We got into a rhythm and I found myself beginning to enjoy the experience. Then she pulled out and things went quiet. I heard movement then was aware of someone in front of me. Lesley massaged some more oil into my anus then I heard more rustling in the chest.

Ruth’s voice said “inhale this deeply” and stuck a small bottle of something under my nose.

I inhaled. It was a musty smell. Nothing happened for about thirty seconds then I felt a warm relaxing sensation spread over me. It was at that time that I felt David grab my hips and push his cock into me. At the same Ruth pushed down on my shoulders so that my face was shoved into the floor

“You can always say the safe word” Ruth whispered.

David’s cock was wider than the strap on Lesly had used, but softer. To begin with he would push his cock balls deep into me, tightly pull my hips into him and then stay like this for a few seconds. I could feel him clenching his cock muscles as he did this. He was try not to cum too fast. He started to fuck my arse rapidly, withdrawing only slightly then pushing back into me again.

“Princess Amani you may use your strap-on on my Lord” said Ruth

Then things went quiet again. David twitched inside me as Lesley lubricated him and then inserted the same strap on she had used on me into him. He resumed his fucking of me but this time using the full length of his stroke on me in order to feel the full length of Lesley’s stroke on him. He didn’t last long becoming frantic in his thrusts. When he came he pushed himself deep inside me. I could feel his contractions forcing the cum into me, then they stopped. We stayed coupled as his cock became softer and smaller until eventually it popped out of my arse leaving a trail of juice to trickle down my leg.

“Princess Amani, take the Master to his quarters. You are the Games Master too now”

I heard the lounge door open and close and then Ruth and I were alone

“The game is over” she whispered. “Go upstairs and take a shower I’ll get us a drink. I’ll bet you could do with one” and with that she disappeared off to the kitchen.

I have always thought it’s sexy when a girl walks around with a guy’s cum oozing out of her. However I felt anything but sexy as I walked up the stairs with my buttocks clenched trying to keep a mixture of semen and baby oil from dribbling everywhere. I sat on the loo and tried to expel as much of it as I could then got into the shower. A few minutes later Ruth came in, stripped off and joined me in the cubicle

“How do you feel” she asked me.

“Used” I replied

“Then let me soap you down and relax you”

Shower over, we towelled each other down then sat on the bed with our drinks

“Are you sore” she asked me

“A little” I said.

I was about to ask her whether she had enjoyed it when there was a knock on the bedroom door. It opened and in walked Lesley, freshly showered and in her dressing gown.

“David’s asleep, he’s taken his med’s” she said. “Ruth, you said it would be alright if I joined you. Is it still ok?” she said hesitating, looking for Ruth’s approval.

“Of course it is Lesley.” Ruth said smiling. There’s a space here between us for you.

Lesley stood in front of us and let her dressing gown fall to the floor, revealing her slender figure. She climbed between us then turned to Ruth almost trembling as she did so and kissed her gently on the lips. Ruth responded kissing her more passionately and positioning Lesley on top of her. I watched as the two of them made out in front of me. Then Ruth said

“Don’t forget our guest”

“You don’t mind” said Lesley

“Not at all. I’d like you to”

At which point Lesley rolled off Ruth and looking directly into my eyes she smiled and said

“Hi. I’m Lesley”.

Then she kissed me passionately and as we kissed little did either of us know that within 5 years we would be married and that, over thirty years later, we'd still be together.