Written by Andrew

16 Mar 2016

You may remember my first post on here on 14th January about how I first met Mel, a very pregnant 22 year old. We met after I had driven through a large puddle (well a flood) on my way home and had covered her in water. Anyway, read the first part to see how we met.......

I had allowed Mel to move into my vacant cottage in Yorkshire, firstly to ensure that no one tries to break in as had happened sometime ago, second Mel was very pregnant and was fed up with her parents being very over protective, and thirdly she said she would give me 'a very warm welcome' next time I'm in Yorkshire.

Over the last few months, we have been Skyping in the evenings, sometimes just a chat and other times she puts on a 'show' to let me know what's waiting for me next time I'm up.

Mel had had the baby in early September, a few weeks after I had gone back home to East Sussex (I must add that the baby is not mine, she was about 8 months when we met) and she has slowly been losing the pounds that she had put on during her pregnancy.

Mel is 5 ft 5 in tall, blonde hair that comes just under her shoulder blades, she was about 13 st while she was pregnant, but says she's lost quite a bit. She had the most amazing tits, very swollen and the nipples were enlarged and would harden instantly when touched. She loved to have her nipples sucked mainly because she was producing so much milk before she gave birth, she said that her tits were painful (and I enjoyed sucking them).

Earlier in the week during one of our Skype sessions, I said that I would be travelling up on Thursday and said we could go out for a meal if she wanted and that I was looking forward to seeing her again, she said that she was so excited to see me again that she was already very wet and horny (she proceeded to show me how wet she was by moving the camera down to her pussy and sliding in two fingers).

On Thursday afternoon I drove up to Yorkshire and arrived at my cottage about 4.30, I hadn't even switched of the engine when Mel came running out of the house and threw her arms around me and gave me a long kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth. We went into the house and she immediately said 'lets go upstairs now, I've been dying to fuck you again'

I asked where her baby was and she said 'my parents have her, they normally have her over the weekend for me'. With that, she pulled me up the stairs and into the main bedroom, she kissed me and began to undo my trousers, I said 'can I have a shower first, it's been a long drive', Mel said 'okay, I'll join you'.

Within seconds, Mel was standing before me completely naked, her lovely smooth tits were bouncing with excitement. I stripped and she took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom. She opened the cubicle door, stepped in and turned on the shower, the water cascading over her young, smooth body, I stepped in and closed the door, then began to kiss me hard pushing her tongue into my mouth. Her lovely tits (which hadn’t gotten any smaller) pushing against my chest.

As I slide a finger into her pussy, she began to moan, parting her lips more for me. Then she said ‘I want you in me now’

As Mel had lost quite a bit of weight, so I managed to lift her up onto my already hard cock, her lips parting as my cock pushed into her smooth pussy. She let out a low moan. As she slide all the way down onto my cock she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my knee as she continued to kiss me. I pushed her against the wall and slowly started to slide in and out of her. I had both hands under her arse supporting her, so I slide my left hand further round and found her arse, I gently pushed one finger into her arse, as I did she gasped and said ‘no one’s done that to me before’, so I slide it in and out, a bit further in each time as my cock slide in and out of her. After a few minutes Mel gasped into my ear ‘fuck, I’m cummin, I want you to cum’.

I began pumping into her a bit faster, I was already excited when I arrived - the thought of fucking this 22 year old again after seeing her naked on Skype all those times. I could feel my balls tighten, ‘I’m gonna cum’ I said, Mel said ‘good give it to me, all of it’.

A few seconds later, my first shots of cum pumped into her pussy.

I could feel her cunt muscles tightening as she came, as she dug her nails into my back. I kept sliding in and out of her, until my cock went limp and slide out.

We showered each other and then went into the bedroom, after I had recovered, Mel said, ‘I’d like you to do me the way you did when I was pregnant’. ‘How was that?’ I asked, Mel said ‘with your tongue first, then from behind again’

I spent about an hour teasing her to orgasm using just my tongue, and making her cum two or three times just by licking her. Then she said ‘no more, I want you to fuck me from behind again’.

So, being one not to let a girl down, I got her to kneel on the bed and hold onto the headboard, I easily slide into her as she was so wet still, I slowly slide into her, then out and then rammed it back in again and again. Mel was moaning and squirming every time I slide into her. I said to her ‘look left’, she did and could see both of us in a mirror, I could see her beautiful tits swinging back and forth every time I rammed into her, I could also the her lovely large nipples that looked really big, so I reached around and squeezed them both, milk oozed from her nipples. Every squeeze seemed to make her more horny, so I carried on playing with her nipples, squeezing and flicking them.

After several minutes she panted ‘fucking hell, I’m cummin again’, so I quickened my pace and after a few minutes I was shooting my load back into her again. Mel’s orgasm seemed to intensify as I shot my cum into her. When we both finished, we collapsed onto the bed and lay there for ages cuddling.

Mel said ‘so, did you really find me attractive when I was pregnant?’

I said ‘Yes, I find a pregnant belly a real turn on’

‘So would you like to fuck me again with a baby belly’ she asked

‘Why’ I asked ‘are you pregnant again?’

‘Not yet’, she said ‘but we didn’t use anything, so you never know’

Where we spent the next few hours teasing and pleasing each other before going out for dinner, not near where she lived, just in case her parents saw us. Mel wore a figure hugging, low cut dress, that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Half way through the meal she whispered ‘I didn’t put on any underwear, so if you want to have fun on the way home….’

That’s another story, so is the next few days before I went back to work.