Written by M&F York

12 Jan 2004


It was a special day – his birthday, and a milestone one at that! I had spent weeks, if not months, trying to think what I could do to make it very special – a day, or rather a night to remember!

We both spent the day at work but that did not stop me from building up his desire from the very start.

I had deliberately worn clothing from which only he would know that something special was in store and throughout the day. I was wearing the underwear that he liked and I wanted him to know it! It started with the first coffee of the day – I arrived in his office with one extra button undone kissing him first with short affectionate kisses before the long lingering kiss of passion and full of promise. My tongue exploring his slowly and deliberately as I run my fingers down his back bringing them round to the front of him, finding his nipples over which I gently ran my fingers. He pulled back as if to resist, as I knew he would, being focused on work at that time of the day. But I was not to be brushed aside and as if to prove to it I moved my hand to his cock, which was hard, as I knew it would be. He knew then that it would be hard to resist me.

I love feeling his cock so I gently ran my finger along the full length of it, feeling it respond despite the restriction of his clothes. He moved towards me and kissed my neck gently, then began kisses down towards breasts. I could feel my nipples hardening with the thrill and anticipation. But this was not the time or the place ........

Throughout the day when we briefly caught sight of one another we signalled in our own secret way. He would smile, then curl his tongue in my direction and on one occasion actually managed to steal a kiss and put his tongue in my ear. I on the other hand had the advantage. I recognised his footsteps and so when I knew he was about to pass my office I quickly undid my buttons and pulled a breast out of my bra, sitting so only he could see its nakedness when he passed by.

It became unbearable. I wanted him so much – in fact, I always want him and I knew he wanted me. We have good sex, passionate sex, loving sex and best of all we experiment. We are so much at one with one another that we enjoy trying new ways of enjoying each other’s bodies and giving pleasure to one another.

We finished work early that day as we had planned to spend the night away and celebrate – he just did not know what I had planned – a night of sheer unadulterated passion, lust and satisfaction ..........

.............I lingered in the shower and awaited his arrival. We both love feeling the water over our bodies as we embrace and this was where I wanted our night to start.

As he joined me in the shower we kissed, our tongues entwining slowly at first, becoming faster and deeper as we became aroused. I have always enjoyed the way he kisses especially when he drinks in my taste (to use his words).

I turn him round so that I am stood behind him and lather up the soap on my hands beginning to wash and caress his body starting with his neck and then moving downwards. Once the soap has covered his back I run my nails over his shoulders at first hearing him moan with pleasure. I then move them slowly and firmly down his spine to his bum. I do this several times, but each one going slightly lower until I run my nails into the crack of his bum. I then his grab his bum firmly, one buttock in each hand. I just love the feel of his bum and I know he likes it too. I release my grip and move both hands round to the front of him and begin caressing his balls, feeling his cock growing harder still. I press my fingers hard against the hard bit underneath them at the base of his cock and feel it respond by flexing upwards even more. Meanwhile my desire is becoming more and more unbearable. I want him in me desperately but know that I must wait if we are both to achieve the ultimate orgasm and we do have the whole night to go.

I move my hands upward towards his cock grabbing it firmly with both hands. I use it gently to turn him round to face me. I move my head forward my tongue finding his left nipple. I lick it gently and sensuously at first before using my teeth to bite it firmly and painlessly. I then move to his right nipple giving this the same treatment.

At the same time my hands are holding him close to me by his buttocks which I am gripping with my nails.

Now whilst he loves having his body caressed he is not very good at “just taking it” when he is facing me. His hands have been exploring my body softly and gently until I grip his buttocks – he then does the same. But instead of leaving them there he raises his hand and smacks first the left buttock and then the right leaving my bum stinging under the warm water. This had the effect of heightening my desire. I looked into his face and grinned before dropping to my knees and taking his cock in my mouth. He says he loves the way I caress his cock with my tongue and to be honest I love doing it.

I gently take his cock into my mouth using my tongue. I begin by running my tongue around the ridge near the top finding the spot that goes so hard when I touch it that it causes his cock to flex and stiffen even more. I rub my tongue up and down several times on this spot feeling his pleasure and desire. I then take my tongue down the full length of his shaft taking as much of him as I can in my throat. I enjoy this so much that I am now able to take him so that the tip of his cock touches the back of my throat. I suck hard and pull back so that my mouth is encircling the tip. I then move backwards and forwards rhythmically and firmly so that as I pull away the sucking motion pulls him back into my mouth. He moans with desire. I look up and see the pleasure in his face. He sees me and smiles back – there is no mistaking the desire in his eyes. He grabs my head in his hands and moves it backwards and forwards at the speed he wants – his cock getting harder and harder as he moves towards his climax. But not now ......

