Written by Lucky

22 Apr 2006

It was lovely sat there in the sun with my new found friend sitting in her underwear just off the beaten track in Cann Woods.

I moved over beside her on the blanket. She lay back saying that she enjoyed the feel of the sun on her body. I put my hand out and gently touched he left tit thro the bra. Her nipple hardened immediately, sticking out thro the material. She moaned and put her hand on my cock. I twitched under my boxers. She leant forward and started to remove my boxers. I lifted my ass so that they would slip off. My cock started to swell. She gently stroked it until it reached its full 9”. Mmmm she said and leant forward. She pulled my foreskin back and took my cock into her mouth and slowly ran her tongue around the head. It was fantastic. I slipped my hand down her panties, she was soaking wet. My finger slipped straight in. I took her panties and bra off and knelt above her. She took my cock in her mouth again and I pushed my tongue right inside her fanny. It was a wonderful taste.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, I knew it wasn’t hers as I could still feel them on my thighs. I stopped and lifted my head, looked round and saw this guy standing there. I went to get up but he held me in place.

He lifted my ass in the air and the woman slid out from under me. He dropped me back to the floor but held me in place.

I was shit scared. What was going on?

The woman lifted my chin and I looked into her face, she was laughing at me.

The guy pulled me up so that I was kneeling with my legs behind me and pulled my hands behind my back..

She took the belt from my trousers and slipped it round my arms, then tightened it. I could not move my arms.

The guy lifted me up so I was standing. I was made to walk to a tree nearby.

She loosened the belt and H pushed me against the tree. She pulled my arms back around the tree and tied me again with the belt. The bark of the tree was sticking into me. They stood back and looked at me. Laughing at me. Now another man came out of the trees and joined them. I was terrified. The woman had put her bra and panties back on but that was all. I was still semi hard, the first man came over to me and took my cock into his hand, he gently stroked me back and forward, the second man came over and took me into his mouth. To my surprise I got hard again