Written by Lucky

18 Apr 2006

Over Easter I went for a walk in a local wood. I was the warmest day of the Easter. I parked in the car park. There was only one other car parked. I left the car park and started down one of the paths. After about 5 minutes there was a clearing, sitting on a fallen tree was a woman of about 45. She was wearing a skirt and jacket with boots, eating a sandwich. I said hello and she smiled. There was another log near so I asked if she minded if I sat down there. She did not mind.

We chatted for a while and I could not avoid looking at her legs, they were very nice. She must have noticed because I saw a smile on her face. Then I noticed that her legs had opened slightly. I could see almost to her panties.

Just then the sun came out and it was quite warm. She took her jacket off and laid it on the tree. She was just wearing a blouse under the jacket. I could see that she had a nice pair of tits. She said that she enjoyed sitting in the sun, did I. I said yes.

She then slid her skirt up quite a bit, saying that she liked the feel of the sun on her legs. I said I liked to see the sun on her legs. I could now clearly see her panties, and surprise surprise she had stockings on. The view was great and I said so. I was starting to get a bulge in my trousers and she noticed.

I took my jacket off and sat in my T shirt. She now undid some of the buttons on her blouse, revealing a lacy white bra. I said that she look very nice. She asked if I would like to see more. What could I say but Yes Please.

She said we should leave the clearing as someone might come. I followed her down a track to an open space, it nice as it was out of the way and still sunny. Frome her bag she produced a blanket. Spread it out and sat down on it inviting me to sit beside her. I sat opposite her so that I could get a clear view of her.

She undid the buttons of the blouse and slipped it off. I was right she had a wonderful pair of tits held in a lace bra. She lay back lifted her bum and slid her skirt off. Bloody hell she had stockings and suspenders on. She looked a picture in her knee high boots. She asked if I liked the view. I said look at this bulge of course I do.

She suggested I take my T shirt and Trousers off. Ok so I stripped to my boxers.