I pull away, standing up and drawing him to me. I want to feel his arms around me and I need to kiss him. There is no mistaking the desire and urgency is beginning to take over. We both grab towels and leave the shower, going towards the bed. I have wrapped mine around me but he has left his. He grabs me from behind before we reach the bed, turning me to face him before we fall together onto the mattress.

He kisses my lips, my neck, my breasts – biting my nipples quite hard whilst I moan with undiluted pleasure. He moves downwards towards my pussy. Once there, there is no delaying his tongue, which he inserts instantly. He wants to taste my pussy juice before he enters me. He drinks in the taste and then wasting no time inserts his cock. We move together slowly at first, then faster as we move towards our climax. It was essential that we did this now, on our own and I let him dictate the pace for now.

We lay together briefly gathering our breath. He was puzzled – why had I let him climax so soon. I smiled but gave away nothing. It was too soon.

He lay on his back and I lay on my stomach looking into his eyes. He grinned and asked me what I was up to. I responded by saying that I did not know what he was talking about and did he not realise just how much I had wanted him all day.

I leant forward kissing all over his chest moving slowly towards his cock which was beginning to stir again despite his denial that he was ready to begin again. I teased him by taking his half erect cock in my mouth moving my tongue around it before moving my teeth gently up and down on its tip. Then I stopped and stood up to face him. There was a look of surprise and anticipation on his face.

I told him that I had some new underwear that I wanted to show him and I went to put it on whilst he lay naked on the bed. I suggested that he put a dressing gown on which he duly did but not without asking why. I told him he would find out soon enough and that he should not be so inquisitive.

Music has been an important part of our relationship so he puts on the CD – one of his favourites by Paul Weller.

I reappear before him wearing a silk camisole and french knickers in a soft pink– his favourite kind of underwear. I moved towards him gyrating slowly to the music. He smiles with anticipation as I get closer. I turn round so that my back is towards him and wriggle my bum sensuously in his direction bending over as I do so. I slowly stand, turn and move towards him where he is sat on a chair. Moving rhythmically I straddle his legs and sit on his lap. I hold his head in my hands and kiss his lips passionately. I can feel his cock rising underneath me.

I move my hands down his neck and onto his shoulder blades using my nails to stimulate him. He kisses my neck whilst his hands are moving down my back towards my bum. He murmurs in my ears – its about time he says – he wants to explore my “tight little arse”. When I tell him he can’t, well at least not now, he starts to protest wanting to know why. I tell him later – there is plenty of time later.

Time is running away with us. I hate watching the clock when we are together but tonight it was essential. I had planned a surprise for him but on my terms – that was why I had let us both climax so early in the evening. I was about to fulfil one of his fantasies – one that we had talked about many times but I needed to be in control. Whilst I love his body and satisfying him I did not like the thought of him getting pleasure from someone else and certainly not with me there. I was nervous and it was beginning to show – remember he still knows nothing of what is planned. He is beginning to get agitated – his desire for me is getting the better of him.

Just as I begin to think I should tell him, the telephone rings. It is the hotel receptionist advising me that his birthday present has arrived. He looks at me puzzled as I return the phone to its receiver preoccupied in my thoughts – what am I letting myself in for. I pull myself together and smile at him, after all it is his birthday present and I want him to be happy and enjoy himself.

To his surprise and without a word I throw on a dress, kiss him briefly on the lips and then leave the room telling him I will be back in five minutes. His face was a picture.

I arrive in reception to meet our guests for the evening. I then escort them back to our room. I open the door feeling exhilarated and apprehensive. I do hope that he will be pleased ..........

Part 2

I walked through first with our guests following behind. He was reclined on the bed, dressing gown still on. I cannot describe my feelings at this moment in time – a total mixture of anticipation, apprehension, fear but most of all love. Love for a man I adore and want to please but at the same time apprehension, as I am really not sure how he is going to react.

