Written by boyd

11 Mar 2005

we'd been out for a meal nothing special just a quiet meal. we'd recently had som fun driving and feeling each other but never had anone look. we'd drive slowly late at night along the streets of south wales towns hoping some men would look in and see us having fun. they never looked - or did they? even stopping and letting them walk past didn't work. but we had fun and always when we got home it was great. then came this night. it was late warm and sexy. we could have gone on yhe motorway but we went along the a road and through the quiet towns. we didn't plan it but we both became horny. as we came tothe first village i pushed her skirt back to to show her stocking tops. no takers but the mood got hotter and she took off her skirt. i pulled over and felt her hot fanny and dared her to open her blouse and take her bra off. we went through the town no one around!! now back on this well lit road we hoped for a truck driver to see us so off came the blouse. now my wife was totally naked we drove on passing lorries but no luck...then over the hill and down toward a good layby i noticed a guy clocking us and i slowed and made a show of going in to the layby. we pulled up it was magic it was warm my wife was naked and very hot under the full moon. there was no one ther but we were so worked up i started to feel her up and tell her that finally we had been seen. as we were enjoying this i caugt a flash of car coming into the lay by and put it's lights out. a door opened and closed and i held my breath yes there was someone coming. I didn't let on yet in case it spoiled the moment and i waited and soon i could see the shape of someone uotside wanking. i told my wife and her body arched with pleasure. he stood right by the window and my wife looked and asked me to lower the window. the night air was incredible and dave (as we later found out) put his hand in to feel my wife's tits. i only have to remind her of that moment to make her really horny. my wife reached out and felt his thick large cock as i was fingering her cunt and nuzzling her ears. suddenly felt dave's hand feeling her mound. i took my hand away to let him feel her wet cunt and as he did she came like buggery. what anight we met again some other times but have lost touch now. will write more again