Written by Martin

8 Mar 2005

A girlfriend came back from abroad for a few weeks and came to visit me. We went for a walk through the woods to chat leaving my wife to look after the children. We stopped, by big tree, off the path, just visible is someone really looked our way. First of all she started off by kissing me, saying how she had wasted a good few years when we first me and wanted to relive that experience before she went back to the US. So we kissed nice and slow and deep. As she was doing that she leaned in close and rub her hips up against mine, then reached down and slowly rub my penis with her hand until it was good and hard. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and works her kisses down my chest, surround my nipple with her mouth and rub it with her tongue (all the while gently rubbing my cock). She worked her way down my chest to unbutton my jeans and slide them down my thighs - then she returns for a kiss while continuing to rub my cock through my underwear with her hand and her hips. Next she squats down, take hold of my penis and slowly run her tongue around the head. She licks and sucks just the head while running her other hand up and down the inside of my thighs and over my balls. Then she takes my whole cock in her mouth and plays with it with your tongue. Then you pull back and run your tongue all along the shaft before taking me in her mouth again. She continues to do this until I exploded in her mouth (and yes, she swallows). Then she slowly works her way back up my body kissing it as she went till she reached my mouth and we had a long, deep kiss.

After we had kissed, long, deep with lots of wet tongue, I would turn her around so she faces the tree, she braces herself with her hands against the trunk. She feels slightly vulnerable as I focus back of her neck. Then I lift her hair and start by placing light kisses on her neck, as light as if a butterfly was flapping his wings. I do this up and down her neck until I worked my way down to a place just a little lower than her shoulders where the kisses make other parts of her body tingle like her breasts, her nipples are getting harder now, starting to protrude and getting really sensitive. Between her legs a hot feeling is starting to appear, flowing around that area that makes her push your bum back into my groin, my cock starting to recover from my previous ejaculation and getting hard again as her bum pushes into me.

I move my hands slowly round and cup her breasts through her blouse, always kissing her neck and touching her skin now with my tongue whist blowing cool air onto those wet areas. My hands are now getting a little firmer, cupping and gently squeezing her whole breast, gently feeling the nipples and lightly, slowly skimming my fingers past them as my hands moving around her breasts. While pushing my now fully hard cock into her perfectly formed bum so she knows I am hard again, telling her she has excited me again.

My hands go under her shirt, no bra, what a nice surprise, but I knew that already but that but it so nice to have that fee access. I cup them lifting them slightly, fingers spread so her nipples are between them, gently between them, now a firmer grip but still light rolling the nipples so gently. My other hand heading downwards, to between her hot thighs gliding past to touch to her inner thighs, gently tickling, teasing, still kissing her neck. I turn her around again, facing her, we continue to kiss, long French, I pull away and slowly kiss her neck, working my way down to under her blouse, I lick around her breast, avoiding the nipple again blowing cold air making her shudder.

My hand moving down to the hem of her skirt then up on the inside, skimming her skin, I hesitate at her knees, go behind them and caress gently trying not to tickle too much, but enough to make her open her legs further. I move up the inside of her thighs again, reaching her panties. Feeling the heat of her through the light material. I focus on my middle finger and run it down between her pussy lips, I can feel the heat, the wetness. I put my mouth over her left nipple now, hardly touching it, she feels the heat of my mouth, I flick her nipple with my tongue, my hand gentle running around her pussy, so gently.

My hand moves up to her panties waist band, gently moving the hand down inside, her legs open wider, allowing me access. I push my hand down until I touch her pubic hair, I gently feel the course hair between my fingers, trying to be so gentle. I move my lips from one breast to the other and lick around the nipple, but not on the nipple gently tonguing and licking and blowing before I suck onto the nipple.

My hand travels downwards between her legs, she opens them further automatically allowing easier access, the need in her for me to touch that secret area. I pass her vagina lips brushing them gentle to a spot between her anus and vagina and caress that area lightly, moving sideways caressing her inner thighs frustrating her because she wants me to touch her vagina now.

I pull my hand out of her panties because my movements are restricted. I push them down and squat down to unhook them from her feet and stuff them in my pocket as a trophy. I reach down and lift the hem of her skirt and tuck it into her waistband. This causes the air to circulate unrestricted between her thighs, I see her vagina lips glistening with wetness and they are now engorged with blood as she is so turned on.

I stand up and move my hand down between her legs again whist giving her another long wet kiss. I gently nibble her top lip and gently suck it then her bottom lip, her thoughts are on my hand caressing her inner thighs and she wants me to touch her there. Her frustration builds.

She looks down and sees my pants still between my thighs and my now erect penis sticking up pointing to the sky and she grasps it with her right hand and pulls me towards her, my penis getting closer to her vagina. She starts to rub her clitoris with the head of my penis while giving me another log kiss. She is masturbating with my prick as a tool, I push forward and accidentally enter her soaking vagina, only and inch but that's not what she wants so she pushes me away slightly and readjusts so as to continue to rub my prick's head onto her clitoris. She moves faster and faster.

I pull away slightly, she grunts and pulls me back. I am teasing her, she wants to come but I am holding off the final climax. She pulls me forward and continue to rub getting more urgent.

She feel the cool breeze on her neck where it is still damp from my kisses, she feels the cool air on her still wet nipples, she feels the hardness on my prick in her hands and she knows we could be seen from the path which is all adding to the excitement as the climax builds.

I hear her breathing getting faster and faster, I am in control here, I think she is about to come so I pull back to stop my prick being used. She groans and pull me forward again and gets the rhythm going again, letting my prick slide between her thighs to get the wetness from your pussy lips on my prick's head then back to she clitoris as it needed lubrication. Back and forth she stokes her clitoris. A steady rhythm and her legs buckle, she catches herself and continues stoking her magic button and the climax come onwards.

Finally it arrives and she grunt loudly and call me a "bastard", a "fucking bastard" as the orgasm rips through her body. She buries her head in my neck but my erect penis has done it's job and as she recovers and realises I am still hard and wanting to be satisfied again.

We dress and walk back to the path thinking we were lucky no one came along. She is a little unsteady from the orgasm and grips my arm for support. My erection shrinks as we walk but I have an ache in my balls from having an erection for so long plus the thought of my prick being used as a tool still turning me on.