Written by mandy ,boyfriend ,stranger

3 Mar 2004

i had been seeing mandy for about 6 months , our sex was ok , i began to ask her about her past lovers etc , her experiances , all the time whilst i was fucking her i would ask about her lovers and what they got upto when she was fucking ,all the sex talk whilst we where fucking made my cock harder and mandys cunt wetter ,

one evening we where fooling around on the bed , i was giving mandy an oil massage, allowing my fingers to trace down the crack of her arse and further down between her slightly opened legs i would find her wet and oilly cunt ,she began to talk about this old boy friend who allways wanted to fuck mandy outdoors , in parks , car parks etc ,

this guy would buy her very sexy short skirts and loose fitting tops and he would insist that mandy wouldnt wear any underwear or a bra , mandy told me about this boyfriend who would take out for a meal and a drink, and she would enjoy being finger fucked whilst sat in a bar or restaurant, then afterwards they would strole through a local park , usually from about 1-30 am in the morning, mandy would take her boyfriends cock out whilst sitting on a park bench and wank and suck his cock , he would lift her top and raise her skirts and play with her tits and finger her cunt even more ,

it was one particular earliy morning session that they noticed that a guy was watching them , he was stood about 20 yards away with his cock out , wanking , they moved to the picnic area of the park , and the stranger followed them , mandy and her boyfriend stood near the picnic tables ,

mandy took his cock in her hand and began wanking her boyfriends cock right in front of there onlooker, infact as mandy was wanking his cock she had made sure that the guy could see what she had in her hands and what she was doing , giving her boyfriend a good long slow wanking at the same time he had took mandys tits out and was finger fucking her cunt ,

the stranger drew nearer and mandy began to get nervous as he approached them , mandy stopped her wanking , but her boyfriend told her to carry on , her breathing was very shallow as she continued to wank her boyfriends cock , within 1 minute the guy was stood next to them , his coxck was hard and he was also wanking himself ,mandys boyfriend lifted mandy onto the picnic table and instructed her to lie down and to make sure that her arse was level with the edge of the table ,

mandy did as she was told , and she lifted her legs straight up in the air as her boyfriend started to finger fuck her cunt again and to slide his fingers across mandys clitty , he tried to feel for her tits but they where too far away ,

all this time the stranger was working his way to the side of the table , closer to mandy and was continually wanking his cock , the boyfriend had now worked his cock into mandys thighs and was rubbing his hard cock onto her inner thighs whilst mandy held her cunt lips open ,ever so gently he slid his 7 inch cock inside her cunt , causing her to gently gasp and moan , holder her thighs with his hands the boyfriend began fucking mandys dripping cunt and al 3 could hear the squelching sounds comming from mandys cunt as her boyfriend fucked ,

the boyfriend was banging away at mandys cunt at a slow and steady pace when he told the other guy that he could play with mandys tits , but the invite was too late , the guy allready had his hands on mandys tits , kneading then and pulling on her nipples ,

it was very exciting ,you could hear a pin drop , apart from all 3s breathing and sex noises , squelching and grunting ,the guy took hold of mandys head and turned her face towards him and offered his cock to mandys mouth , which she had no problems in taking , as he fed his hard throbbing cock into her mouth , and the bitch was enjoying every inch of his 7 inches ,

the boyfriends pace had increased to a steady thusting and many was groaning louder and enjoying being screwed at both ends at the same time , the next thing mandy knew was that her boyufriend had shot his spunk into mandy and he was holding onto her thighs very hard till he had emptied his spunk deep into mandys wet and greedy cunt , mandy let out a gasp and began to shake with her 3rd orgasm ,

the stranger had now removed his hard cock from mandys cunt and was wanking very fast, the boyfriend was now sitting on the bench recovering as the stranger told them both that he was about to shoot his load , and where would they both like to see it land , in unison mandy and her boyfriend said , up my / her cunt, stick your cock up this sluts cunt and fill her up with your hot spunk ,

still wanking hid cock hew moved to mandys cunt , her legs was dripping with her own cum and the spunk that her boyfriend had filled her up with , as he poked his cock into mandys waiting and eager cunt mandy gave out a very loud cry of enjoyment , tell the guy to fuck her , fuck her cunt until he cums ,

the guy started to fuck mandy with no mercy , banging her cunt and hearing her fanny squelching with spunk and cunt cum he thrust his cock deep inside and clamped onto mandys thighs , just as her boyfriend had done 3-4 minutes ago , calling mandy all the sluts and whores he could ,he gave one final great thrust and shot his spunk into mandys body , he had filled to over flowing , his and the boyfriends spunk was flowing from mandys wet and spunk sodden cunt , from her cunt and onto the picnic tabe and then dropping onto the grass below her ,

all 3 stayed together for about 1/2 hour more enjoying a cigarette , exchanging experiances and e-mail addresses, before they left the park they agrred to meet again the following saturday evening , this happened in the hull area and as far as i know it still goes on , would love to show a couple / lady how + where, get in touch if you are interested