As he sees who is behind me his face mirrors his thoughts – he is smiling at me all the time but I can see his mind racing through a million questions and emotions – where did they come from? who are they? why are they here? surely she hasn’t changed her mind that much? Do I really want this? Can I handle this all or is my bravado about to get the better of me? I can’t believe it?

As we make our introductions, I see him exploring the faces and bodies of the two girls that have joined us. Both are attractive and slim, one is a petite brunette whilst the other is slightly taller and blonde. I have been careful in my selections – both are definitely sophisticated and there is nothing common about them – their voices, dress sense and general demeanour have style. He likes the best and this is definitely what I am giving him. But at what price I begin to think…….

I had briefed them both on the way to the room as to what was expected of them, as I wanted events to be spontaneous and as natural as possible but at the same time certain things were “no go”. I snuggle up to him on the bed whilst the girls begin.

The music is still playing so they begin dancing slowly and seductively but separately. As the tempo builds they move towards one another and start to undo each other clothes whilst continuing to gyrate rhythmically. I watch his face as he follows the girls’ every move and I feel his cock as it starts to respond. His arm tightens around me and he starts to explore my body through my clothes without taking his eyes off the girls. My body tenses against his and I feel my nipples hardening with desire.

The girls are now dancing in their underwear – skimpy bras and thongs. One of them has taken hold of a bottle of oil and starts massaging it into the other one’s back undoing her bra straps. She is facing us and her bra drops to the floor as her partner brings her well-oiled hands around the front of her and starts to gently massage her breasts. Her nipples begin to harden and she begins to murmur with pleasure and desire. The masseuse responds to these murmurs by kissing gentle kissing her neck moving down towards her breasts. She takes the right one in her mouth while her hands move down towards her butt which she grips firmly turning her round so that we can see what she is about to do. She loosens her grip and moves her right hand round to the crease in her bum and slowly moves her index finger downwards along the line of her thong and then down the inside of her leg.

He is definitely enjoying the floorshow and briefly turns towards me instructing me to remove my dress and sit between his legs with my back resting full length against him. I do as he asks just as the girls swap over so that they are both covered in oil with their bodies glistening in the dimmed lights. By now both are only wearing their thongs as they continue to move rhythmically together closely so that their whole bodies are rubbing together seductively.

His cock is hard against my back as he watches and his hands are exploring my breasts. I appreciate the art of what I can see but it is not doing anything to heighten my desire. He is achieving this by the way in which his massaging of my body – I realise that he is mirroring what he is watching. I am not sure how I feel about this but I do know that I am enjoying what I can feel. He removes my camisole top and moves me so that he can suck my nipples before returning me so that we are both facing the girls. His hands continue to circle my breasts and he begins pinching my nipples between his thumb and index finger. They harden and protrude even further.

Most of the time his eyes have been fixed on the girls who have continued dancing but have also started to become interested in what we have been doing. He moves his right hand down my body towards my pussy with his hand inside my French knickers. I move closer into his body opening my legs wide to encourage him to find the wetness and warmth that awaits him. But this is not what he wants so he closes my legs with his firmly and removes my last item of clothing leaving me naked in front of not him but the girls. I feel vulnerable – they are least partially covered.

His hand returns to my pussy and he begins to fondle me openly in front of them. He nods his head at them both and they take his lead. They each remove each other’s thongs. The blonde takes the lead and starts rubbing her hands over the brunette’s breasts. The brunette moves to sit on the chair, which is slightly to the right hand side of the bed. The blonde moves to join her on her left side. She bends over so that her pert little breasts drop down and her bottom is stuck out at a perfect right angle. This heightens his senses and he starts to explore inside my pussy hard and deep.

Meanwhile she takes the brunette’s left nipple in her mouth whilst her right hand starts to move up and down the top of her legs. She moves her hand slowly and sensuously up and down the leg getting nearer and nearer to her partners pussy. As she does so, I feel his fingers exploring deeper and deeper within me whilst the brunette has responded by opening her legs so that we can both see her pussy lips which have started to swell.

I suddenly realise that she has exactly the same view of me as I have responded to my pleasure by opening my legs apart and she has full view of my pussy and what he is doing to me. I snap my legs shut with embarrassment. He murmurs words of encouragement in my ears and tells me how much he is enjoying himself and that I must let myself go with the flow.

