Written by fi

20 Apr 2004


My husband is not that good at DIY, at least the sort that involves home improvements. Whenever we need a job doing its usually a case of trying to find a tradesman, although a lot let you down, or make a crap job, I am sure you have all come across those. We wanted a new fitted kitchen doing, so we got several quotes, and picked the guy who would do the best job, at least we hoped so.

This took place last summer , and as you may remeber it was a little warm in the UK. Steve, the fitter worked hard, he slaved away taking out the old units and prepared everything for the new units. By mid morning he was usually down to his shorts, having stripped off his T shirt. He was about 22, tanned, muscular, quite good looking, and a bit of a dish. We were much the same age, I am 26 married of course, and a bit of a flirt. I often chatted to him whilst working, and gave him cups of tea, or the odd can of beer.

We had a good laugh, and sometimes our chats got smutty, but neither of us minded that. The one day I said he was lucky in this heat, at least he could take his top off. He said I dont mind take yours off if you dare. I laughed and replied that he wouldnt get much work done if I did, he of course said he wouldnt mind that , he was sure something would come up, I knew exactlly what he meant as well. I had a small top not really coverning much anyway, so I pretended to unfasten it, so he could see more flesh, his eyes went wide, I think he had an instant erection. Like I say I am a bit of a tease, and I put it back into place. He hissed in disapproval and called me chicken. I repeated the procedure but this time showed more of my boobs off to him. As I did so his hand went down to the front of his shorts and rubbed his already hard cock through the material. This turned me on , and i thought what the heck, and dropped my top down revealing my bare boobs. In a flsh a hand reached out to massage a nipple sending an electric shock through my body, his head then went down and took it in his mouth. I could feel his hot wet tongue circling my nipple making it very hard and standing proud, it also instantly got my juices flowing.

Next, well we quickly ended up in the bedroom, where we stripped off, and we sucked and fucked for most of the remainder of the day. By late afternoon he had explored every part of my body with his fingers, tongue and his cock. We were both very hot and sweaty, but it just didnt matter becuase he had me in ever way, sucing and licking and fucking me to several orgasms as he kept shooting his spunk in my body.

The kitchen took a lot longer than expected. My husband never knew why, even after it was finished we got steve back to do other jobs, but he was best at doing one job in particular, and that was fucking me.

A few months later I split with my husband, and steve became a very regular visitor. We would fuck for ages, enjoying each others bodies to the extreme, he did things to my body no man has ever done, for instance he was the first guy who ever did anal with me. We are still together, and our sex life is good, very good, we experiment daily, some of the things we do are what I used to call filthy, but now i call the sexciting.

Hope you like hearing about our relationship, stay tuned for more soon. byeeeeeeeeeee x