Written by Chloe

8 Jun 2006

One afternoon last summer my husband, Phil, suggested that we go for a walk in the woods that run along the bottom of our country garden. It was a really warm day so I changed into a cool dress.

Phil grabbed a bottle of wine from the cooler plus some french bread and cheese, whilst I rummaged for the rug we take to sit on.

The woods are really lovely and hardly anyone ever goes in them, even though the owner does not mind locals walking there. It was blissful as we walked slowly along the paths and first of all Phil held my hand, but then let go and slid it his arm around my waist. After about twenty minutes or so we reached a small secluded glade that was a real suntrap and spread the rug on the ground. We lay back relaxing, listening to the birds in the trees for a while, then sat up and we both drank most of the wine straight from the bottle. I commented to Phil how hot I was and he suggested unbuttoning some of my dress, so I told him to get on with it then.

Obviously being a man he started from the top, two buttons were already unfastened so he undid two more to just above my waist then realising I was not wearing a bra he pulled my dress apart exposing most of my boobs.

“That’s better,” I said, “now what about the skirt?”

He undid those to just about the middle of my thighs and pulled the material apart, exposing my legs, as I bent my right leg allowing him to see that I had no knickers on either. This really excited him, although he was also anxious in case anyone should come along.

“Don’t worry,” I told him, “I can quickly cover myself up if necessary.”

Being in the woods always makes me feel sexy for some reason and today was no exception, however when I looked Phil he had laid down again and immediately gone off to sleep.

I laid there feeling frustrated but then the drive overcame me and I lowered a hand between my legs and began to gently caress myself, so that quite soon I was becoming rather moist and beginning to get my feeling. With my other hand I caressed my breasts until I had to bite my lips to stop myself moaning. I could feel the tension building up in my stomach as I let a finger slip into me, until suddenly I gasped and came. I shuddered once or twice more as I removed my hand, then lay there breathing deeply.

Suddenly I heard a cough close by and sitting up quickly pulled my dress together. Partially hidden by a bush in front of me stood Hugh, the owner of the wood, with a ideocamera in his hands. He beckoned me to go over to him. I looked Phil to try to wake him but he was sound asleep, then Hugh coughed and beckoned again, holding up the camera. I stood up and walked over to him.

“How dare you,” I said aggressively, “have you been watching us?”

“Oh, yes,” he answered, “I quite enjoyed it.”

“You are a pervert,” I accused him.

“That’s as may be,” he replied, “but you were a naughty girl, weren’t you, and it’s all on my camera. I t could be around the village in no time, unless……”

“Unless what,” I asked.

“Well, Phil’s sound asleep so why don’t you be nice to me and let me touch your body?”

I protested until he began to replay his camera and I watched open mouthed as I viewed myself in great detail, which despite my anger only served to arouse me again.

“Lets walk away a bit,” I said.

He led me along the path and behind some bushes, then stopped and turned to face me, reaching out he unfastened the rest of my dress and slipped it from my shoulders. Then he reached forward and touched my breasts. He was very gentle as he lowered one hand down my body until he was touching my bush. I tensed but then his probing finger made me relax and I could not resist opening my legs for him.

“Do you want me?” I asked him.

“That would be very nice,” he replied.

I spread my dress on the grass then lay back on it as he undid his trousers and removed them with his pants. Then he knelt down in front and I guided him into me. He was gentle but also firm, very firm and I felt that I would be split in two but it was gorgeous and I wanted him to do all sorts of things to me, but then we heard Phil calling out. “Oh No,” I cried, “please carry on, Hugh.” But then we heard him again, but closer and separating quickly we pulled our clothes on.

“We must meet again,” I begged him.

“How about tonight?” he replied, “ about midnight.”

“I’ll try, “ I promised, “ by our garden gate.”