The girls however have been taking their lead from him and the brunette starts to explore the blonde’s pussy with her fingers. She parts the girl’s outer lips with her left hand and inserts two fingers. She continues to move her fingers in and out and brunette moves against her to heighten her pleasure. The blonde moves round to face and bends over with her legs straddled so that we can see the action between her legs. But the brunette reaches out to get something from her left, which stops the blonde from continuing her task. At first I cannot see what it is.

But it is not long before I realise that it is a vibrator. She turns it on and starts to rub the outer lips of the blonde’s pussy and then inserts it firmly into her. She arches her back with desire and she stands upright as the vibrator massages deep inside her. She moans with pleasure and uses her hands to massage her own breasts. She steps back so that her legs are against the bed and lays back at right angles to us. The brunette moves with her and lays on her kissing her breasts.

This is too close to comfort for me – they are now invading our space and she is far to close to my man.

As if to establish my claim and remind them of our pre-sex meeting I turn to face him. He is loving every minute of it and he looks as though he has found heaven. I undo his dressing gown revealing his manhood erect and proud to be alive. My fingers find his nipples and start to caress them and then I move my move to the left one. My tongue gently circles it and I use my lips and teeth to tweak it, then I bite it firmly – it is as if I want to bring him back down to earth – to me! Briefly he takes his eyes off the girls and grins at me. At least I have his attention for a minute before it returns to the girls.

They have changed position so that each can access the other’s pussy with their tongues. They have begun to explore each other, their bodies sliding with the oil applied earlier.

I take his cock in my mouth and begin to tease the tip with my tongue. It responds by flexing rapidly several times. I run my tongue down the shaft returning to the very top, which I gently take between my teeth and stimulate it with a gentle “chomping” action. His whole body moves in pleasure as I take his cock into my mouth deeply so that I can feel it at the back of my throat. I gentle run my tongue up and down and then sucking hard withdraw my mouth to the tip again. I begin sucking so hard that the force of it pulls his cock back into my mouth as I draw away. I continue this movement for several minutes sneaking glances at his face to see the pleasure. His eyes are closed, as he is totally absorbed with what I am doing. I feel I have regained control and stop moving my mouth to his balls sucking each in turn.

This brings him back into the present and he opens his eyes directly on to the girls. Either they have realised that my space had been invaded or they had decided to change the action. They had moved from the end of the bed and were sat on the dressing table stool sharing a double-ended vibrator. It was inserted into both of them and they were caressing one another absorbed in their own pleasure. Their hands explored each other’s breasts and backs whilst their tongues were licking each other necks between passionate kissing.

I return my attentions to his cock – his whole body is indicating how close he is to climax so I concentrate my efforts. I take his cock in my mouth again and begin the rhythmical sucking motion whilst gripping his bum hard. I use my grip to help move his hips towards me. He hardens and I feel the pulsating of his juices as they move along his shaft. He tries to pull away saying it is too soon. I ignore him and continue until he succumbs to my demanding mouth. He tries hard to hold back and I can feel him tensing against me. I use my tongue and release the tension by sensuously running it around the ridge and tip. I can taste his pre-cum and this heightens my determination. I suck harder and harder. Within seconds he has shot his cum down my throat. He collapses back against the top of the bed in exhaustion – “mind blowing” he whispers – “fucking good, again please”. Later I respond as I lick the excess cum from around my lips. He smiles as I remind him that we have plenty of time for more.

The girls are absorbed in their own pleasure and soon after he has cum it is obvious that both have reached a climax of their own.

He grips me hard against him as the girls reach their climaxes. “Only you now” he says and grins. I know that grin but I am really not sure………………

Part 3

I know that look ……. and I am really not sure that I am ready – for two reasons. Despite my wanting to please him, I still feel that the sex, love, passion is private to the two people in the relationship. I am not used to showing my emotions let alone my climaxes to a third party.

As my mind is racing through all these thoughts, he is caressing my body gently. He begins by planting butterfly kisses over my face soothing away my doubts about let my body give into the passions and lust that it so desperately seeks despite the presence of the girls in the room.

They are both watching as he skilfully works my body taking in all the movements that we both make – him giving pleasure and my responding. They keep their distance and the blonde starts to emulate the same actions on the brunette. He is fully aware of what they have started to do and whilst he is moving his head down my neck I can sense his eyes watching the girls.

