Written by Anna and Chris

20 Dec 2003

During the summer of 1993 I was between jobs,we had just moved house,and there was a lot of work to be done on the new one.

Now as it happened our new abode formed part of an old school complex.It was out in the country and quite remote.

Now Anna my wife and I are naturists and this place gave us the ideal oppotunaty to practice this pastime.Anna at this time was 32 and I 34.Anna has a body that always raises more than a few eybrows as she has perfect breasts,with the most magnificent nipples anyone could wish for. a trim body, that is tanned for most of the year,and she is shaven as am I.

Now a friend of ours ,Peter,always knew of our naturist activities,but had never actually witnessed it untill he started to visit us at our new home.He visited us on a fairly regular bassis,as we now lived a lot closer to him than before.

Anna has seen cocks of all shapes and sizes, in all parts of the world,and she has often said that she wouldn't mind the odd fuck on the side provided I didn't mind and I told It was fine by me provided that knew about it and had vetted the guy first.

One morning in July we were wondering about the kitchen when Peter arrived, as usual he just wondered in, Anna was wearing what I can only descibe as an Indian Sqaw's type dress that was very short,and that was all.She looked at me in the way that only a woman who needs a good fucking can,and I nodded.I then made some excuse to go outside.Shortly afterwards Peter came out,rather flushed and told me that Anna had asked him if he would fuck her.He started to appolagise and stutter but I reasured him that if thats what she wanted, and if he was happy, go ahead with my blessing he then ran back into the house.I gave them about twenty minutes to get settled then I went inside.I could hear the moaning of my wife,and the grunting of our friend as they fucked each other.I wandered up the stairs and peared through the open bed room door.Anna was on allfours getting it doggy fashion.At the angle I was to the door, only Anna could see me and as she did she smiled,just like a cat who got the cream,by this time I was wanking.Anna let go in one hell of a noisy orgasm and I came all over the carpet.After she came, she turned on Peter, and took his massive length in her mouth,I now know why she was is ecstacy,it must have been a good nine inches long and her fingers only just met as she grabbed it and wanked for all she was worth.

Peter was near to cumming and so Anna went down on him and took all his cum into her mouth,then suddenly she jumped of the bed,came over to me and kissed me passionately and in doing so passed all of Peters cum onto me which I willingly swallowed.

I know that this is long but I had to set the scene as there is alot more to come if comments are faverable.Including our three and foursomes.