Written by Phil

12 Nov 2004

I was driving along on the A41 from Wolverhampton to Market Drayton it was about 9 o'clock in the morning I had been on the road since about 4.30am, when my cock started to getting hard for no reason I tried to ignore it hoping it would die down but no such luck it just got harder, I checked the time and I was due a break. I pulled my 44 ton lorry into a lay-bye in between Newport and Market Drayton(some of you drivers might know it?) By now my cock was hard like an iron rod and showing no signs of going soft i was seriously horny. So I jumped out of the cab and walked down a small track into the woods rubbing my hand over my cock by now I could feel the end of my cock all wet with pre-cum,I came to a spot where the trees became thicker but i couldn't wait any longer I had to get my cock out I stood back next to a tree and started to wank myself off I was enjoying the feeling of my hand going up and down my cock and the fresh air around my balls. I then heard a males voice saying why don't you do that over here come on don't be shy he said, i wasn't quite sure but beening so horny it got the better of me , what the hell I though,I was greated with the sight of a woman squatting next to a tree rubbing her cunt which was shaven and very wet. Hi I am Dave meet the wife Clair she got so hot watching you wank. Next I knew Clair was on the end of my cock sucking and licking like mad Dave got behind her and fucked her with his big cock Clair sucked me deep as Dave fucked her hard and pulled on her big swinging tits. she stoped sucking my cock and said to Dave go on darling suck him off, he sucked my cock good and hard, this was new yo me beening sucked off by a man but who was I to argue I was loving it so much I toldDave I was about to cum, he stoped until Clair joined him licking my cock I came over Dave's face Clair told me to wank Dave off while she liked my spunk off Dave's face. It wasn't long before Clair had my cock in her mouth again which soon had me hard again, this was turning me on so much wanking Dave off that Ifelt my spunk rising from my balls again i warned Clair that I was cumming again she just licked a finger and stuck in up my arse at the sametime I filled her mouth with fresh cum, this was to much for Dave and he shot a great load of spunk over my hand. they both got up and left without saying a word, I did get a wink from Clair as if to say thanks.Everytime Idrive that road I stop in that lay-bye for a wank hoping to get lucky again.

P.S. does any other truck or car drivers get very hard and horny and wet behind the wheel (male or female) all of a sudden like Ido, would love to know and how you deal with it.