This increases the urgency in him. His kisses start to be replaced by his tongue searching over my skin as it approaches my left nipple. Meanwhile his left hand has been rubbing sensuously down the outside of my right thigh. He tantalises me by moving this hand over the top of my leg so that I think it is going in search of my pussy that I know is wet and ready for him. But just as I think he is about to touch it he withdraws his back to the outer edge again. It is so tormenting and only serves to make me more wanting and my nipples stand hard and erect as if to advertise this fact to everyone.

He nibbles my left nipple gently at first and then harder as he feels me responding to his touch moving to the right nipple without hesitation. My body is writhing with pleasure and quite clearly I need to feel him touch my pussy. But he is determined to make me wait.

He continues to caress under my breasts and down my stomach with his hands with his gaze firmly fixed on the girls. I turn to see what has attracted his attention.

The girls have begun to move fast with each other. The blonde has finished her caressing of the brunette and is playing with the vibrator. First she gently stimulates her own pussy by rubbing the vibrator along the outer lips of her pussy and as she does the brunette, who is standing behind her is massaging both her breasts with well-oiled hands. The blonde’s breasts shine in the dimmed lights. The blonde’s pleasure clearly shows on her face. She is sitting with her legs spread wide so that we can both clearly see which part of her pussy she is stimulating – her pussy lips look fat and juicy and I know he is thinking how nice it would be to suck them for her – but this is not part of the game plan and he knows that without it being said!

But this can only work to my advantage – it has heightened his desire and he turns his attention to me and I just love it.

His kissing is moving closer and closer to my pussy. I can sense the tension in my body as he moves nearer and nearer and I can feel my pussy juices seeping out of me and following the contours of my body so that they are beginning to fill the crevice of my bum. He will be delighted when he finally gets there!

But it appears that he has abruptly changed his mind and he leaves the bed going in the direction of the girls who have now swopped over so that the brunette is playing with the vibrator whilst the blonde caresses her neck, breasts with her hands and lips. As he moves towards the bathroom the blonde moves her head down to the brunette’s pussy and begins to lick her pussy juices.

He watches transfixed before reaching into the bathroom for something that I cannot quite see from where I am and returns to me. I must admit that I am really beginning to get a little put off by the fact that I do not appear to have his full attention. He has developed my lovemaking skills considerably during our relationship to the extent that I have become confident with my own wants and demands and there is no doubt about it – I can be very demanding!

But I should not have worried. He is a very attentive lover getting pleasure not only from of his own satisfaction but mine as well. In fact, he is so open about his unadulterated joy when I climax that I find myself welling up with emotion as we share the pleasure equally and unequivocally.

He has begun to touch me again – his left hand resting on my stomach. I become aware that he has started to apply a gentle pressure to my stomach just as I feel my pussy being fondled – but not by his fingers. I recognise at once the soft revolving rubber end of the vibrator. He is seeking to part my outer pussy lips with it and the vibrations against them are really arousing my senses. I need to be fucked. I need to feel something in my pussy and at this moment in time anything will do as long as it firm and thrusts hard into me. He knows this but he continues to make me wait.

Between my moans of frustration he explains – “you deserve to be made to wait. You have tormented me. If you are going to be a naughty girl then deserve to be punished and make no doubt about it you will be – oh boy will you be punished!”

He continues to rub the vibrator against my pussy lips as he moves his left hand down to open them wide so that he can force the vibrator into my pussy. He pushes hard and deep and I can feel the pulsating inside me. It is glorious – my head leaves my body with pleasure. The high I can feel is tremendous and I start to lose my grip on reality. He realises this and withdraws the vibrator – “not yet, definitely not yet!”

He puts his head down between my legs and I can feel his tongue exploring gently at first as he licks just inside my pussy lips with short movements just like that used to lick an ice lolly – first the right hand side and then the left. Once he has had his full he inserts his tongue fully into my pussy making a slurping noise as he sucked in the copious juices that were there for the taking. He closely his lips around my clitoris sucking firmly.

He returns to the open recess of my pussy and takes his fill of my pussy juices before inserting the vibrator once again. This time he has also activated the second vibrating piece, which he holds against the clitoris whilst the main part stimulates deep within me. I cannot contain myself as I begin to move into that all encompassing thrill of pleasure, which knows no boundaries – my senses are reeling, I can feel myself sinking and sinking fast as the ecstasy overtakes my whole body. I want that climax and oh boy am I going to get it no matter what!

He knows me well and knows that now is the time to push the boundaries even further. He is not going to let me climax before he gets me to submit. I must agree and promise to fulfil his greatest fantasy ………….. what have I let myself in for ………..

Part 4 (a)

I made my promise and now I am going to have to keep it. I can see his senses aroused – his cock is standing to attention in anticipation. Oh boy I am going to have to make this good.

I signal to the girls and we depart to the bathroom where we cover ourselves up with skimpy underwear. But over the top of mine I put on one of his blue working shirts. I have worn it before and he loved it – the passion it aroused before the lovemaking was fantastic. I was determined to recreate that with the added bonus of the two girls.

We emerged from the bathroom together. I immediately turned my attention to putting on some more music – Brian Ferry this time – I just love his husky sexy voice and I knew that when I heard his music, music we had shared together many times, that it would heighten my desire to be one sexy horny bitch and give him the show of his life.

We began moving around one another in sensuous movements to the music, our hands gliding up and down each others’ bodies. We had not practised but somehow it all happened in time and we must have looked like the professionals that men like go to see. I move to the middle and stand on one spot gyrating slowly to the music lost in my own world whilst both girls danced round me – I guess emulating movements similar to those of the pole dancers. The blonde begins running her hands over my breasts and I can feel my nipples hardening under her touch – it felt a little strange to find myself responding sexually to this female touch. The brunette meanwhile had started to run her hands up and down my bare legs taking them under the shirt and up my thighs. My legs started to tingle and I feel the ache I feel when I want him bad.

He sits on the bed watching alternately transfixing his eyes between m face, to see how I was responding, and the girls watching their caressing hand movements. He could clearly see my arousal at their touches. His cock is hard and sitting proud – he becomes engrossed in the floorshow and his hand moves to his cock.

Just as he takes hold of his cock, the brunette’s right hand touches my pussy through my french panties - I feel a sudden thrill at the gentleness of the touch – quite different from a man’s. I see his pleasure as he realises what has happened since he still cannot see because of his shirt. But that was what I wanted. If I was going to perform for him then it had to last and had to be good as I knew that once it was over he would claim me back as his hard and fast and without patience in the satisfaction of his heightened desire.

Having tested that I was receptive to the more intimate touches of the girls, the brunette stands and with the help of the blonde removes the shirt over my head as I squirm out from underneath in seductive gyrating movements. As I am released from the shirt, I progress across the floor slowly towards him.

On reaching the edge of the bed I bend over at right angles and gently take his cock in my mouth. I have been watching him working his shaft of hardness in his hand and it has been too much for me. I really feel that it is my role to give him pleasure from his body and he really does not need to do while I am there.

By bending over and spreading my legs to maintain my balance I have presented my both my pussy and my (and I quote) “my tight little arse” in the girls direction. This is an opportunity that they are only too willing to grasp.

I am now absorbed in giving him pleasure with my tongue caressing his shaft as I gently lick up and down. When I reach the tip I circle my tongue around the sensitive ridge lingering on the bit where the nerve feels knotted and taut. I love it when I touch here as it responds to my touch by flexing his cock harder against my tongue – not only do I hear his pleasure as his moans deep from within his throat but I can feel it.

I am enjoying myself so much that I have hardly noticed that both girls have moved to caress my body. My bra has been moved so swiftly that I had not realised until I feel the brunette hands caressing my breasts – the delicacy of the touch was electrifying and my nipples hardened quickly and became so erect that it was almost painful. As she touches me she lies on the bed at right angles to us and on her back slowly moves her between us, but without interrupting my now rhythmical sucking movements on his cock.

In his pleasure he sees the blonde between us and catches sight of her extending her tongue to reach my nipples. I feel as though I am going to explode. Her tongue is soft and velvety not a bit like a man’s and oh boy – just how do I describe that feeling. I am really beginning to enjoy myself and I know that it is enhancing my own acts of passion on his cock. He is trying to lie back and enjoy the pleasure but he does not want to miss anything – not one thing. He starts to caress my neck and shoulders with his hands as if this will stop him from falling back into oblivion.

I look up into his face as I have been able to hear how much he is enjoying himself but I want to see it. He looks down at me. I cannot easily describe the look he gives me – a mixture of pleasure and exhilaration consumes his face whilst his eyes glisten and sparkle with the love that we share. But it was all too brief – one of those looks that you cannot last but that you hold in your head and heart for years to come.

I feel great – my man is in heaven and so am I. It is at this moment that the brunette decides that now is the time for my panties to be removed making my very wet and throbbing pussy accessible ................

Part 4 (b)

As she inserts her fingers gently under each of the outer sides of my panties and grips them at my hips I can feel her hot breath on my right bum cheek. It feels warm and inviting and as I absorb the warmth her tongue reaches out and begins to caress it in slow circular movements as she moves her head so that I can feel the wetness spreading across the whole cheek. Her right hand pulls this side of my panties downwards as she lifts her head momentarily before licking me once again. As she continues licking her left hand moves my panties over my left hip so that they sit just below my bum cheeks.

I have had to move my legs together and now I am feeling constricted. I desperately want to open my legs but my panties restrict me. I feel the frustration building up in me – my pussy is throbbing and it definitely needs to see some action now. I move my bum seductively from side to side and it soon becomes clear to him that I begun to get lost in my own arousal. He is not put out though and he removes himself gently from underneath me inching across the bed so as not to interrupt the flow of the action. He wants to watch so he moves himself to a vantagepoint where he will miss nothing. He has waited too long for me to agree to this fantasy and he wants to drink it all in.

The blonde concentrates on my breasts and neck. She stays underneath using her mouth and tongue to stimulate and arouse me whilst she inserts her hands between my thighs which are still held tight by my panties. In a short sharp downward movement she pushes hard against them and they fall to my ankles. I step out and spread my legs. Her fingers begin to explore my inner thigh moving slowing towards my pussy – my clitoris begins to throb with desire of her touch.

The brunette is still kissing and licking my bum but has begun to concentrate on the join between the two. She begins by kissing the base of my spine just above and then moves her tongue downward into the crease towards my “tight little arse”. As she reaches her goal she licks around the hole before moving further downward towards my pussy. I can feel her tongue as it reaches the outer lips searching for the hole before darting her tongue in and out quickly. The ecstasy of feeling her tongue probing me at speed combined with the gentleness of the blonde’s touch on my clitoris sends me into a euphoria of pleasure that defies words. It consumed my whole body and I squirm finding it difficult to maintain my posture – I just want to collapse on the bed and fall into the pleasure of it all.

Sensing this the girls succeed in moving positions casually without interruption so that I find myself flat on my back on the bed with the blonde at right angles over me massaging oil into my breasts, alternately caressing my nipples with her tongue and fingers. My breasts hardened and swell with the continuing pleasure of it all.

The brunette has moved my legs so that my knees are bent holding my legs spread-eagled at the edge of the bed giving her full access to my pussy and arse. She has begun licking me – her tongue finding my swollen clitoris and she begins to lick rhythmically up and down. I feel myself sinking, sinking into that depth of oblivion that precedes my climax. I feel great – it feels wonderful.

I sneak a look at him and can see him watching me intensely, as I become absorbed in my pre-cum writhing. He knows my body so well that I know he is feeling every part of me without the need to touch me – my skin as it starts to moisten with the intensity of the feeling, the muscle spasms that make my legs shake, the way I like to grip my hand, the way I raise my bum as I move into the climax. Above all he can hear my pleasure since there is no way that I can keep this to myself – the moans that leave my lips are without control no matter how much I try to bite my lips and be quiet.

I move to my climax – I have lost total control of my body and only the final orgasm will release me from the tension, passion and desire that I need to feel sated. My head blows – I see stars and my legs thrash out as the moment arrives. It was just so so different.

As I feel my juices spurting out of me and running down into the crease of my bum I realise that he has seen it too.

He advances towards me desire in his eyes. I can see his lips moving but cannot hear what he is saying. He moves the girls out of the way thanking them for “cuming” and saying that it is his turn now.

He puts his head between my legs and I can feel him sucking my pussy juices and murmuring with pleasure.

The girls realise that they are not required any more and quietly leave the room. As the door closes he looks up and after licking the last of my pussy juice off his lips, he takes me in his arms and hugs me tight.

I can tell he has enjoyed himself and I feel all warm and pleased that my birthday present was a success – but not without remonstration. He holds me away from him and looks me long and hard in the face with a determination that both thrills me and fills me with dread – I know what that price will be. My mind begins to race as the realisation of what he is saying hits me.

“Now you very naughty sexy little minx. You have opened Pandora’s box and there is no telling what is going to happen now. For one thing you must be punished – you have been so naughty that this cannot go unpunished” ...